Thursday, May 31st, 2018

Trump to pardon D’Souza!

1934 study by British agnostic anthropologist J.D. Unwin holds the key to America’s future. 

Watch: Black Stanford Student dishes on BLM for neglecting black fathers.  “I’m off the plantation, bro”!!!

Desperate times call for desperate measures, Part 1 (Part 2 link included)

Pornography is a root cause of school shootings!!  GOP REP Dianne Black!

More drivers killed by drug use than alcohol use!!

What Ireland’s abortion vote taught us about democracy!

Victor Davis Hanson: the Carnivores of Civil Liberties.

French: the Educated Elite isn’t educated and isn’t elite. 

Elder: Roseanne is out?  Explain Maher, Sharpton, and Olbermann? 

Google listed “Nazism” as ideology of California Republican party!!

Drug dealing dean shot student for not selling enough weed. 

The end of Sears?

Dying shopping malls rotting away.

See film about Gaza riots censored by YouTube.

Student’s debauched  acts in classroom with teacher present lead to teacher’s resignation. 

Disgusting libertine openly views filth on plane, and commit’s open masturbation, with female passenger right next to him!! 

Flashback: Sexual Sabotage!

Coulter: Harvey Weinstein and the Clinton protection racket. 

Southwest flight for LAX makes emergency landing after passenger smokes joint in lavatory. 

Planned Murderhood caught performing abortions on 12 year old girls, not reporting sexual assault to authorities.

New Sexual assault allegations against Milpitas teacher. 

P.E. teacher arrested for sexual relations with a student.

Porn use is commonly defended by porn addicts, who defend their addiction under cover. 

American health care workers are committing suicide in unprecedented numbers. 

Somali Muslim gang storms American park.

Constant alerts from smartphone can affect brain chemistry. 

Car salesman sues boss for office flatulence, molesting male subordinates. 

Liberals worst nightmare: A second Trump SCOTUS pick. 

Feminazi Greer: Rape is just bad sex.  Usual leftist nonsense.  They are supposedly for women, but find rape to be not so bad.  Unbelievable hypocrisy.

This strike could bring down the Mullah’s in Iran, but the media is ignoring it. 

Full Fascist: Ireland may ban praying in front of abortion clinics.

NY Slimes called out by Trump for pathetic lie, issues retraction.

Unlike Obama, Trump fights for human rights in Iran.

Hypocrisy: Oakland, suing oil companies over climate change, fined by EPA for polluting SF Bay. 

Cruz surging in Texas.

The dark underworld of anything goes sex. 

NBC’s Joy Reid praised blogger for rant calling for Ann Coulter to kill herself. 

Drudge: “New Low” for Ambien maker to mock Roseanne while they “drug a generation”. 

Yes the FBI was investigating the Trump campaign when it spied. 

Defeating the top five obnoxious liberal argument cheats. 

The media would happily destroy you. 

Samantha Bee’s foul mouthed rant. 

3 reasons Rod Rosenstein’s special counsel appointment was illegal

College freshman’s reports of psych disorders has doubled since 2010.

Trey Gowdy didn’t even see documents he claims exonerated FBI on Spygate. 

McCann: The permanent adolescesce of the American left. 

Prentice: The new and improved stupid party. 

Brodow: Little Miss Chelsea has a tantrum.

Jones: Is liberalism a victim of it’s own success?

Isaac: Debunking the Decriminalization Delusion.

Imani: Islam is incompatible with liberty. 

Moran: California Republicans slide into irrelevancy.

“Harsh and direct disagreement places thought under pressure. That’s its point. Pressure can be intellectually productive: being forced to look closely at arguments against a beloved position helps those who hold it to burnish and buttress it as often as it moves them to abandon it. But pressure also causes pain and fear; and when those under pressure find these things difficult to bear, they’ll sometimes use any means possible to make the pressure and the pain go away. They feel unsafe, threatened, put upon, and so they react by deploying the soft violence of the law or the harder violence of the aggressive and speech-denying protest. Both moves are common enough in our élite universities now, as is their support by the powers that be. Tolerance for intellectual pain is less than it was. So is tolerance for argument.” Paul J. Griffiths

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