In Memoriam: Dr. Judith Reisman; Farewell, Good Friend. You Will Be Greatly Missed

In Memoriam: Dr. Judith Reisman; Farewell, Good Friend. You Will Be Greatly Missed

“May her memory be a blessing.” To all who knew Dr. Judith Reisman (1935–2021), or who knew of her untiring labors and her tremendous body of work, this traditional Jewish expression honoring the deceased has true, deep meaning. Like Judith the Biblical heroine, Dr. Reisman was fearless and stood against the great powers of the world in our time. When her countrymen were ready to surrender to the mighty Assyrian army, the Biblical Judith, trusting in God, walked into the enemy camp — and walked out with the head of Holofernes, the Assyrian general, thus saving her people. Likewise, Judith Reisman repeatedly, over the past several decades, strode into many hostile enemy camps around the world — colleges, universities, legislative bodies, media outlets — to speak truth to power and to expose vile works of darkness.

A Champion for Our Time

Dr. Reisman’s passing on April 9 came as a shock to all, including this writer, who has considered Judith a dear friend and colleague for decades. We had attempted a Skype video interview in March, but she was experiencing audio technical difficulties, so we had decided to reschedule it for after Easter. I was about to call her for the interview when I learned of her death. What a devastating loss of a great soul, a beautiful human being, and a fierce defender of all that is good, honorable, and decent.

Dr. Reisman is best known for her works exposing the fraudulent, depraved, and criminal work of Dr. Alfred Kinsey, the notorious sex pervert who, with generous funding from the Rockefeller Foundation and lavish praise from the liberal media, became the celebrated “Father of the Sexual Revolution.” Kinsey, we are told in our psychology books and the popular press, freed the world from “sexual oppression” inspired by ignorance and religious superstition. Kinsey invoked “science” to proclaim that homosexuality, adultery, premarital sex, adult-child sex, nudity, indecent exposure, fornication, masturbation, incest, pornography — virtually anything and everything sexual — are “normal,” meaning widely practiced, and therefore good. Kinsey’s 1948 book Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and his 1953 book Sexual Behavior in the Human Female hit the world like twin atom bombs. Kinsey’s “research” seemed to explode all previous notions of moral and permissible behavior as it pertains to sexual relations.

Perversion Masquerading as “Science”

Kinsey’s “science” was used to overthrow the Judeo-Christian moral codes that had protected societies and families for millennia and to usher in the new Age of Aquarius, the era of unrestrained “free love.” Kinsey’s “science” was cited to overthrow laws on obscenity, pornography, and perversion. Kinsey’s “science” was employed to flood our schools with obscene “SexEd” curricula. Kinsey’s “science” declared that children are “sexual beings” from birth and therefore need to be liberated from their parents’ stultifying restrictions on their sexual “freedom.” Thus the pedophile/pederast lobby began a nonstop campaign for continuous lowering of age-of-consent laws, while the education and entertainment establishments began inundating our culture with hypersexualized materials aimed at children.

It was this insidious Kinseyite attack on the innocence of children that aroused the ferocious Mamma Bear instinct in Judith Reisman. Unlike so many others, she was not awed and intimidated by Kinsey’s “science.” She smelled a rat and was determined to smoke it out. And indeed she did. A consummate scholar, she dived into Kinsey’s raw data, and relentlessly pursued him down his labyrinthine trail. Her herculean efforts yielded four explosive books on Kinsey: Kinsey, Sex and Fraud; Sexual Sabotage; Stolen Honor, Stolen Innocence; and Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences.

A Light in the Darkness

What Dr. Reisman discovered was that Kinsey’s “science” was not science at all. In fact, not only had he fraudulently invented much of the data and many of the statistics that have been used to undermine morality and normalize perversion, he had recruited perverts, child molesters, prostitutes, and convicts to produce the “evidence” he would exploit for fame and fortune. One of the most shocking of Judith Reisman’s discoveries was that Kinsey’s “research” involved pedophiles sexually torturing hundreds of boys and girls — some of them infants as young as three months old — and then described their screams of pain as “orgasms,” thus “proving” that these children were “sexual beings”! Reisman proved that the exalted Kinsey, far from being a “liberator,” was a hideous monster with feet of clay.

However, thanks to the constant support of the Rockefeller Foundation and similar globalist institutions, instead of receiving the condemnation and prosecution he deserved, Kinsey was heaped with accolades and financial rewards. His Kinsey Institute at the University of Indiana continues to be showered with foundation and taxpayer funds.

Yet, thanks to Judith’s unswerving perseverance, a veritable army of informed activists worldwide have taken up her research and have been pushing back against the Kinsey onslaught. In addition to her books, she produced a profusion of articles, research papers, and videos (most of which are available on her website,

Scholarly Truth Crusader

Reisman received her Ph.D. in communications from Case Western Reserve University and had a long career in academic institutions, including positions as associate professor at the University of Haifa (Israel), research full professor at American University, and a member of the adjunct faculty of George Mason University. In addition, she lectured at Princeton, Notre Dame, Georgetown, and Pepperdine Universities, the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and the United States Air Force Academy, among others. She has been an expert witness in many court, military, and civic hearings concerning pornography, homosexuality, sexual harassment, and media issues. Her works have been referenced in many lower court cases and the U.S. Supreme Court cases Oakes v. Massachusetts (1989) and Osborne v. Ohio (1989).

Her works have been regularly featured at World Net Daily and in Salvo magazine, and she has appeared on numerous radio and television programs. Dr. Reisman traveled extensively to speak at conferences and to testify against the global Kinseyite subversion agenda, including efforts in the Netherlands, the Philippines, South Africa, Jamaica, and Croatia. In 1994, Hugh Hefner’s Playboy porn empire brought a lawsuit in the Netherlands against Dutch TV broadcaster EO to demand the retraction of statements by Reisman in one of their broadcasts. On air, she had essentially accused Playboy of producing child pornography, based on the study of three decades of its publications. She had conducted the study under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. Playboy ultimately lost the lawsuit, with the judge referring to Reisman’s research as “the uncontested factual findings of Dr. Reisman.” Following her victorious ruling, Reisman said, “Playboy never will sue me in the USA, since their deliberate child sex abuse methodology would be proven in a court of law.”

Encomia From Kindred Spirits

Judith Reisman died on April 9, two days before her 86th birthday. In a eulogy entitled “Farewell to the World’s Greatest Friend of Children,” author/educator Charlotte Iserbyt, Judith’s longtime friend and ally, wrote, “In my humble opinion, God Almighty sent Judith to save our children. Yes, Judith’s work was, day in and day out, dedicated to saving not just our, but the world’s, children.”

“This is a sad and very tragic loss,” Mrs. Iserbyt told me. “There’s no one like her that I know of to replace her. But, thankfully, she has left us such a tremendous treasure of superb work and has inspired so many people that I am sure her work will continue on many fronts by individuals and groups of which we are completely unaware.”

Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH), was another friend who was crushed to learn of Judith’s death. “As one who was privileged to call her a friend, I will greatly miss Judith,” he said:

She is a national hero — one of those unrecognized by the corrupt leftist media. She was brilliant, funny and courageous. Her tenacious research and writing ‘rewrote the script’ on influential post-war “sexologist” Alfred Kinsey, who was actually a monster (and a troubled perv himself), who included child-molestation “research” and much shoddy data in his groundbreaking, psuedo-scientific book on Americans’ alleged sexual practices. Of course, the media ignored this sickening fact and feted Kinsey, but Judith never relented in telling “the rest of the story,” to quote Paul Harvey. Had Judith been writing in 1948, Kinsey, and later his acolyte, pornographer Hugh Hefner, would have faced much greater scrutiny from the public. Condolences to Judith’s family.

Dr. Scott Lively, an attorney, pastor, author, and founder of Scott Lively Ministries, told me that Dr. Reisman’s impact on him has been profound and life-changing. Dr. Lively, who had been an alcoholic and drug addict before his Christian conversion, told me Judith’s Kinsey, Sex and Fraud was probably the most impactful book on him, after the Bible, and caused him to join her in the fight against the forces of depravity that are dissolving the Christian foundations of our society. “No one else has done as much as she has for the pro-family movement, and no one has done as much to expose the darkness and to inform and motivate good people to get off the couch and out of the pews to oppose the evil that is engulfing us,” he said. “God bless her. We will miss her, more than we know.”

I was privileged to work alongside Judith Reisman and Scott Lively on pro-life and pro-family projects when all three of us lived in Sacramento, California, in the 1980s. It was the beginning of a lifelong friendship and frequent collaboration. Dr. Reisman and I both have large personal research libraries and enjoyed sharing our findings and resources. Judith wrote articles for The New American, and we interviewed her and reviewed her books.

Despite the unspeakable evil she confronted in her research on a daily basis, and in the face of constant detraction and defamation by her rich and powerful enemies, Judith remains firmly fixed in my memory as an ever cheerful, charming, spunky Jewish grandmother. Her warmth, humor, and lovely smile, coupled with her iron determination and uncompromising spirit, made her a joy to be around. Her life and her life’s work are a living legacy to us all.

Thank you, Judith, of blessed memory.

Editor’s note: Unfortunately, we have had to disable the Comment section for this article because haters, devoid of any sense of decency, targeted it to post a stream of vile and disgusting attacks against the late Dr. Reisman.

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Personal note: I am so very grateful to Dr. Reisman for exposing the diabolical and degenerate roots of the filth and temptation that so many innocent children were exposed to and are being exposed to now. When I first read her book, “Sexual Sabotage” nearly eight years ago, it opened my eyes to the devilish forces at work that every child is exposed to. May she Rest In Peace, and May God comfort and keep family and friends at the loss of a life so beloved and courageous.

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