“ESG” – The Globalist Program to Destroy Free Enterprise


Apparently, this is photoshopped but it could be real in the near future. The Cabalist bankers are forcing all companies to observe “ESG” – Environmental Social Governance which puts “moral impact” ahead of sales, efficiency and profit as a measure of a company’s performance. Like individuals, companies are being valued according to their adherence to Communist Jewish shibboleths designed to sicken, cull and enslave humanity ( Agenda 2030. ) Communists are criminals and gangsters who take power by pretending to champion the common people and then fill their pockets by bankrupting the state and destroying the economy. See Venezuela, Cuba, South Africa. 

The much larger Satanist agenda is to destroy the concepts of honest work, productivity and moneyPeople are being paid to do nothing. The bankers want to untether humanity from reality itself, and induct society in their cult as slaves. This is also seen in their attempt to cancel Western culture, the white racegenderheterosexuality,and objectivity, reason and merit. 

by Andrew
(henrymakow.com)ESG stands for Environmental Social Governance, and refers to factors used to measure the “moral impact” of an investment. 

It sound vague because it doesn’t focus on objective measures like earnings. You can measure earnings per share objectively, but ESG per share is 100% subjective. It’s like asking, “Would Jesus buy this investment?” Except, in this case, we’re talking about Karl Marx or Satan himself.


(l. The US promotes sodomy at its embassies. Communists destroy nations by normalizing deviance.)
NASDAQ has proposed requiring its listed companies to disclose corporate board diversity statistics. Best Buy has promised to spend $2.5 billion with “diverse” businesses (re. blacks and gays) by 2025.

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has formed the Climate Risk Unit to understand, price and address “climate-related risk and transitioning to a low-carbon economy.” 
The Department of Labor has reversed course and announced that it will not enforce the Trump administration’s rule that prohibited the consideration of ESG factors by sponsors of retirement plan investments. 
Thirty-seven states and the District of Columbia now permit for-profit public benefit or social purpose corporations that promote ESG values and other societal benefits in addition to pursuing shareholders’ financial interests.

Apart from fossil fuels, travel and hospitality, family farms, and mom-and-pop businesses are definitely not part of the satanic Masonic Jewish (Cabalist) vision for the future. Gradually, the masses will be deprived of their economic independence and become dependent on  government. 

The powerful people supporting ESG Investing (Globalists) are taking aim at Texas’s Oil & Gas industries. 
In response the Texas Legislature and Governor Greg Abbott are warning, “If you mess with Texas, Texas will mess with you.” 
Governor Abbott signed a bill into law banning state investments in businesses that cut ties with the oil and gas industry. 
The underlying message, according to one of the most powerful energy regulators in the state, is simple: Boycott Texas, and Texas will boycott you. 

Obviously ESG is only backed by Globalists and wealthy Salon Socialists. 
“In the ESG space, there is a cadre of Salon Socialists who believe in ‘doing well by doing good.’  
These angels talk the green talk at cocktail parties while sipping their sauvignon blanc and humble-bragging about their Teslas. 


In a recent article, Wal Van Lierop shows how ESG is blinkered and blinded by the bankers demented 2030 agenda which is really about depopulation and control, i.e. making it “sustainable” for ten percent to own 70% of the world’s wealth and one per cent to own 45%
Companies like Amazon need not worry about their “moral impact” because they’re part of the Satanist plan for permanent lockdown. 
“ESG investors who would now swap Shell stock for Amazon are choosing between two companies that both fail on governance. Is Amazon really different from the oil companies that won billions in subsidies and protected their turf through lobbying and political pressure campaigns? 

“Amazon originally gained a pricing edge over local shops by evading state sales taxes in the US. Then, thanks to clever accountants and lawyers, Amazon managed to pay well below the corporate income tax rate, even as its revenue and profits soared. And when Amazon was ready to open a second headquarters, it ran a groveLling competition between state governments to see which would offer the biggest tax cuts.
“Although a company like Amazon may score high on current ESG factors, Amazon is hostile to governance and indifferent to its social externalities. It depletes governments of tax revenue while fighting a fierce battle against unions and putting local, tax-paying store owners out of business. Amazon paid about 1% in taxes last year–a pittance compared to the tax revenue that the U.S. and local governments would have collected had Amazon been subject to true governance.”
Clearly ESG is designed to handcuff industries that don’t fit into the banker’s demented vision of the future, and pump up those that do.
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