News from May 17th, 2018.

Rudy on corrupt Mueller investigation

Obama spying on Trump was worse than Watergate

Mortgage rates reach 7 year high.

U.S. birth rate reaches all time low.   This is the result of the Sexual Sabotage of America. 

War on terror has cost America $2.8 trillion.  Islam is bankrupting us. 

Further proof that Women in America today are treated worse than at any other period of American history.   Porn is a public health disaster.  Missouri just declared porn a public health disaster. 

Candace Owens is brilliant and is waking up the black community. 

The Millennials are easily being suckered by the media and schools. 


Vallejo News

Great letter by Marianne Kearney Brown.  We don’t need more money for failing schools.

Further evidence of the Vallejo Times Herald’s leftist bias.  Dana Milbanks is virulently leftist. 

Vallejo Times Herald at it again.  Allowing it’s vindictive hatred of Trump to cloud the facts.    Vallejo Times Herald is unethical and here is the truth. 

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