News, Thursday, August 15th, 2019

Kupelian: Open letter to all who compare Trump to Hitler.

Google/Youtube rigged News and Video Results.

Day: Google blacklists American Thinker.

Wayne Allyn Root: Democrats taking a page from Stalin’s playbook.

Read list of Communist goals. Weep for our nation.

In latest veiled threat, Chinese Military says troops can arrive in Hong Kong within 10 minutes

Hong Kong’s youth resist a tyrannical China.

Master: New World Disorder.

Rush: Civil War is preferable to a Democrat President.

Federer: Napoleon’s impact on the world. 

Victor Davis Hanson: The German-Soviet Non-aggression pact: A bad deal 80 years ago.

Dayton killer was on cocaine, anti-depressants, and alcohol.

Duke: Millennial becomes unhinged when her boss corrects her spelling of hamster.

10 Surprising facts about human trafficking in America. 

Stigall: Who’s worse, Epstein or the lamestream media?

Report: Epstein autopsy reveals broken bones.

French: To save a bad gun law, Democrat senators threaten Supreme Court.

Israel bans entry for Omar, Tlaib.

Brown: Jeffrey Epstein and the truth of the Bible.

Herland: Democracy: Tyranny of the mob?

Coulter: What the El Paso shooter learned from Immigrants.

Public schools to incorporate  homosexuals into history.

Undocumented immigrants in Maryland rape 11 year old.

Cashill: My afternoon with ‘murderer’ Darren Wilson.

Analyst: Meeting with Xi won’t resolve Hong Kong protests.

Trump DHS reluctant to name enemy.

Elder: Biden’s gaffes make Trump look like Churchill. 

Report: CNN embarrassed by Fredo.

Smith: Chimpanzee Liberation? Why human rights and animal rights cannot coexist.

Ocasio-Cortez Takes A Swipe At Israel for Barring Her Viciously Anti-Israel Colleagues From Entering The Country

Schlichter: You Should Totally Trust Our Elite Institutions…Not

Rasmussen: Epstein and the reality of 21st century politics.

Ludlow: Worse than ever, government schools after 35 years.

Day: The racist history of Red Flag Laws.

Streett: Saudi Arabia’s $200 million a day fails to conquer Yemen.

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