Saturday, October 5th, 2019

Let me begin with a very kind endorsement from the National Director of National Family Strong (, Jim Harrison.  Thank you very much, Jim.  It is an honor to work with you and others who uphold virtue, godliness, righteousness, and wisdom, in a time that doing this requires courage, and the faint of heart won’t show up.   If you have not already taken their pledge, please do so.  Every sane American who agrees with the family structure that made America great should sign. All politicians who do not sign this, will be  held accountable.  Your constituents will be informed that you support a degenerate and corrupt family, and the destruction of the cities and counties you represent.  You will then be voted out of office, and live a life of scorn and ridicule.  Your present wealth and power will mean nothing.  You will be humbled and brought low, for no one ever succeeds in defying their Creator, and avoiding the wrath that always follows.


“Folks I am from Ohio, the National Director of www.naturalfamily and  have been in this culture war for over three decades.  I am a retired business owner with a degree in Business Administration and the father of three children, grandfather of two and have been married for over forty years.  I said all that to say this. One seldom runs across a gifted talent like Ryan and I can only encourage ALL of you to at least take note to what he is saying because I have found not only much wisdom but very little if anything of dispute.

For those of you who agree with Ryan please support him and defend him and perhaps try to excuse him for his strong commitment which is so lacking in our nation today.  And for those of you that are troubled by Ryan, I issue a gracious challenge to you. Prove him wrong and do it honestly without assumption, be objective and seek the truth,   I think in that process you will be blessed.
Thanks for giving an old man a few moments.
James Harrison
Natural Family Foundation”


Yesterday, at the Vacaville ‘Cultural’ Library, we had the 2nd, (that I’m aware of, there could be more) drag queens reading to children event in Solano County.  And, those who showed up to support it shrank, and those who showed up to oppose it increased.  Last event in Vallejo drew 4 protesters, this event drew over 8.

Poor parents, brainwashed to accept teaching their children ridiculous and dangerous ideas.  When their children grow up, and realize the negligence their parents practiced, they are going to have a hard time overcoming the hatred and repugnance every child develops when they learn those who had the care for loving them and teaching them the truth failed in their responsibility.

Be careful how you treat the Pup,

Because one day the Pup grows Up.

Gavroche ‘Les Miserables’

These children will, if they ever develop literary talents, which are severely jeopardized by parents exposing them to corrupting influences, never write beautiful tales like ‘Tom Sawyer’, ‘Huckleberry Finn’, ‘Little House on the Prairie’, ‘Oliver Twist’, ‘Great Expectations’, or any of the other great classics of children fondly recounting their childhoods.  They will depict a nightmare childhood.  For, children who are exposed by parents to sexual debauchery, shamelessly, rarely fail to be mistreated by these same parents in private.  We will learn all about it when these children grow up, and prayerfully, they are not overcome by the evil influences their parents heedlessly celebrate.

‘The best revolutionaries are a youth devoid of morals’

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Tom Bilbo, the corrupt leader of Solano Pride, and a small contingency of deranged homosexuals, who all belong in  jail, are taking advantage of the lawlessness the Supreme Court endorsed by legalizing homosexuality in 2003 with ‘Lawrence Vs. Texas’ which is totally unconstitutional, and are now waging attacks on vulnerable children, by manipulating their corrupt and/or ignorant parents, indoctrinated by the media, schools, and tech companies, to allow their children to imitate Pinocchio.  Pinocchio thought it was wonderful, fun, and games on pleasure Island, before he started to turn into a beast.  This Disney tale had a lot of truth in it, for those who recklessly indulge in pleasure, shall certainly suffer severe consequences.  And the the same goes for societies.

The Drag queen supporters, no better than worshipers of Moloch and Baal among the ancient pagans – as the latter burned babies in child sacrifice, and the former train children into evil, before they can know any better – are just as wicked and debauched as the ancient pagans.  These deluded charlatans, profane, angry, and deceived, are severely deluded. When challenged to a debate, not a single one of the 16 could come close to having a rational debate. They were all either profane, or emotionally unstable.  Literally, all of those who were supporting the drag queen reading event were mentally unstable.  It would be nice to be able to review their mental health records, but we can’t do that because of privacy laws, so we have to let disturbed people set out to make children even more disturbed than they are.  ‘F*** You’, and a host of other profanities were thrown our way.  It was mostly mothers bringing their children, as women are easier to manipulate on this topic than men.  It’s a conjecture that the few men who came and supported it, were either homosexuals, or their fathers were either not present, or poor fathers.

This entire event is a result of our fatherless rate going from 3% in 1947, to 40% today.  Fatherless kids are easy to brainwash and lead astray.   A generation of mindless drones, who will be used to carry out the leftist ‘Brave new World’ is what is happening.

It was very good to see Donna and Mylinda who came from Modesto, Don Grundman, the leader of the California Straight Pride association, Paul Troxell, and Rick Fowler.  and the few others who showed up to protest. Sad more in Solano County don’t realize the danger this poses.

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