Open Letter and plea to all Americans

Dear esteemed reader,

The biggest criminals in world history are the owners of the Federal Reserve. They are the biggest murderers, thieves, robbers, and liars ever. They are also the richest people on the planet as they can print out money whenever they like while using the police and military, both of which they control, to throw any of us who print out money in jail for forgery.

It’s doubtful they are even American citizens. They control the Democrats and Republicans. They have controlled every Democrat and Republican presidential candidate since Woodrow Wilson. They definitely controlled even Reagan and Trump. Yet, they are so powerful, we do not know their names, where they live, or how much wealth they have. This allows them to deceive and to call those of us who know what they are up to “paranoid conspiracy theorists”, using their media.

They control the media (Breitbart, Daily Wire, FrontPageMag, WND, City Journal, and Gateway Pundit are all controlled, censoring comments critical of Israel and the bankers, while screaming they are for free speech and criticizing Democrats attempts to silence dissent. Hilarious hypocrisy!) schools, tech companies, corporations, victim groups, Communist China, Hollyweird, celebrities, and much more. They have been behind Communism from its inception. After they conspired to get Woodrow Wilson elected in 1912, by funding Teddy Roosevelt to run against Taft, as well as Wilson, resulting in Roosevelt and Taft splitting 60% of the Republican vote, with Wilson slipping onto the White House with 40%, they IMMEDIATELY established the income tax, direct election of American senators, and the Federal Reserve in 1913, the worst year in American history. After this effectively gave them control of America’s money, these international bankers went to work to gain more power and wealth, by using their favorite tool, WAR. They had their assassin useful idiot, 20 year old Jewish Freemason Gavrilo Princip, assassinate the Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914, touching off World War 1.

After lying to America again in the 1916 election, getting Wilson re elected with the promise they would not have American boys marching in that war overseas, they immediately had American boys marching in Europe in 1917 for World War 1. General Smedley Butler wrote the profound essay “War is a Racket”. Also, they had the Balfour letter completed, an agreement between the British foreign Secretary, Arthur Balfour, and the Rothschilds, promising that Palestine will be stolen from the Arabs and Christians who lived there and given to pseudo-Jews. In return, American Jews were going to use their media control to introduce America into World War 1. Also in 1917, the murderous owners of the Federal Reserve sent their savage emissary and hired assassin, Leon Trotsky, born Lev Bonstein, trained at Federal Reserve architects, and Rothschild pawn, Jacob Schiff’s (Schiff was sent to America by the Rothschilds after the Civil War with four goals. 1) Take control of America’s money. 2) Put Rothschild puppets in positions of power. 3) Create race tensions. 4) Destroy Christianity, per brilliant Jewish playwright Myron Fagan) New York Mansion with his revolutionary comrades, to Russia to commit the biggest murder/robbery in human history, as they murdered the richest man in the World, The Tsar of Russia, worth $30 billion in cash then and $473 billion today, and that isn’t counting land and jewelry. They had to use this wealth to murder 40 million more Russians to maintain their control over Russia until its collapse in 1991.

They then failed to get their coveted League of Nations world government in 1920, as it was defeated by Henry Cabot Lodge and the Senate Republicans. But, they were not deterred. They immediately set to work to gain more power and wealth for themselves, establishing the roaring twenties by giving cheap credit and loans. Then, in 1929, they pulled the rug out from under America, by suddenly, and deliberately calling in their loans. This crashed the stock market, and led to the Great Depression. They used their massive wealth accumulation to fund Hitlers war machine, in anticipation of the second World War. Profiting from the confusion and fear caused by the Great Depression, the bankers set to work, establishing their pawn FDR (His son-in-law, Curtis Dall, exposed him in the sensational book “My exploited Father-in-law”) as President. This paved the way for World War 2 (The bankers have been behind every American war, from World War on, rigging Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, and 9/11 among other events and wars), which led to the bankers basically controlling the entire world. They now not only controlled Russia, that they seized control of in 1917, they now controlled Germany, Italy, Japan, and other nations, while America, Britain, and France were badly in debt, ensuring their slavery to the bankers. Immediately at the end of World War 2, the bankers installed Alger Hiss, their communist pawn, as the first president of their World Government organization, the United Nations. Three years later, in 1948, since the world was still exhausted by World War 2 and in no position to protest, the bankers established Israel and installed their pawn Mao at the head of Communist China. Israel is simply a Rothschild holding operation in the Middle East. The leaders of today’s Israel and most celebrity Jews would be severely punished by Moses, as they are nearly guaranteed to severely violate the Torah regularly. 90% of today’s Jews are Ashkenazi Jews, no blood relation to the original twelve tribes at all, descended from the ancient kingdom of Khazar, which adopted the perverted Babylonian Talmudic Judaism centuries ago. Arthur Koestler wrote about this in his book “The Thirteenth Tribe”.

Lastly, this comment will get thousands of downvotes and irrational attacks from fake accounts/ anonymous nobodies/bots/ and paid bloggers. It will even be attacked by sincere conservatives who are deceived. Five years ago I would have attacked this comment. I will be called “anti-Semitic”, “racist”, “sexist”, “paranoid conspiracy theorist”, “Hitler”, “Nazi”, “white supremacist”, “bigoted”, and the rest of the bankers Cultural Marxist lexicon as the bankers and their agents, the Synagogue of Satan, the Father of all liars, furiously seek to promote lies and hide the truth. Who knows, the bankers themselves may even show up, as the conservative media is no threat to them, as it never addresses the Moriarty of crime, the bankers. Just remember that no one kicks a dead dog, and only dead fish go with the flow. Not one critical comment will ever be able to refute the facts presented here, which are the result of a lifetime of study and dedicated research, reading thousands of related books on these topics.

“One man with God is a majority”

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”


2 Kings 6:17

“And Elisha prayed, and said, Lord, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And the Lord opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha.”

“No man is hated more than he who tells the truth”


“The first response to truth is hatred”


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God and the truth need you to seek, learn, and spread the truth as rapidly as possible. Your destiny and that of your children and the world depends on it. Thank you for reading, please share, as knowledge is power and we are in an information war. Thank you kindly!! My friends are those who love truth and my enemies are the foes of truth.

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