Dumping My Dream Girl

(I had just seen the movie, “The Gingerbread Man.” The girl in my dream looked like actress Embeth Davidtz (left.) 

My biggest regret in life is loving women. Romantic love is a delusion mostly

based on our powerful sexual and emotional instincts. Most people, men or women, are not that lovable. 

We get our ideas about life from Hollywood. Movies program us to seek

romantic love above all else.  Romantic love is an ersatz religion to teach us to seek ourselves in another person instead of in Self-development.   They taught us that sex is a “mystical experience,” the best life offers. Sexual intercourse is a sacrament.  Orgasm is union with the universe.
Updated from Feb 8, 2011 & June 27, 2019
by Henry Makow PhD 

I am proud of a dream I recently had.

I was young again and single. My beautiful girlfriend and I were shopping. I suggested we go back to my apartment. I was feeling loving and wanted to hang out and cuddle. Just be happy together. Sex wasn’t an issue.

Shortly after arriving, she says she has to leave. 

Thwarted in love. Again. 

In the dream, I press her for an explanation. She doesn’t have one. 

She doesn’t want to be with me. I grant her wish. 

I tell her I’m not interested in games. We’re finished. 


The End.  Don’t come back.

I wake up pleased by my subconscious bravado. 

You see, when I was young, I endured all kinds of misery from my infatuations, patiently overcoming each obstacle. I was the poster child for “needy.”

In one instance, a woman who looked like Embeth (above) said she found me “repulsive.”  If ever there was a cue to tell a woman to f**k off and get out, this was it. Women respect rejection because it confirms their opinion of themselves. 

Instead, I ignored the comment and patiently persevered. We ended up living together for almost five years. I could fill another book  (in addition to “A Long Way to Go for a Date”) with what I endured. Obviously, I was immature and largely responsible for my fate. 

I’m 72 now and no longer a player. I’ve been happily married for 21 years. I only wish I had awakened from this dream sooner. 


Men have been programmed to believe that sex and “love” are the key to happiness. We need a woman’s love to develop as men. We need to sexually satisfy a woman to prove our masculinity.

We are programmed to seek feminine approval when our own approval is all that matters. 

We are programmed to idealize flawed and often stupid women instead of real ideals: Truth, Justice, Love, Beauty and Goodness. 

This is not women’s fault. They don’t want to be idealized. They don’t respect men who do it. But narcissists often succumb.

Western society is a satanic (((Cabalist))) sex cult. Women have become sexual commodities. (((Communism))) has always viewed them as sexual utilities. If feminism were really pro-women, it would have promoted marriage and condemned promiscuity. Most women seek the life-long loyalty and love of a good man, their husband.


Anyway, I’ve been there, done that. I have satisfied a few women countless times and I have been satisfied as well. I’ve matured in the prescribed way. I discovered the lie by living it. 

But I wish I had found a shortcut and downgraded the role of women and sex to its real level of importance, say from 75% to 25%. 

I wish I hadn’t loved them.Looking back, none was worth it.  I have wasted half my life.  

The satanist media has given young women a delusional sense of entitlement. Our mental programmers present them as demi-gods. 
Just like prostitutes, many young women are no longer attractive to men. Men find modesty, innocence, style, intelligence, and femininity attractive.

Moreover, I sense that fewer and fewer women are even capable of loving a man. Their hearts have been poisoned by satanist social engineering. (Of course, men share the blame by treating women as sexual urinals.)

The mystification of beautiful women, like everything else, is the result of removing God from our lives. As Oscar Wilde said, “women are sphinxes without secrets.” 

Women are intended to be helpmates, not soul mates.

Women by nature are facilitators. They need a man to give them a task and love them for fulfilling it. They want a man to give them a purpose. They don’t want to be his purpose. 

If you found a “soul mate,” I salute you.But our only soul mate is God.

The nuclear family is the foundation of civilization. That’s why the Masonic Jewish (Satanic) central bankers are destroying it.


Am I bitter?  Yes. I am bitter for all the ways my culture has lied to me. Here, I blame Illuminist brainwashing that elevates sexual “relationships” to the negation of everything else. And I blame myself for falling for this garbage.    

The average man spends 75% of his energy on it. It’s a great motivator for many men. And yes, I realize it’s hormonal. 

 But we cannot let this biological and social programming ruin our lives. Many men are ruined by divorce.  Many women are gold diggers.

Perhaps the real takeaway is this: Don’t look for someone to believe in you.

People respect people who believe in themselves. 

If I had had more self-respect, perhaps I would have awakened from this sleep much earlier.
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