“Juneteenth Day” Today – Commies Pander to Blacks


(Left, Biden enacts annual National Holiday)
Today is a new national holiday in the US celebrating the
end of Black slavery in 1865. Federal workers get a paid holiday. Significantly, they are also calling it “Independence Day” to detract from July 4.

“The problem in America is not racism but the high rate of out of wedlock births in the African American community: 72.5% of all births in the African American community are out of wedlock.” As result, the black crime rate is five times that of whites.

Steven W. Winegardner is a retired analyst at the Congressional Research Service.

Racism is Not a Problem in Americaby SWW


The May 25th edition of The Economist had a feature story on “Race in America: A Special Report” with a photo of looser George Floyd on the front cover. Floyd, who had a violent criminal history and at least 5 children to several different women, died of a heart attack brought on by a drug overdose after using a counterfeit $20 bill. He was 46-years-old and worked as a bouncer at the time of his death.
The report blamed racism for Floyd’s death although his trial never raised allegations of racism. The report attributed to slavery and segregation the present-day racism that supposedly plagues America.
The problem in America is not racism – Americans elected an African American President, a woman of color as Vice President, and fought AIDS in Africa – but the high rate of out of wedlock births in the African American community: 72.5% of all births in the African American community are out of wedlock creating social pathologies including the high crime rate in that community as well as high rates of homosexuality and transgenderism which arise from a disturbed relationship with one’s father (in the case of male homosexuality).
(George Floyd statue in Newark. Thankfully he is sitting down and not nailed to a cross.)
50% of African American homosexuals have HIV and in 2018 African Americans, who are 12.8% of the population accounted for 42% of all new HIV infections. Even President Obama got it right when he commented on the need for intact African American families. 1 out of every 12 African Americans finds themselves caught up in the criminal justice system as opposed to 1 out of every 60 white Americans.
African Americans kill more of their own in black-on-black crime than are by far killed by the police with black police officers more likely to kill unarmed black criminals than white police officers.
According to conservative African American Larry Elder, in 2019 only 9 unarmed African Americans were killed by the police – still inexcusable, but not the thousands believed to be killed by white liberals. Attacks on Jews in NYC were committed disproportionately by African Americans.
Also in NYC African Americans were responsible for either shooting and killing or wounding nearly 10,000 other African Americans, with under 1% of such acts committed by Whites, according to Charles Murray in his new book Facing Reality. Murray, author of the 1990s Bell Curve, points out that African Americans have much lower cognitive ability than Whites.
Africans and Caribbeans are flocking to a supposedly “systemically racist” United Sates.
The report mentions racial disparities evidencing the supposed still-present curse of racism rampant in American society – there are indeed disparities not mentioned in the report: African Americans are more likely to commit hate crimes (especially against Asians), join black nationalist hate groups, engage in domestic terrorism (Black Lives Matter), and commit interracial attacks than whites according to official Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice statistics.


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  1. And how! Martin Luther King Holiday was the first, but they are, “giving an inch and they’re taking a mile”. They still want to see “Whitey” pay and solve nothing.

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