Friday, August 16th, 2019

Hellner: Major media seek to keep or put Democrats in power by misleading public.

Anenberg: Ideology, the Schools, and Murder: The McInerney/King case.

FBI agreed to ignore Hillary evidence.

Democrats returning to Washington early for major gun control push. 

Federer: When law ‘evolves’ to fit a political agenda.

Trump eyes a new real-estate purchase: Greenland.

Dianu: Greenland: The New U.S. Alaska?

McCarthy: The election is only legitimate if Democrats win.

Walsh: Homosexual site celebrates pedophile relationship.

Walker: In praise of Republican tax cuts.

Philadelphia cop shooter Maurice Hill attended radical mosque.

The Full Story behind the Hong Kong protests.

MacDonald: Great courses, Great profits.

Top forensic analyst: Only 1% of hanging deaths result in broken bone, like Epstein had.

Alexander: Strong single women advice.

Hunter Biden faces congressional scrutiny in probe of Chinese Acquisition.

Maitra: Kevin Williamson’s new book is a call to arms against mob rule.

Marcus: The NY Times is clueless about conservatives.

Hsiao: I’m a professor and I carry a gun around on campus.  Here’s why.

Trump at New Hampshire Rally: We have a bunch of socialists or communists to beat.

Jackson: 6 serious solutions to reduce mass shootings and protect liberty.

Ilhan-Omar and Tlaib partnered with vicious anti-Semites to plan their trip to Israel.

Carlson & Patel: Guns, it’s young men who are the problem.

Graham to Dems: Quit bullying Supremes.

Buchanan: Trump’s great tariff gamble.

Nellie Ohr served anti-Trump dirt to DOJ.

Report: China company got Hillary’s e-mails.

Mercer: American white male misery is real.

Tlaib avoids Israel.  Hates Israel more than she loves her own grandmother.

MSNBC projects Democrat ignorance on Trump supporters. Says Trump supporters can’t find Greenland on a map.

Dougherty: It’s time for Trump to troll China.

Cortes: The Charlottesville Hoax that would not die.

Charen: What Hong Kong means.

Bozell and Graham: Parental nightmares in public schools.

Trump rips Wall Street Journal: They understand nothing about trade or business.

York: NY Times editor signals coverage shift from Trump-Russia to Trump-Racism.

Seditious Google employees call for pledge not to work with ICE.

Ibrahim: Rape and slavery: Islam’s true cultural exchange with the West.

Libertine judge encourages woman to sell her pictures to Playboy.

Kidnap survivor Elizabeth Smart’s father comes out as homosexual, leaves Mormon church.

Justice: Study shows it’s mathematically impossible to fund the left’s welfare state by soaking the rich.

Sammin: Yes, immigrants should be less dependent on welfare, and so should everyone else.

Jacobs: Why I’m over ‘Atlas Shrugged’ and conservatives should be too.

Trump calls supporter he apparently mocked for being overweight.

Colon: Missing the point of gun ownership.

Williams: The left’s madcap social engineering.

Warner: Philadelphia shootout puts the lie to the left’s anti-gun lobby.

Fake journalist Brian Karem to sue White House after his pass suspended 30 days for obnoxious behavior.

Sorman: From Tiananmen Square to Hong Kong.

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