Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

Bill Federer: Battle of Gettysburg: Tremendous Turning point.

Prager U: The Amazing life of Ulysses S. Grant.

Thomas: The Marriage Precedent!

City thrives after evicting all politicians, police

Harsanyi: Hey Democrats, the system doesn’t need to be fixed every time you lose an election. 

Backlash over Pro-life, Roe V. Wade movie filming in New Orleans.

Washington Compost’s Jennifer Rubin calls for mobs to harass Sarah Huckabee Sanders for the rest of her life.

Farah: The Bible and the Red Hot border issue.

Dunaway: 7 ways to uphold true patriotism.

Massie: Dems: From party of slavery to party of crazy!

Brown: Twitter locks my account for “hateful” conduct.

Brown: I’m not playing the new game of “Deny Trump to prove your love for Jesus” and neither should you.

Buchanan: Ingrates stampede to “abolish ICE”.

Man threatens to chop up Rand Paul and his family with an ax.

Rahn: The unthinking and the unobservant.

Victor Davis Hanson: History as nothing much at all. 

Lowry: Roe is a travesty.

Black: On immigration and SCOTUS, Democrats are snookered.

Colon: How to read the news, a guide for truth seekers.

Skurkiss: The coming Democratic crackup.

Lott Jr.: Here is a simple rule regarding Kennedy replacement.

Supremes drop 2nd shoe on organized labor.

5 black patriots who helped win independence.

Pruitt latest administration official to be confronted by leftist while dining out.

Rep. Jim Jordan accused of turning a blind eye to sexual abuse as college wrestling coach.

Prager: If we are Nazi’s, expect more violence.

Greenberg: SCOTUS strikes a blow for bricks and mortar.

Klavan: The toxic race mongering of the left.

Evolutionists: Oops, we may have been wrong all along.

Trump accuses Obama of giving citizenship to 2,500 Iranians.

Dershowitz: Trump should nominate a “true conservative” to SCOTUS.

Trump: Crazy Maxine Waters the face of the Democrat Party.

DNC chair Perez: Ocasio-Perez “the future of our party”.

China develops laser gun.

Justin Trudeau accused of groping.

Lemiska: Trump hatred: evil in the name of virtue.

Facebook shuts down Christian ideas while letting others post threats.

Henry: Is progressive ideology incompatible with the First Amendment.

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