Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

Pelosi insults Trumps ‘manhood’ after ‘wild’ Oval Office meet, claims she was the ‘mom’

Tinkle contest.

Pelosi and Schumer resist border security, shouting match in Oval office.

Video: Pelosi and Schumer, let’s do this in private.

Divided government on display.

Lifson: Trump sprang 3 traps on Pelosi and Schumer yesterday.

Nolte: Trump tricks Nancy and Chuck into owning border crisis in Oval Office meeting.

Dem dimwit Swalwell: Trump a ‘lying’ ‘weak’ President.

Morally corrupt Pelosi, who murders babies in abortion clinics, calmly lectures Trump to ‘pray’ for biblical wisdom.

Obesity rate at all time  high!!!

Horowitz: The sorry socialist state of the farm bill.

Curry: Liberals deadly strategy to wreck USA: wreck faith and common sense.

Walter Williams: When racism is acceptable.

Islamic Terror in France!  Killer on loose!

34,262 documented Islamic terror attacks around the world since 9/11.

Clancy: Abolish the Electoral College and Senate, Why not tear up the Constitution?

Lifson: General Flynn set up by FBI, told no lawyer needed when FBI sprang its trap.

Dallas armed robbery victim called 911 8 times, waited 3 hours for police

Google CEO Sundar Pichai runs from Alex Jones and Roger Stone at hearings.

Flaherty: Can’t anybody here play this game?

Davidson: The transgender movement is not interested in compromise.

Google approves app for Muslims to report people for blasphemy

Matt Gaetz slams political bias at Google, urges internal investigation.

Overstreet: Top 10 reasons to own an AR-15.

Lippincott: Crime and innuendo

Washington Compost’s Jennifer Rubin runs away when asked how she is a conservative.

Democrats 2020 options don’t look good (or young)

Sobieski: Reveal the Congressional slush fund hypocrites!

Federer: Why William Penn’s ‘Holy Experiment’ is still important.

Hall: The tyranny of the judiciary and what to do about it.

Showalter: Hillary, Huma, Kerry all back in fine form dancing with the Indian billionaire set.

Maynard: The Fallacy of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Hellner: Remember when hysterical Dems threatened a Democrat shutdown over abortion funding?

Hellner: People who supported putting Clinton’s back in White House have no business discussing law and order.

Millions in taxes support Soros agenda, supporting racial disharmony.

Farber: Why we need a universal draft.

Kamala Harris gets schooled on U.S. Constitution.

Kellyanne: Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t know much about anything.

Boy dumps last name Trump, after fierce bullying.

Iran: French riots signal ‘Islamic Awakening’.

Star Parker: France: Family breakdown explains unrest.

First Amendment invalid at 9/10 college campuses.

Arpaio sues CNN, Rolling Stone for $300 million.

Shapiro: The mob gets Kevin Hart.

Bogus Mueller investigation gets latest scalp: Sobbing Cohen gets 3 years.  Meanwhile, Hillary’s crimes go unpunished.

Huffy Puffy enraged:  UN pick Nauert  has relationship with Robert Spencer.

Spencer: Blasphemy?  Google has an app for that.

Sen. Tom Cotton: First step act dangerous.

Israeli mom and premature infant battle for life.  Shows why Palestinian statehood a bad idea.

Malkin: Woke reporter tries to sack Heisman winner Kyler Murray.

Tanner: Washington’s short term thinking won’t head off debt crisis.

Elite zip codes thrived in Obama ‘Recovery’.

Watkins Jr.: States Bills of Rights have the true protections.

Jashinsky: Tuesday’s White House meeting was a politicians version of ‘Real Housewives’

Payton: How Mark Twain championed self government through humor and realism.

O’Rourke topping Biden, Bernie in 2020 polls.

Garcetti USC speech shouted down.

Bicksler: 8 practical, unconventional suggestions for fixing America’s soaring health care costs.

Blake: If you think Trump’s populism is bad, wait until France’s populism hits America.

Fazio: Now that the Supreme Court isn’t their puppet, liberals want to destroy it.

Newcombe: Did missionary die from altruism or arrogance?

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