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The People Are Unaware of the War Being Conducted Against Them

The People Are Unaware of the War Being Conducted Against Them

Paul Craig Roberts

Dear Friends,

As my long-time readers know, I have experienced much in my life at high levels of government, journalism, academia, and business. Yet I am stunned by the depth and breadth of the organized conspiracy working in behalf of the orchestrated “Covid pandemic.” Washington, shielded by a whore media, has long lied to us about everything -— 9/11, weapons of mass destruction, Assad’s use of chemical weapons, Iranian nukes, Russian invasions, Osama bin Laden, Muammar Gaddafi, Russiagate, Trump insurrection. Currently lies are being used to damage Americans with a “vaccine” that is more dangerous than the virus.

The extent of the propaganda in behalf of a “vaccine” that is known not to protect but to cause death and serious health impairments, and against known proven cures increasingly used world wide, is astounding. Even in the red state of Georgia, the Georgia Department of Public Health has pharmacies delivering prescriptions in bags with a smiling young woman saying in 2 inch high letters: COVID VACCINE. I SAID YES! SO I CAN STAY IN MY CLASSROOM.

Before we proceed, think about the message. In order to go to school she had to take the mRNA “vaccine” known to be especially dangerous to young people. In “free democratic America” school children are being coerced into accepting what has in our previous history been unacceptable risks. Never in history has a “vaccine” associated with even a tiny fraction of deaths as the mRNA vaccine been permitted to remain in use. Despite the known and proven danger of the mRNA vaccine to the young, the criminal organization known as Pfizer is putting pressure on its servants at FDA to approve the injection of 5-year olds with the deadly substance. The chances are high that every five-year old injected will be infertile.

What is the agenda that can reach down so far as to plant and control the message on prescription bags from pharmacies?

Obviously profit for Big Pharma. Obviously control over people and ability to dictate their decisions by government. Obviously from what we are learning about the impact of the mRNA vaccine on human fertility, population control. To succeed in reducing the population, you have to kill off the young or make them infertile. Thus the drive to vaccinate 5-year old children.

There are no other explanations for the determined censoring of renowned experts and Nobel laureates who keep blowing the whistle and issuing warnings. There are no other explanations for hospitals refusing to report adverse reactions to the vaccine and refusing to save Covid patients lives by treating them with HCQ or Ivermectin. There are no other explanations for the medical establishment to pretend that variants are not the products of the vaccine itself.

Considering the fact that the mRNA “vaccine” was rushed into use without the necessary trials under an “emergency use authorization,” where is the credibility of the medical establishments’ claim that although HCQ and Ivermectin have a perfect safety record after 60 years of human use, no doctor should prescribe them because there are no trials determining their effectiveness on Covid? 

In other words the position of the American Medical Establishment is that we can give you a life-threatening injection on an emergency basis without trials, but not a known cure increasingly used world wide safely and effectively to prevent and to cure Covid. 

Over the course of my lifetime in the United States I have watched all moral values be replaced by the greed for, and pursuit of, money. Nevertheless, it is difficult to believe that Big Pharma, media, Biden, the American Medical Association, hospitals, pharmacists, school boards, governors, private employers would so willingly coerce Americans into accepting dangerous injections in order to keep their jobs, go to school, go out for an evening, and travel only for the purpose of enriching Pfizer, Moderna, and the rest.

There are now tens of thousands of doctors, nurses, medical professionals, and scientists who dissent from the Covid protocol being imposed on Western countries. Their voices are suppressed. Their jobs and medical licenses are threatened. Despite having all the facts on their side, they are denounced for “Covid disinformation.”

On October 8, 2021, I heard on NPR in behalf of vaccination, which the pharmaceutical companies themselves admit does not protect beyond 6 months (the protection declines daily), propaganda so blatant that it would have astonished Stalin, Mao, and Hitler. NPR intentionally withheld from the listening audience the proven established facts that the mRNA “vaccine” (1) is associated with a historic high rate of health injuries and deaths, (2) produces variants immune to the vaccine, thereby requiring endless boosters, and (3) shuts down and destroys your natural immunity leaving you dependent for life on Big Pharma.

Why did National Public radio withhold this known information and engage in purposefully deceiving its gullible audience? Possibly the weak minded NPR crowd are afraid to offend those who control the Covid narrative by being real journalists. NPR is accustomed to being mouthpieces for donors, and I suspect you can safely bet your life that Big Pharma, indirectly if not directly, has bought NPR’s reporting. Unfortunately, America has no investigative media to look into this question.

America is a place where lies are verified as truth by CNN, MSNBC, NPR, New York Times, Washington Post, Associated Press, and multitudes of Internet sites financed by the Establishment that controls our opinions and renders us impotent by programming us with lies.

Many books, articles, and movies over the years predicted the triumph of secret agendas over gullible insouciant peoples to be humanity’s fate.

I watch this happen every day. Are people, especially those in the West, too stupid and trusting to survive?

The People Are Unaware of the War Being Conducted Against Them

Official Data: Nearly All ‘Covid’ Deaths In August And September Occurred In The Fully Vaccinated

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) in the United Kingdom has released a new dataset showing that 81 percent of everyone who died in the month of September [and 80% in August] after testing “positive” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) was “fully vaccinated” in accordance with government guidelines.

Again, 80% of “Covid-19” deaths from AUGUST and 81% “Covid-19” deaths from SEPTEMBER. That’s huge!

official data nearly all 'covid' deaths in august and september occurred in the fully vaccinated

Bombshell update: Johns Hopkins data provides further proof that COVID shots cause the majority of illness and death around the world.

In the U.K. alone during the month of September, some 30,305 people died within 21 days of getting injected for the Chinese Flu. This was an inadvertent admission by the ONS, which had previously told inquiring minds that “they do not hold this information.”

It turns out that they do hold this information, but did not want to make it public because it wrecks the mainstream claim among governments and medical systems that Fauci Flu shots are “safe and effective.”

“The ONS report, used to dupe the public into believing just 1% of fully vaccinated people have died of Covid-19, didn’t include Covid-19 deaths that have and are currently occurring in this extremely strange third wave of Covid-19 deaths,” reported Humans Are Free.

“Strange because Covid-19 deaths have been and still are many times higher than this time last year, despite the fact summer has been on our side, as well as an allegedly 95% effective vaccine.”

One year ago, the number of covid-related deaths pretty much flat-lined. This was before Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump unleashed his rushed-to-market “Operation Warp Speed” injections, for which he is stillgoing around bragging are one of his greatest “accomplishments.”

This year, however, the world is seeing a massive surge in new “cases” of the Chinese Virus. The numbers are so high that Humans Are Free reported that this is something “you would expect to see in the middle of winter with a 95% effective vaccine.”

Winter Is Coming: What Will Become Of The Fully Vaccinated?

The shots are obviously not 95 percent effective, unless by “effective” they mean that these injections are injuring and killing most of the people who take them. Perhaps this is the real goal of the plandemic, which was obviously never about “saving lives” of “flattening the curve” – unless human beings are the “curve,” of course.

In that case, the world population really is being flattened at warp speed, and millions remain none the wiser due to their willful ignorance and blind trust in the system to somehow have their best interests in mind.

Not only are the vast majority of all “covid” deaths now occurring among the fully vaccinated, but so are the vast majority of all new “cases.” Pretty much the only people still having trouble with Chinese Germs are those who took the jabs, in other words.

Week after week, hospitals are filling up with fully jabbed people who are getting sick and dying in droves due to their immune systems being wrecked by spike proteins and whatever other poisons are contained within those mystery vials.

This is data that anyone can look at, by the way. Anyone who claims to support “science” is lying to themselves if they continue to believe the likes of Tony Fauci and CNN when it comes to the “new normal” of widespread Chinese Virus vaccination compliance.

“The data clearly shows the jabs do not prevent infection or transmission, and it clearly shows that even in summer and early autumn they are increasing the risk of hospitalisation and death rather than reducing the risk,” reports Humans Are Free, noting that this is all happening in summer when sickness and death should be at a minimum.

“The problem we now face? Winter is just around the corner.”


“Few things are more important in a home than its conversation, and yet there are few things to which less thought is given. The power of communication, which lies in the tongue, is simply incalculable. It can impart knowledge; utter words that will shine like lamps in darkened hearts; speak kindly sentences that will comfort sorrow or cheer despondency, breathe out thoughts that will arouse and quicken heedless souls; even whisper the secret of life-giving energy to spirits that are dead.

“Nothing in the home-life needs to be more carefully watched and more diligently cultivated than the conversation. It should be imbued with the spirit of love. No bitter word should ever be spoken. The language of husband of wife in their intercourse together should always be tender. Anger in word, or even in tone, should never be suffered. Chiding and faultfinding should never be permitted to mar the sacredness of their speech. The warmth and tenderness of their hearts should flow out in every word that they utter to each other.

“As parents, too, in the intercourse with their children, they should never speak save in words of Christlike gentleness. It is a fatal mistake to suppose that children’s lives can grow up into beauty in an atmosphere of strife. Harsh, angry words are to their sensitive souls what frosts are to the flowers. To bring them up in the nurture of the Lord is to bring them up as Christ himself would, and surely that would be with infinite gentleness. The blessed influence of loving speech day after day and month after month is impossible to estimate. It is like falling of warm spring sunshine and rain on the garden, causing lovely flowers to spring up in every nook and corner, and filling all the air with sweet fragrance. Only beauty and gentleness of character can come from such a home.”

Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.
Colossians 4:6

***From J.R. Miller’s book Homemaki

Let Your Speech Be Seasoned With Grace