Vallejo Times Herald, one of many newspapers which censors criticism of the Jew bankers who own them.

The local newspaper, the Vallejo Times Herald, in my city of Vallejo, CA is owned by the Alden Group out of Jew paradise, New York.

Wikipedia, started by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, both Jews, which normally lies about normally everything, actually has credible information on the Times Herald.

They say it’s owned by Digital First media.

And if you click on Digital First, it takes you to the Alden Group.

Clicking on Alden Global Capital, you find it’s out of NY, manages $1 billion, and has 15 employees.

What is significant about New York?

Well, you have to think. The Federal Reserve bank, owned by Jew bankers like Warburg, Schiff, and other cronies of the Rothschilds since it was begun in 1913, has its headquarters in New York. The other cities with Federal Reserve banks are just for show. These bankers run the entire world with their unlimited money that they print out with their Federal Reserve, and they use this money to buy up every famous person you know, every major corporation, every victim group, including Black Lives Matter, which Vallejo was bullied into painting in front of the city in the last two years, every radio station, every television station, every movie studio, every association controlling the libraries and schools, the unions, the newspapers, and much more. The Alden group is just another banker front to hide who really owns the Times Herald, Jewish bankers.

Ask yourself why do people in New York have an interest in owning a small town California newspaper if it isn’t making a profit? Because it isn’t about making a profit, it’s about controlling the minds of the people, that’s why. It’s the same for everything on television, on the radio, out of Hollyweird, and social media. They aren’t there to make money, they are their to control your mind.

It’s just one of the many Jew front finance companies to mask their control of the minds of Americans.

Before I understood the Jew question, they used to publish my letters. But when I backed Donald Trump in 2016, they banned my letters, and now, when I’ve discovered both parties are run by Jew bankers, the editor and one of the serial liberal liar reporters have completely blocked my email, so I can’t even send a letter to them.

Here are their emails if you want to let the deluded Jew pawns know what you think of their censorship.

While I know most of you avoid these, Please do not use vulgarity, profanity, or other lewd language, and avoid the N word of other racial slurs.

It’s entirely possible to make your point, in fiery manner, without these.

In my city of 120,000, likely less than 5,000 people subscribe to it, they can’t even afford to deliver on Mondays, they moved out of their longtime headquarters ten years ago, to the downtown of the city, in a locked fortress like structure where you had to identify yourself downstairs before the building was unlocked and you were allowed to enter. Now, it’s so bad, they had to completely move their office out of Vallejo to a neighboring city, 20 miles away, where they still spout their serial lies every day. They have likely laid off over half their staff in the last decade.

This happens with nearly every newspaper in nearly every city in America.

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