Complete text of April 12th, 2022 speech in Vallejo City Council, removed by four police officers, Complete violation of my First Amendment Rights!

“It is good to see everyone after a 2 year absence. Been to nearly all 48 states, nearly died twice, and here I am. Happy to be back. We have just been through the biggest scamdemic in human history. Have learned a lot in the last two years. It is truly said, you will be the same person in five years except for the new books you read, and the new people you meet.

I have my own website, since I’m banned on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, it’s I have cards which I will give to anyone interested after the meeting. I’m also on Gab, which does not censor people.

Also, to address the cities perpetual need for funding, for roads and other issues, we not only are being stolen from with the income tax, not even properly ratified in 1913, but, the greedy owners of the Federal Reserve print out hundreds of trillions for them and their friends, and Vallejo, and average Americans get not one penny.

Before we begin with the truth, we have to defuse the minefield of lies deliberately set up to destroy those who tell the truth. Telling the truth about the bankers is not racist, sexist, Nazism, white supremacist,make you in favor the Holocaust, and you aren’t a hater, a bigot, or an anti-Semite for simply telling the truth. Shouldn’t have to say that, but the bankers control the nations money and information, and have conditioned the minds of the masses to believe lies and to disbelieve truth.

And, I need to say who is responsible. The same group of bankers own the Federal Reserve, they obey the Talmud. For those who have never heard of or studied the Talmud, I have the book that will teach you what is in it, in about 100 pages. You will be shocked. For those who don’t know, 96% of our media is owned by 6 corporations, and two corporations, Blackrock and Vanguard, own virtually all other corporations worldwide. That means everything on the radio, television, movies, songs, newspapers, online media, the media in this room is all controlled by these bankers. And, most Jews are not involved, but, the owners of the Federal Reserve are Talmudic Jews. To our Jewish friends in the room, you are encouraged to call out your fellow Jews who are gross criminals. No one’s race places them above criticism for wrongdoing. They are private citizens, they are anonymous, we don’t know their names of where they live, but, we do know they likely aren’t even American citizens. So, our income taxes go to people who aren’t even American citizens. They also have the power to create hundreds of trillions of dollars, which they do, and use this to control all the nations on earth. It’s not a fluke New York, where the federal reserve headquarters is located, is called the Empire State, because it’s the center of the Talmudic Jew control of all the worlds money and information. The MoneyChangers!! The same ones Christ whipped out of the temple, and they killed him 3 days later. You can empty all the jails in America, and all the criminals combined crimes do not come close to equaling the crimes of the owners of the Federal Reserve, the biggest criminals in world history. Two of their biggest crimes are the funding of Communism and the murder of 100 million, and their instigation of every single American War since World War 1 in 1917.

It is time these vile serpents are routed out.

Henry Ford said if the American people understood how the banks worked, there would be a Revolution tomorrow morning.”

The above speech was given, partially, before I was interrupted by an audience who insists you listen to them, but refuses to listen to you. The audience really went crazy when I touched on the nerve of Talmudic Jews, and the two Democrat Jews in the audience went wild. I specifically said it didn’t apply to all Jews, just the wicked owners of the Federal Reserve, but to no avail. Just as the Jews whipped up the mob to crucify Christ 2,000 years ago on bogus treason charges, they were hard at work tonight, whipping up the crowd to think I’m an anti semite, for criticizing the Talmudic Jew owners of the Federal Reserve.

Ironically, I was removed just four years and two days after being forcibly removed by police officers for criticizing homosexuality.

The Supreme Court has already ruled there is no exception for hate speech in the First Amendment.

The purpose of hate speech laws, which are racist, as none protect white people, the biggest victims of hate speech, is to antagonize and silence the biggest opponents of the Talmudic Jewish owners of the Federal Reserve, which happen to be white people in America.

The link to the video is below,

We will see if there are any courageous lawyers willing to take this easy First Amendment case, to sue the City of Vallejo. Prayerfully, justice is done.

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  1. Believe it or not, but the majority are waking up! And is not only Whites that are waking up, but other races as well. Don’t be discouraged, for God is already exposing those evil bastards and their downfall will come sooner than later!

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