Russ Winter – “Asha Logos” Calls for Cultural Revival

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“Asha Logos” is an enlightened thinker. His view is that society is terminally corrupt and resisting its collapse is a game of whack-a-molethat poisons the spirit. Instead we should devote our energies to shining the light instead of fighting the darkness. I believe we need to do both.
Makow — A “pandemic” with a minuscule death rate is not a pandemic. Our political, media and health officials are charlatans. Clearly, the pandemic is a psyop designed to deceive people into being vaccinated. We could be headed for domestic insurrection if these vaccines prove to be as harmful as forecast by some doctors and writers featured on this site. 
Russ Winter’s website “Winterwatch” is one of the best hidden history websites on the internet.

Asha Logos Calls for a Revived Culture as the Pathway Forward

by Russ Winter


Asha Logos offers excellent observations in his recent video concerning how to function and proceed when our world becomes increasingly cheap, debased, ugly and utilitarian. He prefaces this with what many of us anticipate, something massive is on the horizon, whether it be financial collapse, domestic or international war, or something unexpected (and perhaps artificially orchestrated), and “we may all find ourselves caught up in the resulting chaos.”

He says, “The incredibly impressive framework cultivated and passed down through countless generations of our ancestors is being utterly decimated, and replaced with an abominable monstrosity, a chaotic abomination destined to implode, and threatening to take the world down with it. This degeneration isn’t just one of standards and morals and ethics but stretches across virtually every sphere.”

I would add that I hear increasingly signs of black-pilling from my readers. People are extremely frustrated and want some “action” or a plan to take place. I offer my best shot, at least at this moment.

My response is to take individual steps to live good, to live proper and the right way. Build your own civilization and culture as an individual or some like-minded group. Tune out the banal and evil, and close your pocketbook to them. That’s the fundamentals of it. That is the revolutionary act. I’ve noticed smarter people than I are saying the same.

If you can convince some others to engage in self-reconstruction in a way that breaks away from the dominant discordian and satanic culture, so much the better.

But recognize that many, if not most, people are lost causes and will frustrate you and your energy. Disconnect from them and do so consciously. When I quit smoking forever in my twenties, I had to get rid of two friends who were bad influences. It is the same with bad culture.

Ultimately, when contrasted with the prevailing culture of modernity, a critical mass of decent people can begin to agree on what it is they seek and most resonate with, which direction they consider ideal, then the act of moving forward down that path becomes a more firmly defined straight line.


The banal and evil are easy to identify. Do more than pan it. Close your pocketbook to it. Boycott it. Support with words, your presence and money the Revived Culture and Separation Civilization. This is like divorce from a bad, abusive marriage. It is pretty fundamental. Find high culture that you like and appreciate.

Otto Spengler said there are three stages in a civilization: the phase of myths, the dramatic phase and the cynical phase. We are in the cynical phase, and irony is the last mechanism of defence when culture is shattered. This is normal and shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand. 

This whole site is full of irony. But when people cast out the banal culture and replace it with the decent, we shall dream again. However, we can’t will myths into being within a spiritually bankrupt, decadent population. That’s not how this works. We can only break away.

Asha Logos is very useful as he uses music and images that allow you to visualize what the breakaway and revived culture could look like and be like. He is skillful with the use of analogies. I don’t think it is static, but it definitely involves a serious fast from mainstream news and entertainment and bipartisan false dialectic politicians and a rejection of the players and lifetime actors being shoved in our faces.

I recommend full attention as both a watch and listen, and even some note taking. My notes are below. Use it as a reference or bookmarks to quickly get to key concepts.


00:02:00 “When everything is deemed equal, the darkness becomes equivalent to the light.”
00:03:00 “The insertion of darkness into the world happens like a slithering, creeping predatory creature, always alert for any weakness to exploit.”
00:04:00-00:05:00 “The political system is beyond repair. Conservatism has become progressivism driving the speed limit. Infestation is so complete that there are no institutions worth preserving. Picture a decayed building. At what point does the builder cease replacing every rotten beam and start from the ground up?”
00:05:30 Speaking to the creation of a New Culture. The best New Culture is actually the Best Old Culture.
00:06:30 Culture is to a community what schooling is to a student. Being immersed in petrid air (culture) makes the people sick and exhausted.
00:08:00-00:08:30 Ratchet down the notion that your role in life is to be a consumer for the benefit of the plutocracy and kakistocracy. It is not a lack of money that is plaguing humanity.
00:09:00 The sistema is pushing weakness and domestication on its captive populations. It is also promoting a power play to install a new caste system (sistema) with kakistocrats ruling the roost.
00:10:00 The type pushing this are much like Byzantine court schemers. They lack real courage, charisma or gravitas. They make up for this with a mastery of mental and physical poisons.
00:11:00 The sistema — or what I call the Crime Syndicate — is pushing the Overton Window to carve out a negative culture rife with propaganda, mind control and brain washing. Billions of dollars are being spent on changing the way we see the world and to rewrite history.
00:12:00 This sistema stems from the Frankfurt School mode and their ways of thinking are ahistorical. History to these subversives is something to be trotted out to whip, mock and portray as unenlightened and oppressive. They toss out truth and reality and replace it with the unhealthy.
00:14:00-00:16:00 Subversives spend billions to paint their type in the best light and their opponents in the worst. Celebrities know that their continued success depends on being a mouthpiece for rot. This has been institutionalized.
00:16:00 Not all is lost. The public is increasingly aware of this manipulation/stagecraft, and it is backfiring. Witness the drop in audience levels for Hollywierd award events and sports.
00:17:45 The failing sistema has brought us to this, the consequence of central banking money power and looting.
00:18:00 Boycott most higher education. You pay big money and carry heavy debt to be falsely indoctrinated by the least impressive (kakistocracy). This is being pushed by the wealthiest people in the world (see chart above).
00:21:00 The ship has sailed on reforming and patching this sistema (my term). There should be no effort to close the rift (so-called unity or “healing”) with polar opposite people captured and ensnared by the sistema.
00:22:00 The pathway forward is to artfully create our own cultural framework or revived culture.
00:24:00 The analogy of the flag.
00:25:00 The revived culture is and will be the target of the kakistocracy. Thus, the use of controlled opposition figures and hit pieces on individuals leading the revived culture will become standard. This is tricky ground and can lead to confusion and muddied waters. This is a learned skill set to process.
00:26:00 Every person, like it or not, is an ambassador for all that they are and all that they embrace.
:27:30 Our timeless objective truths on how the world should be structured and have proven themselves throughout history.

00:29:30 The false naivety of those who believe almost all people are good and thus have good intentions toward humanity in general.
00:30:30-00:33:30 The strategy of drawing at least part of the world back to sanity is to create attractive, noble “billboards” (used as analogy). This is for the benefit of those on the inside looking out at the imposed world. This is promotion and championing of the healthy and radiant juxtaposed against the ugly and unhealthy. This demands discernment as fundamental opinions and judgement. Your opinion and preferences are paramount. You may disapprove.
00:33:45 There is a fork in the road, sending people on different paths. This isn’t about salvaging those choosing a bad path. It is separation from hell on earth.
00:36:00 Culture creators move and shape our world. The snakes need to inject poison and can’t slither into power where health and order prevail.
00:39:00-00:41:30 The descent into hell. We will be forced to witness first hand exceptional chaos as the dead-end sistema peaks. Years of sowing bad seeds produces its own fruits.
00:42:45 Cornerstones of revived culture: new judgement and value metrics. Being a “lover of science” is no indication of merit or ability.
00:44:00 A conscious attempt to restore natural language and reject the verbose, the Orwellian, and deceitful.
00:45:50 Restoration of true masculine values and rejection of hedonism.
00:46:30 Actual empathy has a hard edge and is not a push over.
00:47:30 Aesthetics matter.
00:48:30 There are paths forward.
00:49:30 Rejection of the rebel without a cause and “don’t give a fuck” mentality.
00:50:30 A mocking rejection of celebrity sacred cows and poisonous idiocy.
00:52:00 Mere ambition is not the best attribute.
00:52:00 Aristotle’s Golden Mean.
00:53:30 Progress on an unhealthy path is a net negative, not a positive
00:54:30 Physical health and fitness is important and embracing the sporting mindset.
00:56:30 The healthy family is of vital, central importance. Nation is an extended family.
00:57:00 Reaffirm the rights of passage for youth.
00:59:30 Rejection of the view that race and tradition is of no importance. Commonality allows the best conditions for a nation or community to thrive. Atomization leads to chaos and loss.
01:00:00 Complete rejection of those seeking to impose their low life and globohomo philosophy on others.
01:01:00 Science has been coopted by the sistema, and they completely monopolize and infest academia, government and media platforms.
1:08:00 Man as the right hand of God and good shepherds of the Earth. It is only by being lulled into sleep and slumber (pajama people) that chaos prevails.
1:11:00 Recognizing the poison is a key first step- but as critical is presenting and painting the attractive contrast.

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