Jews control both sides

An extremely important point is made, here.. by both men.

If you’re able to create the debate/framework, and atop it all put forth the leading players on both ‘sides’ of the issue, you then have total power in that sphere.

It’s a bit like our legal system in which a highly paid Jewish prosecutor often contends with a highly paid Jewish defense lawyer – a great theater, in which power quietly flows to a singular group as the public is transfixed on nonsense distraction.

The Jewish mind – especially after millennia of being the ‘other’ amidst otherwise healthy and homogeneous societies – has mastered the art of power acquisition. Not fundamentally improving the nations in which they live, in the average case, as this represents the goal of a man who loves his nation and people because he feels an innate kinship with them.. rather, just attaining power over them.

This is what makes the ‘clash of cultures’ and the interplay between the two peoples so toxic, unhealthy, parasitic.
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