Next Health and Freedom conference, hosted by Clay Clark, in Tampa, FL. I just purchased tickets, may be speaking. No masks. At the church of Rodney Howard-Browne, author of the phenomenal “The Killing of Uncle Sam”, and the first pastor in America arrested for refusing to mandate masks in his church. Video: Trailer

I just purchased tickets, $250, $268 with tax. May even get to speak, waiting to hear back from Clay Clark. Hopefully as many as possible can come too.

First discovered what was going on by reading “The Killing of Uncle Sam” by Rodney Howard-Browne. He was the first major pastor to be arrested in Florida for not wearing a mask. His book is recommended reading.

We are getting slammed with inquiries for the General Flynn and Clay Clark’s Health & Freedom Conference (which is a good thing)

71% of the tickets have been requested.

44% of the tickets have been confirmed (sold).

**We have scholarship pricing available. Everyone will be able to afford this event.

See confirmed speakers & REQUEST TICKETS at:

Watch the Trailer:

When? June 17th, 18th, and 19th

Where? The River at Tampa Bay Church Special Thanks to Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne!!!

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