Existential economic threats: How US states can survive without federal money

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© Martin WinklerWe all knew it was coming; the alternative economic media has been warning about it for years. Eventually, monetary intervention and bailout after bailout by central banks always leads to devaluation of the currency and inflation in prices. Helicopter money always ends in disaster and at no point in history has it ever produced positive long-term results for a society. 

The federal reserve has created trillions in fiat dollars over the course of a single year (on top of the tens of trillions created in the past decade), all in the name of offsetting deflation. This deflation was not caused by the pandemic, it was caused by the government response to the pandemic. The shutdowns of “non-essential businesses” and the lockdowns in general ended up being useless in slowing the spread of COVID-19. 

All the information, all the facts and all the science supports the anti-lockdown crowd. Conservative run states that removed lockdowns and mandates months ago are seeing falling infection and death numbers and local businesses are on the mend. The problem is, government authorities don’t seem to care about this. It appears that their intention is to double down and continue demanding restrictions stay in place for the long haul. 

In other words, they are going to find an excuse to keep the mandates going. If no reason exists, they will create a reason. Consider for a moment the fact that COVID-19 is mutating constantly, and like any other virus there are new strains that pop up every year. Just as we have a seasonal flu, we will probably now have seasonal COVID. 

Since viruses also tend to evolve into less deadly forms of their original iteration it is unlikely that new COVID mutations will be any more dangerous than they were in the past. But each new strain creates a new rationale for the federal government to proclaim a national emergency and possibly enforce new lockdowns. 

This puts a lot of state governments in a difficult position. If they ever shut down again simply because federal authorities demand it, they will be angering their citizens and harming their region’s cash flow and production. Small businesses will go bankrupt by the thousands and the public will be on the verge of rebellion. 

On the other hand, if states defy the federal government, there is a good chance that the feds will respond by cutting off taxpayer funds and stimulus dollars to those states. With the combined threats of price inflation and federal financial retaliation, some states may cave and submit to more lockdowns or other mandates. And, by extension, their economies will begin to die once again. 

It’s a Catch-22, but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are measures that states and communities can take to diminish inflation and reduce dependency on federal dollars at the same time. 

Taking back resource management 

The most important action states can pursue in my view is taking back control of resource management within their own borders. For decades the federal government through agencies like the EPA and the Bureau of Land Management have dictated how states can utilize natural resources. Entire industries have faded in the U.S. because of this, whether it be oil production, coal production, steel production, lumber production, etc. 

If the federal government tries to punish states that refuse to comply with fiscally damaging pandemic restrictions by taking away stimulus payments and tax dollars, those states should reclaim control of their resources and ignore federal agencies. They should also take away federally controlled lands within their borders to make up for the loss of tax dollars. It’s only fair. 

With resource production back in the hands of the states and their local businesses, these economies will have a chance to become more independent and the need for federal money will diminish.

Incentives for local manufacturing 

Aggressive taxation along with overpowered labor unions have made manufacturing businesses difficult to maintain in the U.S. States have the power to change this. 

If we define price inflation as too many dollars chasing too few goods (I realize this is only one aspect of inflation, but it is important), then increased production of raw materials and manufactured goods should help to decrease inflation pressures. Why is production in the U.S. continuing to stagnate when it should be quickly expanding? 

Many of the products Americans purchase are made overseas, and with continued dollar devaluation, this means that prices will keep rising. Weaker dollars translate to higher costs in exchange for foreign made goods. So, why not make those goods here? 

Availability reduces price increases, localized manufacturing reduces dependency on foreign goods and increases employment. But how can states bring manufacturing back? I suspect it is more simple than many economists realize: Just offer protection from federal taxation to any manufacturer that is willing to open up shop within your state. If the government is going to try to punish you anyway just for refusing to comply with pandemic rules, then you might as well take it to the next level and punish the government back. 

This should create ample incentive for new businesses in particular to start production within certain states as profits would be much higher. Their ability to compete with major corporations (which get unlimited special treatment from the federal government through stimulus measures) would also grow. 

Create a commodity-backed currency system 

While labor and wages are a sensitive issue, the market, if left to flow naturally, will determine what fair wages and fair prices should be. That said, in the midst of a monetary crisis such as hyperinflation or stagflation, the most likely response by the federal government would be price controls as well as wage controls and rationing of goods. The last vestiges of the free market would be eradicated.

As long as states rely on the dollar, and the dollar’s value is determined by the whims of central bankers that do not actually answer to the public, there is no way to fight inflationary damage. However, if states were to offer an alternative currency or scrip that was NOT fiat, that was backed by a tangible resource or commodity that helps to limit money creation, then they could save themselves. 

Such a move would have to be undertaken by a state-run bank, much like the bank that North Dakota utilizes to aid industry and agriculture. As long as issuance of the currency is backed by a commodity or precious metal like gold (or with inherent intrinsic value like the Morgan silver dollar). A backed currency’s value would be preserved even as the dollar sinks. Commodity-backed currencies would flourish as citizens and investors (even international investors) search for safe havens. 

Essentially, states and communities would be decentralizing their economies so they are no longer slaves to the demands of people that do not have their best interests at heart. 

There is, of course, the issue of aggression against states that take these measures, but we should remember that this is exactly what the Founding Fathers did in the years leading up to the American Revolution. They did not simply declare their independence, they made themselves independent through localized economic tactics.

Without economic independence, no other freedoms are possible. I believe it is time for Americans and free-minded states to once again focus on localization. The future of liberty in our nation depends on it.

Preparing for Monetary Collapse


Financial Expert and former White House Official, Catherine Austin Fitts, reveals how the central banking system has utilized economic turmoil during the #Covid19 pandemic, to advance a plan to centralize wealth, re-engineer the financial system. Here’s what we can do to stop or survive it.

Musings by Z(

In early Sept., 2019, Fitts gave a report on the big Central Bankers meeting in Jackson Hole of 8/2019 to discuss their intent to drop the US$ as a Reserve Currency and have all go cashless, using digital currency instead. I felt this was the trigger point. The Covid/Vaxx fiasco was the pretext to do this to us. 


Monetary Collapse & Possible Solutions”

“I hate to hit you with a different subject, but I’ve been thinking about it & collecting info re it for some time & I feel we can’t ignore it. This can/will kill us too & I feel it’s imminent as this is part of the historic pattern used that we see played out. (Lady Gaga was wearing her Hunger Games pin at the inauguration for a reason.) I provide some info, contacts & possible solutions below. Please knock this around in your head as to think who could be tasked for this & how we might reach them for cooperation & coordination. We can’t afford to be one-trick ponies in this multi-front war. 

Currency Alternatives & Barter Systems – Down to a Local/County Level –

In the history of revolutions & wars, a primer for them is usually economic collapse. The vast majority of Americans are totally unprepared for this & can be easily rounded-up. Per below, this is likely to be conjoined with martial law. No digital banking will work, cash will be worthless, WalMart, etc will be closed, vast panic will ensue (esp. in the big cities), there will be more than looting & rioting – it will be mayhem & murder per S. Africa. Stores have only 3 days supply of food. The desperadoes, if they can steal gas or cars with it, will spread out some 200 mi. into rural areas for robbing. Those counties with strong sheriffs & deputies can hold it off, but what to do about no money? How can this be handled? With all the Social Media (which will be down too) people are more isolated than ever. What are the possibilities and who can lay out solutions? Basically, our own currency & barter-trading system needs to be in place, at least conceptually as part of an ad hoc civil defense force too. (Each village has a FEMA manager & many cities are now Fusion Centers, engaged in pathologizing all citizens as Pre-Crime prospects as LE have been selected based on marginal IQ.) The scenario I see is in this Force Majeure link. They set this up.

Force Majeure – US Treasury Plan for – I’m certain their martial law takeover will be as per this. The clear design with all the Covid & ‘Infrastructure’ debt is to totally bankrupt, and then collapse us & make a ‘call’ on unpayable debts, thus, we will ‘own nothing’ and be on UBI. Already the interest on our natl. debt is 2x total tax revenues. Other nations aren’t buying our Treasuries anymore and are reclaiming their gold, as noted in the 2nd half herein. China holds the most of our IOUs & we know who set up their banking system & has the PLA at ready for invasion.

Catherine Austin Fitts, Investment Banker – She came out last fall saying that the BLM burned out properties are mostly all in Reserve Bank cities & in economic redevelopment zones where ‘investors’ (vultures) can pick them up for pennies & get funding for development. (Paul Singer is one such e.g.)

Solutions Fitts has proposed are separating down to the county level & doing one’s own currency there as well as barter. (I think she’s spot on.) She keeps repeating this tho without fleshing it out. At one point she suggested using silver coin – that’s unfeasible tho b/c of lack of supply for the whole nation & it’s inflated like crazy. Some form of non-counterfeitable chits will need to be made, perhaps from holograms. (Illegal, but then what isn’t for the People vs. the criminals.) And, this would need to be convertible among regions (many county area) from a basket of such. States can issue gold & silver coins, which might be a way also, but they could be just coated, perhaps, as our federal ones are. Training & sourcing for barter would need to be set up too so all wouldn’t panic or starve. I don’t lay out all the possibilities here, just a few ideas.BlackRock takes over Fed & Treasury – Here’s info from last yr. on BlackRock’s takeover. Few know this it seems.

Commodity-Backed Currency – Brandon Smith, etc. – This guy is a brilliant economist who developed this proposal as a way out, even on the county level it could work. It should also be the basis for our currency in the New Republic. If he & Fitts could team up to work out currency/barter survival mechanisms, many lives could be saved from starvation & we could fight the round-up along with our sheriffs. Fitts had also said she worked with William Binney on ideas for our own local/county encryption for secure communications. High Schoolers might be able to do this. Anyway, I think these minds need to get together to come up with fleshed out, workable solutions.


Iceland & ‘Usury’ Article – As you know, Iceland got out from under their banking crisis of ’08 & some of that might apply for us. Perhaps have your currency traders look at it all & think about it. We need to be somewhat versed for all contingencies. KPMG Report on Sovereign Money.

Juri Lina gave 2 small gov examplesof them successfully floating their own currency – a Jersey, UK, island & a Tyrol village. They prospered. I don’t understand the mechanisms as the specifics aren’t given. With help from your expert contacts & that of Fitts & Brandon, we might come up with something to stave off starvation, which can kill as many as any virus & cause as great a despair. I also recall an old podcast of Paul Craig Roberts on the 1-2% interest charged by some banks in South Dakota. I don’t know how they can do that, but we need to look into it, I think.

Restaurant Owners And Employees Reject Enforcing Covid Vaccine Mandates

HAFAugust 20, 2021

Covid-19 vaccine mandates have come into effect for people who want to dine in restaurants all over the United States. As a result, this has unfortunately forced restaurant staff to turn into vaccination enforcers who have now raised their objections to cities using them as vaccine police.

restaurant owners and employees reject enforcing covid vaccine mandates

Many US cities have recently begun introducing vaccine passports, meaning that proof of vaccination must be shown before an individual can gain access to certain public spaces. These include restaurants, bars, cinemas, theaters, gyms, and other business venues. Some of the largest cities to make these mandates include New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.

These cities have tasked restaurant owners and their employees with the responsibility of ensuring that their customers are fully vaccinated through checking vaccine passports.

However, many restaurant owners have strongly criticised the vaccine mandates, saying that they are only hurting business. Due to the new rules, many customers have canceled reservations and raised objections to passports. Other customers have gone online to leave negative reviews, rightfully angry about their civil liberties being violated.

Other restaurant owners have said that customers have accused them and their staff of infringing on personal rights and discriminating against the unvaccinated.

As a result, restaurant owners have been forced into a tricky situation as they do not want to lose customers over legitimate concerns about their health privacy and personal liberties.

Despite this, many restaurant owners believe they must follow the law and check the vaccination status of their customers. Those who are complying with the rules believe that they must do this to keep their businesses running and avoid being fined thousands of dollars after the lockdowns have already taken so much potential revenue from them.

Laurie Thomas, an owner of two restaurants in San Francisco, said:

“Tell me the last time you were carded at a restaurant?” It’s a different level of training.” Thomas said that she is worried about her staff having to enforce the vaccine mandate.

Another restaurant owner, Rob DeLuca, said:

“What’s going to happen when you ask somebody for their papers and they don’t want to show them to you? What are we supposed to do? We’re privately owned businesses, I don’t know why this is our job.”

Countless other restaurant owners have raised concerns about the impact the vaccine mandate will have on their businesses.

Massimo Felici, the owner of three restaurants in Staten Island, said:

“For 15 to 16 months business was not happening at all. In one, I had to get rid of 80 percent of my staff. We barely survived. I thought I was definitely going to lose my restaurants.” Speaking about the vaccine mandate, he believes that it could destroy his business.

Must read on the subject: How Russians Crushed Moscow’s Vaccine Passports In Just 3 Weeks.

Andrew Robbins, the CEO of a customer service company said that many restaurant owners and managers are very anxious about putting their staff at risk by turning them into vaccine enforcers:

“It’s not like carding someone at the bar for a beer… [where] you’re just enforcing the law. You’re making up the law and that is a really difficult situation for people to be in.”

Robbins, along with many other, is fearful that the vaccine mandate will result in many people leaving the restaurant industry as they become turned off by the idea of becoming vaccine enforcers. If this happens, it will only make the labour shortage even worse.


When I was in high school in the mid-1970s, most of my friends’ mothers were in the workforce. Homes were left empty during the day. One of my church friends (the only other girl in our church) would tell me about her fornication exploits. She and her boyfriend would go to her home during lunch and fornicate. She had a number of abortions. No one was home, since her mom worked outside of the home. It all seemed so unappealing to me, thankfully! This was not the life I ever wanted to live.

Yes, teenagers can have sex in cars, but it’s far more comfortable and easier for them to have it in their own homes and in their own beds. When mothers aren’t home, it’s too easy for them to fornicate. When a mother is home full time, it’s impossible for them to do this IF the mother is a godly woman who would never allow her teenagers to do this. My teenagers sure knew this!

Don’t ever fear putting boundaries on your teenagers. They are protection for them! We were considered the “strict” parents, but none of our children ever minded. They knew we had these boundaries for their good and for their protection. They appreciated them. If you have children who aren’t rebellious and well-loved, they will respect you and the boundaries that you set for them.

God wants mothers to be keepers at home, yes, even mothers of teenagers. They need their mothers’ protection even at their age. Their hormones are raging, and we live in a highly sexualized culture who is telling them to have sex often and with anyone. Of course, hopefully by the time they are teenagers, they have had an abundance of truth spoken to them, and they know God’s Word and will flee fornication.

Besides speaking truth to your children as they are growing up about this issue, keep them busy. Teach them to work hard. They need to have productive things to do in their lives rather than being on their cell phones all day long or playing video games. This is why living on a farm is a great thing especially for boys. They will have many things to keep them working hard and staying out of trouble.

Teach your daughters to help you around the home. Teach them all of the ways of homemaking. From the time they are young and able, have them working by your side. My little granddaughters love helping me around the home. They are always asking what they can do. It’s a great time to train them to be hard workers!

God commands that those who don’t work, don’t eat. He created us to work! It’s His ordained will for us. Laziness is destructive. It’s actually one of the reasons why Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. Laziness leads to many other types of destructive sins. When teenagers have too much free time on their hands is when they can get in trouble, especially if mom is out of the home for hours every day.

Behold this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. And they were haughty, and committed abomination before me; therefore I took them away as I saw good.
Ezekiel 16:48,49

Working Mothers Make it Easy for Teenagers to Fornicate

Anthony Migchels – A Financial Crash is Inevitable


Left: Stooge du jour, Jerome Powell.

The Fed is likely to start tapering, monetary tightening, 
because of rising prices. 
Meanwhile, Commercial Banking is limiting lending.Conveniently, cyber attacks are now taking place.

“What’s next?! A crash of financial markets is unavoidable. However, the crash will be sold with a ‘reset’ of the Financial System. This will involve not bail outs, but bail ins: creditors, shareholders, and depositors will be made to pay.”
by Anthony Migchels(

The story is that prices are rising faster than expected, and that the job market is overheating.

However, while prices are indeed rising, the other economic facts on the ground are very different: labor force participation rates are still well below the pre-lockdown levels.Not only that, last week it was reported that US consumer confidence cratered to the lowest level in 10 years.

The Biden Administration will be running a $3 Trillion deficit this year. That’s 14% of 2019 GDP. 

US Government debt has risen from $22,6 Trillion in 2019, to $28,7 Trillion now, in just two years. 


They’re selling this as ‘cuz covid’, but the real reason is that the Government is playing ‘debtor of last resort’, in a desperate bid to keep the economy liquid. However, these numbers are not merely ‘unsustainable’, they’re end game.

This graph shows how easy it is to get a mortgage. Mortgages represent the by far biggest type of credit to private individuals. This has been ongoing for three quarters already, and now home builder confidence is cratering too, as a result of less people looking for a house.

This is not exactly unprecedented, but previously the Fed had been around to bail out both the Banks, and the real economy with additional liquidity. And these days are now over.

The fact of the matter is, that the Fed are forced to concede. They cannot continue bailing out both the Banks and the real economy. Not without creating a hyper inflation.

That is the key event that is now taking place.

What’s next?! A crash of financial markets is unavoidable. However, the crash will be sold with a ‘reset’ of the Financial System. This will involve not bail outs, but bail ins: creditors, shareholders, and depositors will be made to pay.

All signs indicate they will claim ‘cyber attacks’ did it. Jerome Powell, only a few months ago, said that ‘cyber attacks are the main threat to the financial system.’ It could well be that we will have bank holidays in Western countries, while these bail ins take place. Perhaps also in the US.

Crucially, we’re not just talking ‘a correction’. Also not a mere ‘1987 type crash’. We’re talking bank defaults. And not of small banks, but of the very biggest. It has already happened: the crash in the repo market in September 2019 implied that the big banks didn’t trust each other’s collateral. The $4 Trillion bailout that the banks got in the weekend we were locked up, mid March 2020, gave them a respite. But nothing real has been solved. Wall Street’s derivative bubble is bursting, together with the debt bubble.

November last year, the World Economic Forum ran an exercise involving such an event, caused by ‘nation states and criminal cartels’. They predicted that the Big Wall Street Banks would ‘have to merge to fend of the attack’. ‘To merge’ is Newspeak for ‘we’re bankrupt’.

Wall Street’s problem is that they are on the hook for all the debt via the derivative trade (credit default swaps). And now people can’t pay anymore. This basically is the scenario that we predicted in 2014. This is how the US Empire ends.

The WEF also predicted that Russia would install a Central Bank Digital Currency of its own, and disconnect from Western Finance. In the years ahead, private banking will come to an end, as they all go bankrupt. They won’t be able to sustain the payment system, and everywhere CBDCs will be taking over. These will ultimately merge into World Currency, when World Government is officially installed. This is how all money and credit will be ‘nationalized’ in the World Central Bank, just as the Communist Manifesto demands.

Conveniently, cyber attacks have been on the rise the last few months. A German municipality was struck, and couldn’t pay its bills, nor sustain many of its basic operations. The Irish Health Service was hit. And they’re escalating. Last week, Zion was ‘attacked by China’.

Everything bad ‘comes from China’ now. They’re the big bogey man, because the NWO is whipping up a Cold War between the US and them, one that is likely to end in WW3. But of course, China was built up A to Z by Wall Street, and no, they didn’t ‘launch the virus’, nor do they have any enmity towards Zion. They’re already running Haifa, in a 20 year contract, connecting it to the Belt and Road Initiative. Jerusalem too is going to be a major hub. It was just an exercise for things to come.

What is coming is much worse than ‘just another correction’, or ‘recession’. This is the end of an era, of money growth. We’re now facing a monstrous deflation, which will be the cause of the Greatest Depression.

The Greatest Depression will be much worse than the Great Depression. In that deflation, the money supply shrank with two thirds between late 1929 and 1933. It was bad, but it was not genocidal.

We’re now nearing the event that Deagel claimed would lead to massive depopulation in the West. Their numbers are based not on ‘vaccinations’, dangerous as they are, but on the financial calamity that we’re in the middle of, and which is coming to a culmination.

Look at it this way: we’ve had 76 years of monetary expansion, basically the post war boom. Especially since the closing of the Gold Window by Nixon, which is actually exactly 50 years ago. And it is this expansion and associated economic growth that is going to be turned around.


The Fed has lost, as it was always going to. This is the Petrodollar’s swan song. They can’t continue providing the economy with the liquidity that it can’t provide for itself, because of already far too high debt levels.

And while the debt bubble deflates, which is catastrophic enough, we will be dealing with rising prices at the same time. Especially for food and basic necessities. The Dollar will lose a lot of value vis-a-vis China in the years ahead, and this will lead to much higher prices for imports from there, also for energy. Lockdowns and other contrived chaos will keep pushing prices higher.

So for us debt slaves, it will be stagflation. The most toxic of all monetary diseases. Stagflation is when the money supply declines (deflation), with the real economy in tatters, while prices rise because of speculation, or other scarcity inducing circumstances.
All this is very hard to swallow. But it is not for nothing that the Lockdown started when they gave the Bank $4 Trillion. The Financial System is the heart of Babylon, and the debt bubble that they have been blowing the last 50 years, and its coming deflation will be their greatest feat. The culmination of 500 years of Usury during Modernity.

It will destroy the West, and its demise will pave the way for the now manifesting World Government.

Afterthought: I previously stated it would happen this Summer. Could still be, we have a month left, but the fact is, while we can see what is happening, only God and the Bankers know when.

Anthony Migchels is the founder of De Florijn, the first fully-fledged interest-free, privately operated currency in the World. His website is Real Currencies.  


What The Great Reset Is About (Video)
The World Crisis = The Financial Crisis
The New Gold Standard IS The Great Reset!
The Return Of The Financial Crisis September 2019

I asked Anthony how we can prepare for this scenario. His reply:

‘Investing’ is for Bankers. Taking usury and speculation is forbidden for us. In the times ahead, people will need the Spirit’s blessing, far more than money, and he’s very seriously unamused with parasitism.

Why do people complain about ‘degeneracy’ while they make money with money, instead of producing stuff of value to others? 

What is the point of complaining about the New World Order while having money in the Bank?!

When the crash comes, and the reset, all that will rise is Gold (and perhaps Silver), all the rest will go to dust. The Stock Exchange will never recover and will keep declining until the end.

Do NOT keep money in the Bank, certainly not lots of cash in one account, in one Bank. Best is to take it out, and keep it cash, with 10/20% Gold coin (part of that can be Silver). That will compensate for all paper losses.

Pensioners especially. Their situation is critical, and they have no idea. They need a bit of Gold. Again: not all in, 10/20%.

And while I’m against crypto, I’m not against many of the people ‘investing’ in it, hoping not only to make a buck, but also to get rid of the Bank. So heed this warning: in the coming mother of all liquidity squeezes, BTC will also take a massive hit. Do not go all in on crypto, keep 10/20% in Gold.

The only reason Gold is going to go up is not ‘inflation’ (there is going to be deflation), but the fact that it will become money again. Especially in China, which will for certain go Gold, they have enormous amounts of it.

Do not try to profit from the coming Collapse. The Gold fever among the gold dealers (‘alternative media’) is disgusting. What is coming, end of Gold Suppression, will be a very dark day indeed for the West.

First Comment from Chris Pirnak-Know Your Adversary

All of what Anthony says could take place over the next decade. Dozens of scenarios are possible.

Ben Bernanke says the Fed balance sheet could go to 100% of GDP and beyond. I agree. As long as the other central bank balance sheets grow. They will.

I have been hearing about this stuff for 12 years now. Every time this gentleman pulls out a federal reserve note, he feeds the system.

Why would there be bail ins when the Fed could continue doing what it’s been doing successfully for 13 years? The talk of bail ins was a possibility before QE was conjured up back in 2008. Some outliers like Cyprus saw some action earlier last decade, but only because they didn’t have the ability to float debt.

If China went to gold now, their debt ponzi scheme would collapse faster than the US’s.

Chris is scathing in his criticism of Migchels in this reply to an Oct. 2019 article predicting a return to the gold standard.

I read the article and it really is just another gold shill article. It does a terrible disservice to those who embrace it. I never invest and predict future events based on a remote outlier event. The author takes stuff out of context.

I just ask one question; Why would the globalists move to a gold-backed currency? They would intentionally destroy the economy and world system for decades AND GET THE BLAME. They would create such chaos that they wouldn’t be able to control. The NWO is being implemented while the people continue to underestimate it.

They can keep this current system all the way to war. War will provide the force majeure to move to the next step. Based on the status of the ChiCom and Russian military, we are at least several years away.

The elites will never arbitrarily move to another system. There needs to be a catalyst. War always has been that catalyst and war will be once again. The elites are very predictable.

The globalists want to change but need a force majeure. The pain from changing the monetary regime is too great for the world at this point and only an exogenous type of catastrophe (exoplanet crashes and destroys the world, global conflict, etc.) qualifies as the catalyst.

 I wrote an article earlier today that I think may help a few of your readers who are tired of the shilling in the alt-media

Investing based on our beliefs instead of reality; A lethal philosophy – Know Your Adversary

Reply from Anthony Migchels

1. The Fed can’t continue. Not without creating a hyper inflationary spiral. That’s the essence of the current situation. They’re legally bound to keep inflation near 2%. That’s why they were printing, because there was deflation. But they overshot the mark, and CPI is rising at 5% now.

The same is true of the Government. A 14% deficit is not a joke. It’s a disaster.

Contrary to what ‘Austrian Economics’ is telling us, Bankers hate inflation. Because it makes the value of the debt worth less.

They create bubbles, so they can pop them. And the coming bust will be one for the books.

2. Gold suppression is coming to an end with Basel 3, which will reach the LBMA January 2022.

China can deal with Gold, because they have a lot of it, up to 30k tons. All bought up while the Fed was keeping prices low. They will have a broad monetary base.

3. Remember this quote?

” “The few who can understand the system, will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of the people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantages that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.”

I don’t invest. I loath investing. Everybody who invests, is part of the problem. I’ve never made one buck off the financial system. Also not BTC, which I’ve been following since the beginning. I’ve always worked for my money.

To me it’s about geopolitics and exposing Usury’s key part in it all. America and the West are being demolished. We’re nearing the coup de grace. There will be an unbelievable transfer of wealth and power to the 0,001% AND to the East.

Sensible Son


Peer pressure, propaganda

and economic realism

overrules a father’s influence.  

“It’s not enough to have children. If we want them to follow in our footsteps, 

we have to teach them from a young age. We have to shut out ‘education’ and the mass media.” 

My son still thinks my readers are losers. My family doesn’t know what to make of me. 

When it comes to the Cabalist Conspiracy, we have an understanding. “Don’t ask. Don’t tell.”

Thought I’d post something a bit lighter on a summer night.

By Henry Makow PhD(From October 2008) 

Tonight at supper, I tried to impress my 19-year-old son with the heavy responsibility he bears as my sole heir. 

“Some day you will inherit,” I said. “Perhaps you’d like to practise by writing a guest column.” 

“I already have a topic.” 

 I was delighted. “What is it?”

“I’ll write about how some people, who are misfits, shut-ins and schizophrenics pretend a big scary conspiracy is the reason they can’t get ahead, and blame society for their problems.” 

“That’s not what I had in mind.” 

“I don’t mean you dad. I mean your readers.” 

“Oh no, you mean me too.” 

“Well… partly,” he conceded. 

The pain. A prophet is never recognized in his own home. It doesn’t help that I am divorced from his mother, a feminist. He doesn’t live with me. His guide is what his peer group considers “cool”. He admits this is simple conformity.


“Son, imagine I had a big university and filled it with hot girls and professors teaching courses on the Illuminati, the Protocols of Zion, Freemasonry, central banking, the Bilderbergs, the CFR,  mind control, chemtrails and 9-11. 

Then imagine I had corporations where my graduates could all get high paying jobs and support their hot wives in style and send their children to private schools. Would you attend?”

“Well, dad, if you put it that way …” 

“Exactly. The only difference between me and the people running society is that they have purloined our national credit cards and I haven’t.” 

“And if that ever changes, let me know” he said. 

So like many parents I watch helplessly while my son is bought, and taught that (as he explained) we can never know the truth, only some person’s point of view. And his dad’s viewpoint is no better than dozens of others that he learns. 

It’s not enough to have children. If we want them to carry on our beliefs, we have to teach them from a young age. We have to shut out “education” and the mass media. 

Still I’m optimistic that as he grows older, and events unfold as I expect, he will begin to take his old man more seriously. After all, what teenager ever listens to his dad?


Postscript: My son is now a lawyer. While he admits 9-11 was an inside job, and is critical of Israel, he is not ready to face the full extent of the satanic conspiracy, and especially not the Cabalist Jewish role. We have a good relationship but generally avoid politics.