April 5th, 2020


Mastrangelo: Answers to Italy’s complex Coronavirus problem.

Covid 1984: Psyop 

Epstein: How to stop the virus.

Taiwan donates 2 million masks to America for Coronavirus battle.

Trump predicts horrendous Coronavirus death toll in the coming days.

Trump to media: hold off your fake news until after virus passes.

Forecasting model predicts when each state will likely hit CoronaVirus peak, gives total expected deaths.

White House: Americans should avoid grocery shopping as epidemic hits apex.

CDC recommends people wear face masks.  One California County makes it mandatory.  

Watch: President Trump explains why he refuses to issue a stay at home order.

Hunter: Is what were being told about the CoronaVirus wrong?

Haskins: Congress, the Fed, and Trump are creating the biggest bubble in world history.  

Gutknecht: The problem with experts.

Adler: After the CoronaVirus, states will remain unable to print money.

Kovacs: 100% of population infected with something worse than CoronaVirus. 

Can cops escape punishment for savagely beating college student?

Bovard: Layoffs anyway?

Weichert: Trump should use the pandemic to his, and America’s advantage. 

Kimball: What a year! The CoronaVirus in retrospect. 

Grabar: A Howard Zinn pandemic.

Sheldon: Church and state in Virusland.

Feldman: Bet your life, vote for Democrats.  

Flint: Did anyone think this through? 

Duke: Why accepting 2 million Wuhan Flu deaths may be better than a national lockdown.

Lewis: As Easter approaches, church-state separation revealed as a myth.  

Widburg: History provides some solace to those worried about our liberties.

Chowka: April 5th, 1968, one of my nine lives was used up that day.

Widburg: Covid-19 has seen America develop a dangerous expertocracy.  
Appeal to expert-logical fallacy.

Konrad: The Dome of the Rock and history.

9 states still resisting stay at home orders due to Coronavirus hoax.

Is CoronaVirus a crystal ball into Socialism and Bigger government?

Esper: Dismissal of aircraft carrier commander and example of how we hold leaders accountable. 

Trump crushes Dem hopes of vote by mail.  “A lot of people cheat”.

Conservative activist Brent Bozell slams $75 million spent on public broadcasting in CoronaVirus Bill.




















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