A woman who goes by the name Pardes Seleh on Twitter asked the question, “Why do women tend to vote Democrat?” Here are some of the responses she received:

“Women are naturally more ‘nurturing,’ so I think the idea of the state as a giver and protector is more appealing to them. Notice that women who are married tend to be more conservative — their caring instincts are redirected toward their family as opposed to ‘society.’”

“Women are socialists by nature. Their power comes from the group and not the individual.”

“Women are more emotional typically; democratic policies are often based on emotional pleas.”

“Because the message Democrats frame is all about caring for the downtrodden, but unfortunately, the message is only blank words as Democrats only really care about power, especially government power.”

“I think biologically women have more of a desire than men to be protected, and men have more of an aversion than women to being dominated. Big government better aligns with the former.”

“Democrat talking points appeal to compassion much more often than Republican points and appeals to compassion are much more effective with women than men.”

“Tendency to rely more upon emotions for making decisions and tendency to defer to authority.”

“There’s a theory that proposes most women are Democrats because they see the state as a support system and believe the false illusion that this party is more compassionate, but it’s a uniparty working together against us all. Conservative women know this.”

“Women are soft. The left are soft.”

“Women are more easily manipulated and drawn in by false promises of impossible things.”

“The Democrat party preys on women’s empathy, acting like the morally superior party.”

“When the husband/man is replaced by the state, they vote for who will take care of them.”

“Because most women are ill-informed. They want ‘freedom’ but they end up with less.”

“It is mostly single women with multiple children on government assistance.”

“Because women are easily deceived and will always follow the herd.”

“Most women I talk to are very pro choice, and that is a major issue for them.”

“Government advertises itself as the husband. Look at the requirements for welfare!”

“I would guess that they want to have abortions and Republicans want to stop it. So they vote to freely kill.”

In 1903, Women Didn’t Want to Vote

Warnings Against the Feminization of America

And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.
1 Timothy 2:14

***I would easily give up the right to vote if it meant saving the lives of the unborn babies. Would you, or do you value the right to vote over the lives of unborn babies? A large percentage of women are voting for the party that pushes and celebrates the slaughter of the unborn. Think about that the next time you want to celebrate women gaining the right to vote.

Why Do Women Tend to Vote Democrat?

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