If vote fraud wins in 2020, prepare for life to get ugly

By Martin Marcus

In the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election, we have heard about massive voter fraud in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.  It appears that the fraud, if reversed, would change the winner in these states from Joe Biden to Donald Trump.  The electoral votes in question add to 79.  This would give Trump a total of 311, easily making him the winner.

Trump has tried suing to right the situation, but unfortunately, almost all of the judges hearing the cases dismiss them without even giving Trump’s lawyers the right of discovery.  These judges are ignoring several smoking guns.

Will the Supreme Court come to the rescue?  If they do, they can make judgments regarding only the crimes that may have been committed.  They cannot decide who gets the electors.  This is the state legislators’ responsibility.  It will be helpful if the Court reminds the legislators of this.

For the states in question, all but Nevada have a Republican majority in their legislatures.  I assume that the Nevada majority is pleased with the Democrat electors.  The rest of the state legislature majorities should be champing at the bit to invalidate the election and make their own choice.  To their credit, they are having hearings on this issue.  Unfortunately, they fear backlash from the press.  As low-level politicians, some of them may not have the courage to undo the damage and elect a Republican slate of electors.  If this is the case, then the criminals will have won.  They will commit this crime in every subsequent election, including the January Senate runoff in Georgia.  There will be a Democrat majority in the House, the Senate, and every state Legislature.  Acting like cowards will ensure their political demise.

With this new government, most people will have very little control over their lives.  Those at the top of government will have a lot of power and will probably take a lot of perverse pleasure in it.  State legislators in what will become the minority party are not at the top of government and will have no more power than the rest of us.

What kind of changes will we have to endure?  We will wear masks forever.  There will always be a medical crisis mandating them.

There will be a war on combustion.  We will be forced to drive electric cars or no car at all.  Barack Obama began this effort in 2009 with his “cash for clunkers” program.

Thanks to new regulations, we will pay much higher prices for technology and medical care.

We will have medical death panels.  It is already starting.  The first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine will be health care workers and nursing home residents.  So far, the choice is palatable, but who will be the next one to be deemed worthy of survival?  I assume that I will be dead last (pun intended).

The war on combustion means there will be no fossil fuel to heat our homes.  We will have to use heat pumps exclusively.  Heat pumps require refrigerant.  There is already a high price for refrigerant because of previous regulations.  Expect the price to go higher.  All of this will lead to rationing of electricity.  There will be either rolling blackouts or central control of the thermostat.  The latter already occurs in some people’s homes.

Government monitoring of our telephone calls and internet use will continue.

All guns will be confiscated.

The state legislators will not be exempt from this horror.

I call upon all Republican state legislators in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to reject the 2020 presidential elections in their states as inconclusive and vote in their own slate of electors.  Make democracy great again.

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