In the olden days, women could not be career women. Life was far from easy. The woman’s work was needed in the home just to survive. There was no running water, no restaurants, no gasoline, no dishwasher, no washing machines, and so on. There was also no birth control, daycare centers, nor public schools. Women were NEEDED at home.

The sin they struggled with was staying at home. They would want to wander to other women’s home to gossip, and be busybodies and idle (1 Timothy 5:13). God commanded them to be keepers at home and work hard in their homes (1 Timothy 5:14). The same commands apply to us today.

Many women tell me that they can’t afford to be home. Most of these women actually could be home IF they were willing to give up some of the modern conveniences.

I was reading a blog post written by a woman named Jes and her blog is called “Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth: Inspiration for the Old-Fashioned Homemaker.” It’s a lovely blog, and many of you would enjoy it!

When she decided to get married, she and her husband decided they would never have debt. If they couldn’t afford something, they wouldn’t buy it, so they learned to live on a lot less, and live simply and frugally with what they did have.

“What made our situation unique is that we have tried to live without debt from the beginning of our marriage. My husband and I were both in agreement that if we could not afford something, we wouldn’t buy it. We would live within our means. And to do that, it often takes sacrifice, lots of sacrifice! If there was no cash, there was no purchase.”

She wrote a great post called “Living in the Lean Times.” She gave a lot of tips on learning to live on less which can help many of you come home.

Many of our ancestors had to live in lean times. The women worked hard in their homes making everything from scratch. They needed to know all of the skills in running a home and keeping their families clean and healthy. It’s good for all of us to learn these skills, live on less, and learn to be content with what the God Lord provides for us.

As I was reading this, I thought how much money career women must waste in order to be career women. They must make sure they have the proper clothing and shoes. Their hair and makeup must be just so. They need maintenance and gas money for the car. They don’t have time to make things from scratch such as food, clothing, candles, and other things. They must buy all of their stuff. They don’t have time to shop for deals. They must pay someone to care for their babies and children.

If they would sit down and figure how much they actually make after subtracting all of these things, most of them would see that it’s very little. It’s impossible for career women to live simply and frugally. They simply don’t have the time! They need all of the modern conveniences in order to be career women.

She looketh well to the ways of her household and eateth not the bread of idleness.
Proverbs 31:27

Career Women Waste a Lot of Money

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