Communist Coup is Recipe for Civil War

ecember 27, 2020 


A Communist coup d’etat 
is in progress.Whether Trump hangs on to power, or  not, one side will not accept the outcome.This is a recipe for civil war.

It can be avoided only if one side capitulates. If Trump’s supporters — the majority of Americans — capitulate, it means their ultimate destruction, and  the US.This is already happening in places like Seattle, NYC and LA, where theft under $900 is no longer a crime.
(Secession is another possibility.)

We are at a tipping point. Life will get much worse if Joe Biden takes over.
In four years, there will be no America to save.
Disclaimer– This article was written before I heard this Trump speech Friday suppressed by the MSM where he made a conclusive case for election fraud. We’re supposed to believe Biden got more votes than Obama when he couldn’t get 50 people to a rally? I want Trump to remain in office, butAmericans are being complacent. They should consider what happens if he does not. 

“What rough beast slouches toward Bethlehem to be born?”
(Yeats, The Second Coming, 1920) 

by Henry Makow PhD

The United States has been Communist-controlled since Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, and definitely since the FDR Administration.

In reality, “Communism” is the extension of the Rothschild bankster monopoly on credit (money) creation to a monopoly over literally everything: wealth, power, speech, thought, behavior. 

Unfortunately, the banksters are Cabalist Jews, i.e. Satanists. Their agenda is to turn reality upside down, so good is evil, healthy is sick, beautiful is ugly, truth is falsehood, and vice versa. You can see this at work in the barbaric behavior of the Democratic Party. They plan to dispossess, enslave and exterminate the human race.“You’ll own nothing but you’ll be happy,” the World Economic Forum proclaims. 

Obviously, a “pandemic” with a minuscule death rate (less than half of one percent) does not warrant the incalculable damage lockdown have inflicted on the economy, livelihoods and the welfare of billions of people. But “The Great Reset” does. The Great Reset is the imposition of Communism on the human race. This is the New World Order.


(George Washington, Freemason)

Perhaps this Communist coup was inevitable since Freemasons established the US to implement the NWO. They just neglected to tell the people.


The Covid scam has revealed our grim political reality. Every social institution charged with protecting our basic human rights has betrayed us. They have been infiltrated and subverted by Satanists, i.e. Freemasons and Masonic Jews.
Many, if not most, people in positions of civic responsibility are traitors. 

Western society is like a house that has been eaten by millions of termites and is about to crumble into dust. See “The Aim of Freemasonry is the Triumph of Communism.”
When you have finagled the national credit card, and can print money at a whim, you can buy everyone. And they have.

Government:Our politicians take their orders from the UN which has been Communist since Soviet agent Alger Hiss became the first Secretary General in 1945. They sold us out at the 1992 “Earth Summit” under the guise of “climate change.”

Protecting The Steal: Michigan AG Wants To Criminally Sanction Anyone Who Challenges Election

The recent “stimulus package” which gives millions to foreign nations proves that Congress is full of traitors. So far all “stimulus” has done is create a giant stock market bubble. That money went into the stock market, not the economy.

The medical profession takes its orders from the Rockefellers who control big pharma and donated the land for the UN. “I just say what they write down for me,” Ontario health official Babara Jaffe admitted. 

Then there is the mass mediawhich functions as Pravda did in the old USSR, creating the illusion that the common flu is a dangerous pandemic and suppressing Donald Trump’s speeches.
Big Tech censors anyone who questions the election result or the legitimacy of the scamdemic and vaccine. Mark Zuckerberg bribed election officials to steal the vote. 

In 1998, military wife Kay Griggs explained how the military went Communist. 

Universities are controlled by Communist Jews and, like the media, have abandoned any pretense of objectivity, free inquiry and discourse.


Law enforcementand Justice has been largely subverted. Think election-rigging is a crime? Think again. The Supreme Court dismisses Texas’ election challenge on a technicality? Do they even care about truth, justice or democracy? Both media and justice suppressed the Hunter Biden scandal. 
I can’t think of one social institution that still represents the true interest of the people. 
Does this sound like the definition of Communism above: a satanist monopoly over everything?Trump has tweeted about how the Justice Dept., the FBI, the Supreme Court and GOP Senators are abandoning him but he appointed Barr, Wray and the three Judges that betrayed him.


Despite his subservience to Israel,Trump postures as a bulwark against this oncoming Communist nightmare. It’s not clear if Trump could stop the steal even if he wanted to. 

He has been largely abandoned by GOP politicians, his own party. 

“As time passes, more and more Trump allies are — either on purpose or through verbal slips — letting go of the pretense that Trump could govern for another term.

He reached out to Sydney Powell but seems to be hiding from her.

“Attorney Sidney Powell said that senior White House aides are preventing her from communicating with President Donald Trump and are blocking her efforts to assume a formal coordinating role in pursuing contest-of-election challenges on the president’s behalf.”


Trump is decidedly ineffectual. I explained here why I believe he will pretend to defend US independence but ultimately take a fall. He is a Freemason. Everything in his background points to his being a traitor, indicated by his constant hand signs and support for mass vaccinations. He has a chance to achieve greatness but only if he breaks with the Illuminati.

Meanwhile, his supporters are paralyzed by the illusion that he will pull a rabbit out of the hat. They should start preparing for the possibility that he will not. 


The question remains: how will the vast majority of Americans respond when they finally realize that they have been disenfranchised?

And realize that even under Trump, they will be immunized like cattle against a non-existent virus? 


So far, patriots have been pretty unimpressive in confronting George Soros’ paid BLM and Antifa goons. 

If they do nothing, Biden who is a corrupt old whore, will continue the satanist agenda begun by Obama. He will pretend to defend American interests but once he is in power, it will be business as usual. 

American patriots! This is the greatest challenge you have faced since 1776.

They’ve destroyed your families. Your children. Your schools. Your media. Your churches. Your justice system. When will you to realize they intend to destroy you?

It’s time for a second anti-Freemason American revolution. The first revolution was fought over their fiat money and “taxation without representation.”  Focus on the central bankers, the head of the snake.


The Left are mostly misfits and dupes who have sold their souls to George Soros. They are not a real threat. The real question is what law enforcement and military will do. 

With humanity suffering under the scamdemic, and the threat of killer vaccines, we have a chance to right the ship of state.
RelatedCountry is going down the drain and everyone is fixated on the stock market, as if anyone is going to come out of this ahead.
————— Giuliani Holds Out Hope for Court Victories
Remember he is complicit in 9-11.

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