News from May 18th, 2018

Trump: DOJ  out to frame me

To know Muhammad is to know Islam.

The despicable evil of homosexuality has infested America.

Democrats:  a Menace to America.

China turning radical Muslims into happy communists.

Who are the real terrorists in the Middle East?

Legislating religious censorship in California.

Media defends Ms-13 and attacks Trump.

Race relations in America. 

4 studies show importance of fact checking junk science.

10 Americans who shaped the Constitution.

FBI and DOJ referred for criminal prosecution for Hillary e-mail investigation.

Democrats did more damage to American than Russians ever dreamed of: Rush Limbaugh

Obama spied on Trump: NY Times.

Lawyer suing Mueller for media contacts. 

Is it time for martial law in Democrat run cities?

FCC commissioner says customers helped by getting rid of Net Neutrality.

The dangers of the sexual agenda to the American family. 

8-10 killed in high school shooting in Texas.  Flashback: Jesse Lee Peterson: how to end mass shootings. 

Net neutrality is socialism

How America’s success is leading to our destruction

Trump to cut funding to Planned Murderhood.


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