A new video with the best pushback yet against Critical Race Theory

By Andrea Widburg

For the past few months, as parents have become aware of the way Critical Race Theory (“CRT”) has infiltrated their children’s schools, many of them have started speaking out in public, saying no to the school boards that are forcing this racist nightmare into the schools and telling state legislatures why CRT is so bad. Quite often, videos of these parents have hit the internet and we’ve had a chance to see impassioned, patriotic Americans of all races speak out against CRT. However, I do believe that this woman, who spoke in support of the Tennessee legislature’s decision to ban CRT in schools, is the best one yet.

In the short video, she manages to touch upon everything that’s wrong with Critical Race Theory, from the way it squeezes out actual academic programs, to the way it demeans Black students and steals away their earned accomplishments, to the racist attacks on White students. This is a short speech that’s about self-agency, hard work, and a merit-based, color-blind society:null


Did you hear the applause when she stopped speaking? She deserved every loud clap.

Incidentally, I didn’t find who that wonderful woman is, but I did discover a very nice website when I went looking for her. The site is called Black Community News. It’s affiliated with the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, which Star Parker founded. The publication speaks to core conservative values – hard work, faith, patriotism, secure borders, and a society that treats as equals under the law and with respect in personal interactions, regardless of race, color, creed, sex, or country of national origin. I don’t know what its circulation is but I hope it’s sizable.


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