The Truth Behind The Mystery of Money & Usury

Money is not real. It is an illusion. You can use money to buy things but only because the other people are also under the delusion that money is real. If no one agrees the money is real, then it is worthless, because it has no intrinsic value. The modern idea of money was invented by usurers in order to profit off of usury (moneylending for profit).

The classical idea of money was it was just an intermediary of exchange between producers. If one person produced strawberries and another produced chickens, and the strawberry producer didn’t want chicken but beef, then the chicken producer would sell the chicken to another customer for money, which they would use to buy strawberries, and the strawberry seller would use the money to buy beef. It’s that simple.

In a normal economy without usury, there is zero inflation. A dollar is always worth a dollar, and is simply passed around as people need it to exchange for things they cannot directly barter for. In a correct system, people barter as the norm, and only use “money” as the intermediary when they need something they cannot directly barter for.

Put simply, money is supposed to be simply indirect bartering.

In a real money system, money is nothing except the product of exchange. The reason why we have inflation is because the fiat they produce as “money” is multiplied beyond commerce, meaning the money is worth less with every extra currency such as dollar that is printed.

The classical idea of money is nothing but a refinement to the bartering system. But the money sorcerers came in and realized they could manipulate this system by creating a moneylending system for profit (usury) and by exploiting the poor to enslave them by providing money for things they could not afford but at an interest that could never be paid back.

The simple fact is that you will never get in debt if you only spend what you work for. When you work hard, harder than is required to sustain a living, then you get to save extra money. If you don’t work enough, then you experience a shortage.

The money fiat usury system tries to delude people that you can work less and still have all you need, but that can never happen. Instead when you work too little and borrow money at interest, you will have to work even harder in the future to pay back the additional amount, which means you are selling yourself as an indentured servant, in other words, a slave. All because of laziness.

The money sorcerers exploit the temptation of greed and the tendency for laziness to their benefit, to exploit humanity and enslave the people so that they can be the masters of the world. And with the magic (not literal magic) of compound interest, they will enslave their subjects forever.

This is why the usurers were kicked out of over 109 countries, because once they start their lending, the entire nation quickly becomes enslaved. Usury was punishable by death in all European countries until recent centuries.

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