What Can We Do?

By J. Robert Smith

With cowardice and treachery swirling in the December air like snowflakes, we wonder what fate will befall the Republic.  The epic elections scam is within inches of triumph.  We’re near calling for a Hail Mary pass.  We pray for a Trump victory.  If that pass misses the receiver, though, then a frail, faltering, corrupt old man will make a mockery of the oath of office by taking it at high noon on January 20.  All those who participate in that charade on that gloomy day are, in their ways, culpable in the greatest crime ever committed against the American people. 

If that dark January day arrives, our struggle for full restoration of the rule of law, elections integrity, and our rights won’t cease.  It simply cannot.  Tyranny, in whatever form and degree, must be defeated.  Liberty is rarer than gold and platinum in this old world.  We are blessed by God as no other people in history.  And being so blessed, we have a solemn duty — an obligation to God — to fight for and win back the America of our founding.  So, shake off discouragement.  Don’t fall prey to defeatism.  Today, and moving ahead — a Trump win or not — we must fight in the spirit of 1776.  Right is on our side, and victory belongs to those who endure.     

In recent days, and increasingly, folk are asking: “What can we do?”  Describing problems and identifying challenges are necessary first steps, but they don’t suffice.  We need ideas for actions, and then action plans.  Then we must act. 

Donald J. Trump’s magnificent presidency and the election theft have galvanized patriots more so than at any time since Pearl Harbor.  We must remain united and act together.  The moment’s passions may subside, but our resolve and unity cannot.  Democrats and the left grasp that unity and coordination are power.  We must grasp that, too.

1. Grousing about the GOP is a pastime.  What’s past time is expecting or relying on the Republican Party to fight for us.  It will not.  It’s time to organize outside of the hidebound two-party monopoly to build a sustainable, effective grassroots movement that surpasses the Tea Party in scope and strength.    

Patriot associations need to form in every county in every state of the nation — most certainly in red counties.  They’d serve as a vanguard.  From these county associations come state organizations.  State organizations would coordinate among themselves to maximize opposition to Washington tyranny;

2. A key demand of the associations: All state election laws that enabled the 2020 elections thefts are to be repealed — not reformed, but repealed.  No more universal mail-in balloting.  Election Day voting only, though absentee balloting for truly exceptional circumstances.  Paper ballots, hand counted.  Voter signature verification mandated.  Full transparency.  Elections integrity is nonnegotiable; 

3. Where states fail to repeal the means of elections fraud, patriot associations will hold shadow elections.  What sense does it make to cast votes in fraudulent elections where the outcomes are predetermined?  Why legitimize shams with our participation?  Give patriots honest alternatives.  Use shadow elections as a means of educating and persuading citizens, while creating “governments in waiting.” 

4. Litigate everywhere and often to defend or attempt to recover our rights.  Do so in multiparty suits and class actions.  Paper local and state governments and the federal government in lawsuits — not frivolous actions, mind you, but relevant, impactful litigation.  Put government on defense. 

5. Protest peacefully en masse wherever protest is warranted: from school board meetings to state capitols to Congress to corporate shareholder meetings — public or private.  We need to be visible and vocal at all times.  In coordination, we need to leverage our dollars to reward or punish businesses and organizations that fall in with the enemies of liberty.

6. Defend victims of Democrat and leftist injustices.  Be they victims of cancel culture, tyrannical state governments, or malicious Democrat prosecutors, stand with innocents who are targeted for ruin or are opportunistically attacked.  Moreover, we mustn’t just play defense.  How, in turn, can we bring cost and pain to the aggressors?  Unless we do so, the attacks won’t stop. 

7. Actively oppose pernicious cancel culture.  Oppose political correctness.  Do so boldly.  Reject leftist language and narratives unceasingly.  Champion honest narratives.  The left learned long ago that owning language is a potent means of controlling people.  We must hold to the truth and never shrink for fear of offending or being poorly judged for nonconformity.  Teach and encourage your children to speak plainly.

8. End the government schools’ monopolies.  Parents need only vote with their feet.  Poisoning the minds of the young is a principal goal of the left.  Leftist toxicity, which is destroying colleges and universities, is infiltrating public school curriculums and cultures.  Public schools are increasingly indoctrination centers for our children.  Work with likeminded parents to create cooperatives that burden-share the time and costs of home schooling.

9. Let’s unite as people of faith, regardless of our religions.  We must never apologize for obedience to God.  We must fight efforts to bully religion from the public square.  We must defy laws that infringe our right to express our faith.  The left isn’t secular; that’s deceiving.  The left is militantly godless.  Leftists hate anyone of faith.  They hate God.  Let’s make “In God We Trust” a rallying cry.       

If our freedoms are imminently endangered, we have a right to advance tougher measures: 

10. State nullification of federal laws.  Extraordinary circumstances give rise to extraordinary measures.  Patriot associations need to educate and build support among fellow citizens for nullification as a means of crippling federal tyranny.

11. America’s version of France’s Yellow Vest uprisings.  Unlike the French, though, we’ll do a better job of hobbling the system, which leads us to:

12. Mass nonviolent civil disobedience.  Henry David Thoreau advocated civil disobedience as a noble means of refusal.  The Civil Rights movement used it powerfully.  Civil disobedience is an act of conscience.  We each first must decide to act according to our principles and beliefs even if it leads to clashes with governments… even if doing so comes with prices to us.  Often, where there are no sacrifices, there are no gains. 

Again, these are a handful of ideas.  Some may work, some may not.  Some may need adjustment or must await developments.  We may find with unfolding events that they are insufficient to meet exigencies. You may have better suggestions.  Please share them.  Let’s develop an operations manual that helps coalesce us patriots into a movement so powerful it proves unstoppable.  Let’s restore America as the shining city on the hill, the last, best hope for freedom in a darkening world.           

J. Robert Smith can be found on Twitter @JRobertSmith1and Parler @JRobertSmith.  He also blogs at Flyover.              

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