Whittaker Chambers – The “Deep State” is Communist


Whittaker Chambers, 1901-1961. When he exposed Alger Hiss, he exposed the Deep State
I hope “my testimony helps to make Americans recognize at last that 

they are at grips with a secret, sinister and enormously powerful force whose tireless purpose is their enslavement.”KGB DefectorWhittaker Chambers Aug 3, 1948

If the US were not already Communist-controlled, Whittaker Chamber would be known by every student as a great patriot, and Hollywood would have made an Oscar Best Picture about him. 

In 1948,WhittakerChambers, a Senior Editor at TIME magazine and former KGB agent, exposed Illuminati factotum Alger Hiss as a Soviet spy and espionage agent. 
Alger Hiss began his career as a student of Felix Frankfurter and was an advisor to FDR at Yalta. He was Secretary General of the UN at its founding conference in San Francisco in 1946!!! Hiss then became President of the Carnegie Endowment for the Preservation of Peace whose directors (and Hiss supporters) included Secretaries of State Dean Acheson, John Foster Dulles and future President Dwight Eisenhower. It also included David Rockefeller and IBM’s Thomas Watson. Do we need any more proof? Communism is sponsored by the satanist (Masonic) Jewish central banking cartel.
The Whittaker Chambers-Alger Hiss case outed the Cold War by revealing that the United States and Russia are both controlled by superrich Freemasons dedicated to the triumph of Communism.
Far from being a Russian phenomenon, Communism, in fact, is monopoly capitalism, the creed of the super-rich. Except they want a monopoly over EVERYTHING, spiritual, intellectual AND material. They are behind the Clown world. This is the NWO.

Inveterate liars as Communists are, Hiss denied everything until Chambers finally produced espionage material in Hiss’ handwriting. Hiss served three years for perjury.  John Beresford tells the fascinating story in an excellent series of 36 short lectures and in a typescript here. Chambers’ gripping book is Witness (1954) would make an incredible feature film, but it will never be made. Chambers is a much greater patriot than George Washington, but few Americans have ever heard of him. Isn’t that a measure of national enslavement?  

Add up the assassination of JFK and his brother, 9-11, the numerous mass shootings, censorship, migration and the war on gender, you can see that we are caught on the talons of a malevolent force. We are being ushered into a new world where “slaves come to love their servitude.”   

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Cognitive Dissonance: Why would a party dedicated to the overthrow of the government, the theft of private property, and the destruction of family and liberty, be allowed? When it serves the diabolical agenda of the superrich, not the poor. 
Communism is Judaism. Cabalist Judaism is Satanism. Mankind is satanically possessed. 

from May 5, 2019

By John Berresford
On August 3, 1948, at 11:00 AM, Chambers opened by reading a statement to HUAC: 
Years before, he said, he had reported what he knew of Communist activity to the government – this was back in 1939 when he talked for hours with [Adolf] Berle under the elm tree – and, as far as he knew, the government had done nothing about it. 
What he reported, he said, was The Ware Group, a secret, underground “apparatus” of young, entry-level bureaucrats in the New Deal years. Its purpose in those years, he said, was the infiltration of the government by secret Communists, not espionage. A long-term goal was espionage, but the Group functioned day to day like a left-wing study group – you might think you had walked into a college course in applied Marxist thought. 
All its members were secret members of the Communist Party, however, dedicated to the someday violent overthrow of the US Constitution. Chambers named seven names; the fourth name he named to the Committee and the world was Alger Hiss…(left)
Chambers’ words had flair: “Disloyalty is a matter of principle with every member of the Communist Party. The Communist Party exists for the specific purpose of overthrowing the Government, at the opportune time, by any and all means; and each of its members, by the fact that he is a member, is dedicated to this purpose.”
“It is 10 years since I broke away from the Communist Party. During that decade, I have sought to live an industrious and God-fearing life. At the same time, I have fought communism constantly by act and written word. I am proud to appear before this committee. The publicity inseparable from such testimony has darkened, and will no doubt continue to darken, my effort to integrate myself in the community of 

free men. 

“But that is a small price to pay if my testimony helps to make Americans recognize at last that they are at grips with a secret, sinister and enormously powerful force

 whose tireless purpose is their enslavement. 

“At the same time, I should like, thus publicly, to call upon all ex-Communists who have not yet declared themselves, and all men within the Communist Party whose better instincts have not yet been corrupted and crushed by it, to aid in this struggle while there is still time to do so.”


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Makow – We have de facto Communism

———————What is Communism? 

——————– FDR Turned Blind Eye to Soviet Spies



Written by Josh on Twitter

Did you all hear that several people got up and walked out during John MacArthur’s preaching this last Sunday? What was he preaching? On the woman’s rule in submitting to her husband and how the husband provides and is the savior and protector of the wife.

This is, hands-down, one of, if not the most offensive topics today. Even to many Christians. So many have been conditioned by the culture and had their thinking changed by them. Hence, this is why we fight this battle against feminism so often and so intensely.

It isn’t just a petty fight over some nitty-gritty frog hairs. Feminism is a false religion holding many captive, tricking many, and even deceiving many Christians (even if at a small level). It’s a great evil.

Like Luther said, if we want to be faithful soldiers we want to battle faithfully even where the battle rages hottest. And you know why many (not all, just many) aren’t fighting this battle? Because it’s raging too hot. It’s too controversial. The uproar is too much.

But we fight every battle for Scripture and we can’t let up because the reaction is so awful. The apostles didn’t. Jesus didn’t. The prophets didn’t. The patriarchs, church fathers, reformers, puritans, and preachers and believers and martyrs of history didn’t.

We’re in a long line of Christians and if we fail to defend the faith where it’s being destroyed and attacked in our generation, then our generation will end up a weak, careless one in history, and the subsequent generations, godless and dark generations.

This fight is, therefore, for souls. For God’s glory. So, of course, we hate feminism. We don’t want women held captive by it. We don’t want our dear sisters in Christ being tricked by it. Some haven’t even seen how vile feminism is.

The strongest adherents to it are aggressive, dirty, and wicked beyond comprehension. But that’s why we tell the feminists the gospel. They too can be forgiven, cleansed, justified, sanctified and made new. They can join us, repent and believe Jesus and be saved

That’s what we want for them. We want their salvation. Even the most vile of them are no worse than us and we know that. But Satan is the prince of the power of the air. So the one controlling the culture and this feminist movement is him.

And he knows what he’s doing too. He’s been manipulating for a while now. So why would Satan choose feminism as such a huge movement to capture unbelievers and destroy the church? Because it ruins marriages, destroys kids, murders babies, defies husbands and accuses pastors.

And it accuses other believers (really accuses anyone), leaves churches, ruins lives, mutilates the gospel and replaces it with legalism, replaces God with an idol, replaces Christianity with Phariseeism, and ruins all that is wise, true, beauty and good. It’s all-encompassing.

It’s a nasty and terrible tool. So we won’t stop fighting feminism until it’s gone. We won’t stop proclaiming the truth about the patriarchy in Scripture until it reigns supreme. And trust me, the end of the Bible shows us that Christ will destroy even this movement.

In Christ’s reign He will promote only righteousness and destroy evil, so that includes destroying feminism (an enemy of Him) and promoting the patriarchy in godly marriages. So, if you’re a feminist reading, know that you’re being tricked by the world.

It doesn’t have the best interest of you or your loved ones in mind. It’s going to destroy you and your loved ones. In time you’ll regret ever adhering to feminism. But Christ offers a much better way.

For after this manner in the old time the holy women also, who trusted in God, adorned themselves, being in subjection unto their own husbands: Even as Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him lord: whose daughters ye are, as long as ye do well, and are not afraid with any amazement.
1 Peter 3:5,6


The United Nations is Globalist Trojan Horse


At the 1992 “climate change” convention in Rio, 
our puppet “leaders” sold out our nationalsovereignty in the name of global warming. 

The people were not consulted because

at each stage, depopulation is cited as a goal.

The COVID hoax and toxic “vaccines” 

belong to this agenda.

“Freedom faces a new enemy. The tyranny comes under the disguise of expert rule and benevolent dictatorship. 

The new rulers do not justify their right to dominance because of divine providence but now claim the right to rule the people

 in the name of universal health and safety based on presumed scientific evidence.”Source

Audio Version
The United Nations & the Origins of “The Great Reset”

by Antony P. Mueller

(abridged by henrymakow.com)

…Under the leadership of Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt, twenty-six nations agreed in January 1942 to the initiative of establishing a United Nations Organization (UNO), which came into existence on October 24, 1945. 

Since its inception, the United Nations and its branches, such as the World Bank Group and the World Health Organization (WHO), have prepared the countries of the world…[for] a world government.


The next decisive step toward the global economic transformation was taken with the first report of the Club of Rome. In 1968, the Club of Rome was initiated at the Rockefeller estate Bellagio in Italy. Its first report was published in 1972 under the title “The Limits to Growth.”
The president emeritus of the Club of Rome, Alexander King, and the secretary of the club, General Bertrand Schneider, inform in their Report of the Council of the Club of Rome that when the members of the club were in search of identifying a new enemy, they listed pollution, global warming, water shortages, and famines as the most opportune items to be blamed on humanity with the implication that humanity itself must be reduced to keep these threats in check.

Since the 1990s, several comprehensive initiatives toward a global system of control have been undertaken by the United Nations with Agenda 2021 and Agenda 2030. 

The 2030 Agenda was adopted by all United Nations member states in 2015. It launched its blueprint for global change with the call to achieve seventeen sustainable development goals (SDGs). The key concept is “sustainable development” that includes population control as a crucial instrument.
Saving the earth has become the slogan of green policy warriors. Since the 1970s, the horror scenario of global warming has been a useful tool in their hands to gain political influence and finally rule over public discourse. 

In the meanwhile, these anti-capitalist groups have obtained a dominant influence in the media, the educational and judicial systems, and have become major players in the political arena.
In many countries, particularly in Europe, the so-called green parties have become a pivotal factor in the political system. Many of the representatives are quite open in their demands to make society and the economy compatible with high ecological standards that require a profound reset of the present system.

julian-h.pngIn 1945, [Julian] Huxley noted that it is too early to propose outright a eugenic depopulation program but advised that it will be important for the organization “to see that the eugenic problem is examined with the greatest care, and that the public mind is informed of the issues at stake so that much that now is unthinkable may at least become thinkable.”

Huxley’s caution is no longer necessary. In the meantime, the branches of the United Nations have gained such a level of power that even originally minor UN sub-organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) have been enabled to command individual governments around the world to obey their orders. The WHO and the International Monetary Fund (IMF)–whose conditionality for loans has changed from fiscal restraint to the degree to which a country follows the rules set by the WHO–have become the supreme tandem to work toward establishing the new world order.

As Julian Huxley pointed out in his discourse in 1945, it is the task of the United Nations to do away with economic freedom, because “laisser-faire and capitalist economic systems” have “created a great deal of ugliness” (p. 38). The time has come to work toward the emergence “of a single world culture” (p. 61). This must be done with the explicit help of the mass media and the educational systems.

With the foundation of the United Nations and its sub-organizations, the drive to advance the programs of eugenics and transhumanism took a big step forward. Together with the activities of the Club of Rome, they have stage to initiate the great reset that is going on currently. 

With the pronouncement of a pandemic, the goal of comprehensive government control of the economy and society has taken another leap toward transforming the economy and society. 

Dr. Antony P. Mueller is a German professor of economics who currently teaches in Brazil. Write an email. See his website and blog.
Thanks to Katherine!

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