Nearly 25% of the room is not standing for the Pledge of Allegiance at Vallejo City Council meetings.

Of course, the media, which is constantly trying to grow dissent and discord, is ignoring this, as it is hoping this seed can grow, and it knows if you don’t shine a light on ignorance and evil, it spreads.  So the bumbling and incompetent Jack Bungart and John Glidden of the woeful Vallejo Times Herald are busy pursuing Marxist fairy tale narratives, while ignoring history and reality.
Why do people refuse to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance?  Because they’ve been brainwashed all their lives by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) media, schools, and tech companies to think America hates them, America hates black and brown people, and a host of other absurd nonsense that no wise or virtuous person who has read at least 10 history books in their lives, believes.
The CFR controlled schools left the vast majority of those who refuse to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance incapable of doing math or english at the 12th grade level.   We just had a sensible article from the Vallejo Times Herald, which is quite rare, showing how Bay Area parents are declaring a State of Emergency over the schools inability to address the disparity in black students math and english test scores.  Why is that?  Primarily, it’s because the black community was infiltrated by Communists in the 1960’s, and these Communists pushed feminism and government aid, pushing the black man out of the home, leading to a 75% illegitimacy rate among black babies today, up from 11% in 1941.  The rest of America isn’t doing much better, the out of wedlock birth rate has gone from 3% in 1947 to 40% today.  That’s what happens in a society where you train kids they are animals, to have sex whenever they like, and not to have children.  Because of the selfish ideas of the society elders, the young people are literally destroying themselves and America with their corruption and ignorance.
It’s hard to blame the 25% of the room who doesn’t stand for the Pledge, because they often come to Council meetings, and are incapable of having a conversation with someone who does not agree with them, due to dysfunctional families and schools they grew up in.  Most get very emotional, and it’s a huge effort to avoid a fight breaking out between them and anyone they disagree with.  They charge up to the City Council meetings and claim the police are murdering black and brown men, when 212 black men were killed by police last year, in a nation of 330 million, though over 5,000 black men were killed by other black men.  What kind of sense does this make? Absolutely none, but that’s what happens when you get people who don’t read, don’t think, are watching television constantly, are on social media constantly, and are in their tribal bubbles, and refuse to have conversations with those on the other side.  Many of these same people, will stalk out of the room when I get up to talk,as they can’t bear to hear a differing opinion. In their minds, they are 100% right, and they don’t wish to be bothered with the ideas of those who disagree.
To anyone who knows history, we know that 2 million men died to protect the liberty that many take for granted today.  It’s an outrage their sacrifice is spit upon by moral and mental midgets, who can’t even comprehend what they don’t comprehend.
The Founders of America didn’t watch a minute of television, never watched pornography, never used psychotropic drugs, and read voraciously of the classics and history.  Yet, these stubborn types who come and sit in their seats, while hollering and yelling constantly, both when it’s their turn to speak, and when it’s not their turn to speak, can only dream of practicing these habits.  The Founders knew if we practiced virtue, we’d preserve our liberty. But some of the most corrupt types in the city constantly come to screech their grossly  uninformed opinions, and that is largely the fault of the Democrat party and the CFR, which both have contaminated the unions, the schools, the police department, the politicians, the media, and the tech companies.
If you go to CFR controlled Google, and do a search for ‘why do people not stand for the pledge of allegiance’ a host of justifications comes up. To the average person, it’s easy to get suckered by the Google rabbit holes, but when you scrutinize the sources for the articles, it soon becomes apparent, it’s a clever manipulation tactic by the CFR globalist overlords. They hate Christianity, they hate America, they hate whites in America, they hate our history, they hate the Bible, they hate conservatives of all races, they hate small government, they hate small regulations, they hate the Founders, and they hate our heritage.  Here are the search results.  Note the usual fake media sources.  Wernative, CNN,, Fox News (Rupert Murdoch is in the CFR), the Smoke Signal, Scary Mommy, EducationPost, Fastcompany, and PBS.  None of these sources are noted for conservative stances, and even Fox News is inferior, since television is an inferior communication medium.  The left is so good at setting up two sides that aren’t even real. They have most of their followers thinking Fox News is fake news, when Fox News doesn’t even represent the Constitution, Bible, or lessons of history.  If one doesn’t know history, the Bible, and the classics, it’s nearly a guarantee that Google searches will overpower their reason and logic, and soon, their reason and logic are hijacked by Google, and they use their reason and logic to support Google’s decrees.
This is why we see angry people at City Hall, who have no real comprehension of the topics they are complaining about.  They are convinced that their personal experience should be worshiped by every one, facts be damned, and anyone who doesn’t stoop to worship them, must be sexist, racist, a homophobe, an Islamophobe, a misogynist, or some other silly Marxist nonsense.
The solution to this is to get people reading again, containing sex in heterosexual marriage again, and back in church, as marriage and the Christian Church were the backbones  of America, Marxist disinformation to the contrary, notwithstanding.   Unfortunately, today’s Christian churches are a mess in Vallejo, as the preachers think it’s a television presentation, and while they sing, dance, and speak in tongues, their churches are empty of biblical literacy.  It’s ridiculous to watch the emotional gibberish that takes place in most churches.  It’s disgraceful and embarrassing, and it has absolutely nothing to do with God and the Bible, and everything to do with the antinomian heresy, which means we have a lot of ‘Christians’ who think they are going to heaven, when they blatantly and willfully sin.  That never happened before and it never will happen, and yet, these same ‘Christians’ will denounce anyone who calls out their hypocrisy with the Marxist terms of ‘Pharisee’, ‘legalist’, ‘works don’t save’, ‘judgemental’, and other catch phrases they use to defend their lukewarmness.  In reality, the Democrat party of today is far worse than the Pharisees ever were, and no Democrat is a Christian.  The same Democrat preachers who shout about not judging have no problem judging Donald Trump, it’s hilarious.
Further, it’s necessary to address the fact that we are not a democracy, and for public leaders who claim the government is the answer to our problems, you are severely deceived.  Claiming that the ‘people’ support them is exactly what Mao, Hitler, Lenin, and Stalin claimed.  They too used thugs who barely knew history to ravage, savage, and cause mayhem among the middle class so these tyrants could seize power.
It would be nice if instead of urging the public to raucously shout and scream approval for you and disapproval of your opponents, some of you public leaders, actually do the work necessary to ensure the entire public has the skills they need to succeed in society. But, until you are virtuous and wise, you cannot lead others to those attributes, for it is impossible to give others what we ourselves do not have.  Running around and doing clean ups and photo ops isn’t doing anything for Vallejo.  The literacy rate is still horrible in schools, the out of wedlock birth rate is still a problem, homelessness is an epidemic.  And to the Vallejo Churches who keep giving away food, but leave the homeless in the same state, you are making the problem worse.  If you give food, clothing, and housing, but no hope, the person is in worse shape than before, because now they have what they did not earn, and they feel entitled.  Too many pastors will give away all kinds of food to the public, but they are nowhere to be found when it comes to speaking up in public for the truth, to defend her against liars and deceitful manipulators.
Spoke with one young man at the last City Council meeting and he was relatively courteous. However, when we discussed his grasp of American history, he quickly said he wasn’t interested in it. Despite the fact he was never taught it, and never researched it, this young man, who has caused quite a ruckus in Vallejo already, felt very comfortable in dismissing it all.  In his mind, America is badly flawed and we need to replace it. Well, the Revolutionaries in the French Revolution thought the same thing, as did the Russian and Chinese Communists, about their respective nations, and when it was over, tens of millions had been slaughtered.  He was actually open to having China take over America.  That’s what happens when you don’t know history, you are open to being manipulated.   It’s easy to see why he feels this way. The CFR controlled schools, media, and tech companies have brainwashed tens of millions to think this way, because they want to destroy America, and bring us into a Brave New World.
“The diminution of public virtue is usually attended with that of public happiness, and the public liberty will not long survive the total extinction of morals.”
Samuel Adams

“[M]en will be free no longer then while they remain virtuous.”
Samuel Adams

“If virtue & knowledge are diffused among the people, they will never be enslav’d. This will be their great security.”
Samuel Adams

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2 Replies to “Nearly 25% of the room is not standing for the Pledge of Allegiance at Vallejo City Council meetings.”

  1. Tell me, why in the heck should people stand for the Pledge of Allegiance? The U.S. is a baby killing & fag marrying country. Both of those things are very grevious abominations in the eyes of the Lord. If the Lord would ever wish to annihilate this country in the future, He’d be completely justified. Amen.

    1. The Pledge of Allegiance symbolizes our Christian heritage, which has been under steady attack from the left. The problems you mentioned are Democrat problems, and abortion and homosexuality were both illegal, along with pornography and contraception in 1960, before a rogue SCOTUS began making bogus and Unconstitutional rulings.

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