Friday, June 15th, 2018

Trump on Fire: Signals War Against ‘Very Dishonest Intelligence’ Agencies

Trump: Check Drudge!  Update: Drudge is fiscally conservative, but socially liberal.

Trump: Drudge captures stories that people want to see!

Trump rips “FBI Scum”

Manafort jailed!!  Charges have nothing to do with intent of original Mueller investigation!!  Mueller investigation is Treason against a duly elected American President!

Trump rips comey: “He was ringleader of this den of thieves”

U.S. and China announce new tariffs in escalation of trade war.

Mueller Heat after IG report.

June 15th, 1389, Islam enters and conquers Eastern Europe

Six key points from DOJ IG report. 

Hemingway: 11 things to take away from the IG report.

Richards: Here is the message young Americans need to hear: “Don’t follow your passions”

Marcus: Comey’s FBI was protecting legitimacy of Clinton’s presumed presidency.

Bernie Sanders takes pride in making “fringe”, “extremist”, and “radical” ideas mainstream.

Thomas: Taste the despair, Democrats losing it over Trump.

With FBI’s boiling hate for voters exposed, America dodged a bullet by electing Trump

Reporters violated the law by giving FBI agents gifts. 

Delingpole: Shock: Antarctica doing just fine!

Canadians boycott U.S. goods, cancel vacations.

Millionaires now control half of world’s wealth.

Fight over immigration threatens to topple Merkel’s alliance and government. 

MLB sees sharp drop in attendance.

X-ray vision to give soldiers ability to see through walls. 

Pollak: Blue state blues, Dems all in for Pelosi.

Sanders to Acosta: It’s hard for you to understand short sentences.

Murray: Dictator Lit.

Lavin: Ten simple rules for dealing with dictators.

How childhood trauma contributes to skyrocketing suicide rates. 

Buchanan: Trump’s historic gamble.

Haskins: In wake of IG report, it’s time to clean house at the DOJ.

Blackwell: SCOTUS backs accurate voter rolls and honest elections

Meghan McCain: A nation that cannot control it’s borders is not a nation.

Dawn: Masterpiece decision proves America’s state religion is leftism.

Trinko: Reparations, who should pay?

Kamioner: Hold them by the nose.

Walker: The right to discriminate.

Lewis: America’s root disease, an aversion to responsibility.

They must be joking when they claim that bias was not what was guiding Obama’s DOJ and FBI.

Decoding the Horowitz report on “Bias”.

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