The CDC is an all-powerful government agency with military powers and a PRIVATELY FUNDED network

Natural News) The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is not a benevolent, tax-payer funded agency that adheres to Congressional oversight and judicial accountability. The CDC is an all-powerful government agency that serves the interests of the vaccine industry and the rest of its PRIVATELY FUNDED network. Even more, the CDC is part of an international military operationthat contains ranks of over 6,100 uniformed officers who work in 800 locations in the US and abroad. The CDC employs uniformed military officers who are part of the Commissioned Corps of the US Public Health Service — a hybrid military branch that also includes military officers from the National Institutes of Health, the Food and Drug Administration, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Follow the money: CDC partnerships with big industry

In 2020, businesses across the country are implementing new controls on people to “follow CDC guidelines.” Restrictive limits and behavioral controls are so pervasive because the CDC has become a totalitarian agency with absolute power and dominion over the people’s lives. As the agency seeks uniform compliance from Americans, the CDC could best be described as the Centers for People Control.

The CDC has become a powerful domineering agency because of two reasons: the military industrial complex has enlisted the CDC’s officers and given the agency military clout, and the agency forges partnerships with the private sector by working directly with powerful entities like vaccine companies. In order to further their agendas, powerful industries supply the CDC with large sums of cash, resources, personnel and gifts. These partnerships are conducted through the CDC Foundation, an “independent, nonprofit organization” that forges partnerships between the CDC and the private sector. Some of the agendas are in the best interest of public health, while other agendas boast conflicts of interests, harming public health. Even though the CDC Foundation [a 501(c)(3) public charity] handles the partnerships for the CDC, the only safeguard put in place to prevent collusion is a requirement that CDC employees and the CDC director cannot sit on the Foundation board.

Regardless, the Foundation leaders “work closely with CDC leaders and scientists.” The Foundation’s website admits that the two work closely “to ensure the CDC Foundation’s overall strategical direction and portfolio of programs and activities have the greatest possible impact for the CDC and public health.” A list of the 2019 partnerships established between the CDC and the private sector includes powerful partners such as the United Nations, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the GAVI Alliance, and the World Health Organization. The list includes drug companies like Bayer, the Merck Foundation, GlaxoSmithKline and other questionable conflicts of interests like Cargill, EventBright and Facebook.

CDC and their network of private partners have grown tyrannical in 2020

The CDC and their private network of funders continue to bastardize the term “public health” as the vaccine industry uses the CDC’s influence, resources and authority to push through their global vaccine surveillance systems, public shaming propaganda and massive mRNA experiments. In 2020, these experiments have multiplied in power, growing into punishing mandates that restrict American freedom, economic activity, civil liberties, self-decision making and livelihoods. The CDC has effectively convinced the world of a grand and elaborate lie: that everyone is a source of infectious disease spread at all times and must be vaccinated in order to demonstrate purity and the right to move about freely. It’s this lie that is the underlying concept behind warrant-less detainment of human beings, the quarantining of healthy individuals, and the mass “lock downs” and stay-at-home orders.

Since 1995, the CDC Foundation has initiated approximately 1,000 programs and raised over $740 million. The CDC Foundation helped facilitate over 300 CDC-led programs in the United States and in more than 130 countries in 2019. How does the Foundation ensure that conflicts of interest do not form? According to the site, the Foundation admits that they rely on the CDC themselves to “guide every partnership we build.” The Foundation is nothing more than a middle man, providing the resources the CDC requests while empowering the vaccine industry with all the military clout offered by the CDC and the military industrial complex. There is no oversight. The Foundation sets aside 16 percent of all private funding to cover their operational costs so they can continue their operation of keeping a revolving door open between the vaccine industry and the CDC.

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