Conservatives Must Boycott Twitter


Staying on Twitter is disloyalto hundreds of gallant patriots who have been expelled. Itis collaborating with the enemy

by Henry Makow PhD

Are you a Conservative?  Are you on Twitter? Why?
How can you use it to communicate with fellow conservatives when you know they have permanently banned:
Donald Trump; Sidney Powell; E. Michael Jones; Owen Benjamin; Lin Wood; Michael Flynn; Ben Garrison; Mike Lindell; Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit); James O’Keefe (Project Veritas); David Icke; Alex Jones; Steve Bannon; David Duke; Stefan Molyneux.
These people all stand for patriotism and freedom, but under the current Communist dispensation, they are considered “far-right.”  
Anyone who isn’t a Communist, i.e. a Masonic Jewish minion, is “a Nazi.” 
I ask again, why are you still on Twitter?
I was banned last week, and admit I was a hypocrite. I knew what Twitter was up to but I didn’t want to let my nearly 25,000 followers down. I enjoyed the Twitter polls. I thought it could still be useful.
But it was morally wrong of me to continue on Twitter when it banned so many people I admire. If we are going to survive, we need to learn solidarity. 


(Twitter CEO, satanist Jack Dorsey)
Twitter will not allow anyone to question the Covid narrative, nor discuss the vaccine dangers. I was banned for retweeting a well-documented Mike Adams story suggesting the covid vaccines may lead to sickness and death.
The vaccine adverse reactions are the Number One story today so Twitter is pretty useless if you can transmit these stories.
Things are going to get worse. When they do, we should not rely on Communists like Jack Dorsey to communicate with each other.
These people want to destroy us.
Being on Twitter is like asking Jeffrey Dahmer to babysit your children.
Twitter is complicit in mass murder.
I am now on
Why are you still on Twitter? ——
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