Why are mass shootings happening in America?

Yesterday, in 20 hours, nearly 40 people died from mass shootings in Texas and Ohio.  Both gunmen, like the recent Gilroy mass shooters, were young males.  This is a typical trend that has continued since Columbine.  Typically, an isolated young man starts shooting people up.  It’s typically never a woman, and rarely is it an older man, though the Las Vegas Shooter was an exception.
  1. Route 91 Harvest music festival, Las Vegas, October 2, 2017: 58 killed, 527 injured.
  2. Pulse, Orlando, Fla., June 2016: 49 killed and more than 50 injured.
  3. Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Va., April 2007: 32 killed and 17 injured on campus.
  4. Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Conn., December 2012: 26 killed.
  5. First Baptist Church, Sutherland Springs, Texas, November 2017: 26 killed.
  6. Luby’s Cafeteria, Killeen, Texas, October 1991: 23 killed.
  7. McDonald’s, San Ysdiro, Calif., July 1984: 21 killed.
  8. Walmart, El Paso, Texas, August 3, 2019: At least 20 killed, 26 injured.
  9. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland, Fla., February 2018: 17 killed.
  10. University of Texas Tower, Austin, Texas, August 1966: 16 killed around campus.
  11. Inland Regional Center, San Bernardino, Calif., December 2015: 14 killed.
  12. Edmond post office, Edmond, Okla., August 1986: 14 killed.
  13. Fort Hood, Fort Hood, Texas, November 2009: 13 killed.
  14. Columbine High School, Littleton, Colo., April 1999: 13 killed.
  15. Binghamton Civic Association, Binghamton, N.Y., April 2009: 13 killed.
  16. New Jersey neighborhood and local shops, Camden, N.J, September 1949: 13 killed.
  17. Schoolhouse Lane neighborhood and Heather Highlands Mobile Home Village, Wilkes-Barre, Pa., September 1982: 13 killed.
  18. Wah Mee club in the Louisa hotel, Seattle, Wash., February 1983: 13 killed.
  19. Century 16 movie theater, Aurora, Colo., July 2012: 12 killed, 58 wounded.
  20. Navy Yard, Washington, D.C., September 2013: 12 killed, 8 wounded.
  21. The Borderline Bar & Grill, Thousand Oaks, Calif., November 2018: 12 killed, several wounded.
  22. Virginia Beach Municipal Center, Virginia Beach, Va., May 31, 2019: 12 killed.
Notice, how how 21 of the shootings, or 95%, all occurred after 1960.  Why is that? Is it because of the technology of guns?  That can’t be it, because we had a Thompson submachine gun that could shoot 1,500 rounds per minute in 1919.  We didn’t even have gun control regulations on automatic weapons until 1934 in America, because we had no need for it, despite gun ownership being widespread.  This regulation was largely in response to the mob, made up mostly of immigrants, including my Italian ancestors in America, and the violent gangs and crimes it was responsible for.  
So, what can it be due to?  After exhaustively studying every single mass shooting since Columbine, there are one or more of three factors which are present in every single one.  All three are topics the media and tech companies stay away from, because all three are very powerful lobbyists in Washington D.C..  All three have powerful influence in the media, and all three either invest heavily in media, or have the media heavily invested in them.  So, the media and tech companies would prefer we don’t find out the root of all these mass shootings, because if we ever found out, they would lose hundreds of billions of dollars.  
The first factor is pornography.  It was illegal in America before 1969, when the Supreme Court – based on the junk science of the Kinsey report in 1948, and Kinsey’s pamphleteer, Hugh Hefner, who began spreading his degeneracy with Playboy – ruled in Stanley Vs. Georgia, that pornography was legal, completely opposite to the spirit and letter of the Constitution.  U.S. Rep Dianne Black (R. Ten) made the comment linking porn to mass shootings, and was predictably laughed at and ridiculed by the Democrats and their media, both of which are heavily invested in pornography. Pornography’s impact on the brain is similar to drugs, if not worse, and we are talking hard drugs.  There are thousands of studies done showing the links between pornography and violence towards women, children, and society, by men.   However, Pornography is an epidemic, with 60% of the men in the church using it, and higher percentages of men outside the church using it.  70% of clicks online are for pornography.  Three of the top ten websites in the world are porn sites.  The other seven sites are a search engine (Google), Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Yahoo), and a gigantic online store owned by the richest man in the world (Amazon.com).  So we see that the internet is a mindless time warp, where people go to engage in corruption and folly, and learn practically nothing.  Men who are using pornography, which is the majority of men, will be nearly impossible to convince that porn is the root of mass shootings.  They will argue that not everyone who uses porn commits mass shootings, which is indubitably true, but the fact is, not everyone who drives drunk gets into an accident either, but there is a reason why we ban drunk driving.  The fact is that the higher percentages of people using porn we have in a society, our rates of mass shootings have increased tremendously.
The second factor is psychotropic drugs.  The media is heavily invested in this sector, as you can hardly watch television without seeing some psychotropic drug being advertised.  Without psychotropic drug advertising you’d literally kill television.  Also, the Democrat party is heavily invested in marijuana, and Vallejo has a councilmember who actually owns a marijuana dispensary, so you’ll be waiting forever if you expect the Democrat media, tech companies, and Democrat party to admit that psychotropic drugs are the problem.  Gun manufacturers don’t give the lunatic Democrat party a dime, so guess who the Democrats deceitfully say is responsible for mass shootings constantly?  Guns?  Yes, you are right.  They assure us that if we only gave up our guns, we could be slaves in peace, and wouldn’t that be wonderful.  Well, it didn’t work out for those who listened to Mao, Hitler, and Stalin telling the same lies, that’s for sure.  David Kupelian at WND told of  how we have 70 million Americans on psychotropic drugs, and that was 7 years ago.  Probably over 100 million now, with pot legalization.  Kupelian wrote a fantastic article on this after the Parkland shooting last year. Between 2004 and 2012 we have 14,773 reports to the FDA’s medwatch on violent side effects of psychiatric drugs.  There is zero doubt that the proliferation of psychotropic drugs has substantially played a part in the increase of mass shootings.
The third factor, and by far the oldest, is Islam, which is actually the most dangerous factor, and the one least represented in mass shootings in America.  The other two factors only cause isolated shooters to cause mass mayhem.  Islam has caused entire nations to cause mayhem all over the world for 1,400 years.  It is the greatest murder machine in history, causing 270 million deaths, conservatively, in it’s history.   It spreads in 5 stages.  There have been 35,422 documented Islamic terror attacks, just since 9/11.  America’s sixth President, known as ‘Old Man Eloquence’ warned about Islam back in 1830.  Fort Hood, San Bernardino, 9/11, and Orlando were just a few of the Islamic terror attacks perpetrated in America.
So, how do we stop these mass shootings?
Simple, but not easy.  We have to have a backbone to ban pornography in America again, as it just was 50 years ago, to ban psychotropic drugs with violent side effects, entirely, and to ensure that every single mass shooter has their entire psychotropic drug history thoroughly analyzed. Much of these investigations are hindered by privacy laws, which allow these murders to continue, with the root cause being hidden to protect the profits of pharmaceutical companies.  We need to monitor Islam carefully in America, and ensure that all Muslim immigrants are thoroughly taught the Constitution, and take an oath recognizing they give allegiance to the Constitution over Sharia.   Many Muslims think Sharia Law ought to be the law of America.  That would be catastrophic, as while we welcome all religions to America, we do not welcome religions who wish to subvert the Constitution.  
The time is passing fast.  If action is not swiftly taken, more innocent lives will be taken.  These dangerous mass shootings are being whipped up by Democrats, and their traitorous media to try to sow discord and whip the masses up against Trump and the Second Amendment.  
Wiser heads must prevail. 
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4 Replies to “Why are mass shootings happening in America?”

  1. Very well said. There is one other contributing factor: legalized abortion. Nothing in our history has cheapened human life quite so dramatically as the Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe v Wade. Overturn that Satanic ruling and the long climb back to a sane civilization can at last begin.

    I hasten to add that our society’s present and tragic state is the result of its wholesale abandonment of Christianity.

    1. Thank you, Carlos. Agree with abortion being evil and satanic. And leaving God and Christianity has led the way for this catastrophe.

    2. I agree, and something else not mentioned often in regard to abortion is that it is strongly correlated with irresponsible sexual activity primarily focused on pleasure rather than procreation.

      1. Amen to that, Lucas. Thank you!

        Quite true.

        Personally am convinced, and the Founders of America agreed with me, that contraception should be illegal, in all forms, natural and unnatural, except for health reasons of wife. And all sex outside of heterosexual marriage ought to be severely stigmatized.

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