Vallejo Mayoral candidate defends alleged violent sexual criminals resisting arrest.

Why is Hakeem Brown allowed fo get way with publicly defending criminals?
Jacob Blake was wanted on serious charges of sexual assault domestic violence.  He had a knife, and was BRAWLING with apprehending police officers when he was rightfully shot by them.  I’d never dream of responding to a rightful arrest as Blake did.  90% of Americans wouldn’t.
What is so hard to understand about this being legitimate?
Yet, here is Hakeem Brown, applauding NBA dimwits who think they need to protest “injustice”.  There is nothing unjust about police shooting a wanted alleged sexual criminal who is resisting arrest and threatening violence.
Hakeem Brown needs to issue a public apology for his misguided, divisive, and dangerous remarks.
Every member of the Vallejo City Council needs to immediately condemn these inflammatory and seditious remarks by a public leader trying to sow discord.
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