Written By William H. Felix (1832-1912) in Feminism: Woman and Her Work

May God impress upon our women the high, heavenly, holy duty of rearing the children of our country, and making our homes places of joy and comfort. Alas! for the state! if our women are to leave the work of our homes and run hither and thither in search of larger rights and larger powers. The Woman’s Temperance Convention, which a short time ago met in Cincinnati, resolved that women should be in their homes to lay the foundation of a pure and temperate life by rearing their children aright.

But how can they do this when they forsake their homes to attend conventions, and run upon crusades, and shut themselves up in closets to prepare lectures, and go hither and thither to deliver them, and in a number of other ways neglect the work they are exhorted to do? She neglects the impure fountain to go forth to the hopeless task of purifying the muddy stream. Whatever work she may do, it is that which is subordinated to the work of the home. This does not shut her out from other ministries of love. She may find time to visit the sick and poor, to enrich her own mind and soul by reading and study, to worship God in the sanctuary, and lighten the burdens of the poor and neglected households.

Neglected homes is the growing evil of our day, and to our women we must look for its abatement. But there is a more blessed view of this matter. It is not simply for society, nor simply for the state, but for heaven, women are to do this work. To them is committed the work of training souls, and in every soul there slumbers a sublime prophesy of glory; every heart is the habitation of royal tenants, each having a divine right to wear a crown, wield a scepter, and rule a kingdom. Who is doing the work of developing this glory? Woman must do it. The task may be difficult, the work my be tedious and monotonous, but the end, when accomplished will be glorious.

“Give me just one generation of good Christian mothers, and I will change the world.” (John Chrysostom)

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.
3 John 1:4

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