What is wrong with Vallejo’s schools?

Dear Mayor, City Council, former and current, Superintendent, Superintendents staff, former and current school board members, members of the media, and fellow citizens,
Included are the devastating effects on a child’s brain from watching pornography.  Speaking for myself, I was blessed to never be exposed to internet porn as a child, and I’m sure this was true of those older than me as well.  However, I’m convinced, along with many other experts, that giving a child a cell phone before 18 is a form of child abuse, whether the parent is aware of the dangerous risks or not.
Porn is a public health disaster and is a threat to national security.


The health costs of this insidious disease are incalculable, and it’s devastating attack on the American family structure has definitely affected America’s military readiness.  As I type this only 30% of 18-24 year olds can join the military due to obesity, drug use, and criminality which are all linked to porn.  Porn attacks ones self esteem, leading to all kinds of unhealthy behaviors.
Here is a terrifying report about what porn is doing to children.  I’d really like the stats on kids being sexually abused in Vallejo schools, because I already know for a fact they are enormously higher today than what they were 30 years ago, and it’s definitely due to porn.  Unfortunately, due to privacy laws, we can’t just google these things, they are  hidden for some reason.  So much for the internet giving us access to all this information.  The information we really could use is strangely unavailable.
Anyone who does not know how we got here is strongly advised to read this book, and to not go to Google to get indoctrinated on it.
There are many adults using porn, and it is from this group that the opposition to getting rid of children’s cell phones primarily comes, from my experience.
The disinformation from Google is a huge problem that is a huge obstacle to disseminating truth.  No sooner is some truth uttered, when Google searches turn up all kinds of nonsense about it, and deceive the naïve and gullible.
A high ranking KGB defector warned about this in the 1980’s.
It’s happening today.
The Creepy Line details what is happening
Does anyone wonder If Google has an agenda?  Well, Cui Bono.  Latin for follow the money.  Where does the money that Google employees donate for politics go?  Easy question.  It overwhelmingly goes to one party, and Google’s algorithms favor that party.  It’s not rocket science to figure out Google favors the Democrats.
And what is so bad about today’s Democrat party, aren’t they like the party of JFK?  Well…glad you asked, because the answer is no.


We ought to get Google, Facebook, and the tech companies out of our schools and communities as fast as we can.  We cannot afford to have invasive parasites in our communities, preying on us and our children.  A few years ago, we paid lots of money for technology and computers in the classrooms, and it has done absolutely nothing for students math, English, history, and civics skills.  But we enriched Silicon Valley, and prostituted out our kids to special interests, and that is shameful.
Last nights school board meeting featured a Jesse Bethel student speaking about Andrew Carnegie and debating his ‘Crimes against Humanity’.  This is the thanks Carnegie gets from ahistorical teachers and students, when he gave the equivalent of $550,000 in today’s dollars to Vallejo in 1903 for a library, that has since been torn down after decades of faithful service.  He gave away 2,500 libraries, only had 4 years of formal education, and was the 2nd wealthiest man in American history.  He clashed with the Unions, just like many in Vallejo do today, and wouldn’t be bullied by them trying to extort more money than workers were worth, and so it’s no wonder teachers in unions today train students to think of Carnegie as a bad man.  Pretty disgusting.  The schools can’t even teach kids math, science, English, history, and civics, but they have no problem damning one of the greatest businessmen in American history, who financed the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’, which has probably created more millionaires in America than any other book.  This reminds one of the saying, ‘Those who can, do, those who can’t, teach’.
The teachers unions are a virus in America, and while there are many nice people in the unions in Vallejo, the overall organization hinders children’s growth, rather than promotes it.
Further, we keep hearing about getting kids into college.  College is a very bad idea for students today, as it is the biggest business in America at $1.4 trillion, and kids aren’t exactly learning there.  They are partying, doing drugs, sleeping around, and learning corruption, and being indoctrinated by left wing ideology.  As Lenin said, “The best revolutionaries are  youth devoid of morals” and that is what our colleges are producing.  While I admire Hazel Wilson and Jimmie Jackson quite a bit, the fact is the NAACP has long outlived it’s purpose, and it is insane to be bothering about getting African American children into college when 10% of the African American children graduating Vallejo high schools are competent at the 12th grade level in math and English.  How about we don’t worry about college, and how about we just make sure kids know math, English, history, science, and civics before they leave the 12th grade?  What is so  hard about that?  Give them the tools to succeed in life, and let them make their own choices.
Thank you for reading, I welcome any questions, and I hope and pray wise and virtuous adults would take determined and immediate action to ban cell phones from schools, to ensure that children have zero access to any internet websites other than school related material guaranteed to be free of questionable content, to get rid of Google and Facebook and their invasive intrusion into ours and our children’s lives, to recognize the threat union ideology poses, and to be brave and courageous in the face of the certain opposition taking such stands will certainly encounter.
Courage is the first virtue, that makes all other virtues possible
Courage is doing what you are afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you are scared. Eddie Rickenbacker

Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain

Ralph Waldo Emerson



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