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Welcome to our Fairfeld, mostly Democrat leaders.  Every Democrat city in America has the worst issues with crime and poverty, and here are 5 solutions for that problem..  As a Democrat state, California is the poorest in America, with 20% of our population below poverty level. But, the 20 wealthiest congressional districts in America are controlled by Democrats, who love their money, and are selfish, and so they use their media, schools, and tech companies to lecture the rest of us that Republicans are the greedy and covetous ones, and we need to tax the 1%.  LOL, Democrats literally are the 1%.  Reminds me of the greedy Prince John from Robin Hood.  Crackpot Bernie Sanders, a degenerate who never had a legitimate job until 40, and all of his Democrat elected officials are each the modern day representation of Prince John.  But, because they are handicapped from attacking the rights of individual Americans by the Constitution, they ruthlessly attack it every chance they get. Democrats hate the First and Second Amendment.  We should be having another mass shooting any day now, since Democrats keep feeding people porn and psychotropic drugs, two factors, which, along with Islam, are present, one or more of the factors, in every single mass shooting since Columbine, with no exceptions.  But, we definitely won’t be hearing about banning porn and drugs, and monitoring Islam after the next mass shooting. Oh no. We will hear Democrats shrieking and hollering about confiscating guns and willfully attacking the 2nd Amendment.


Also, these e-mails are simply a response to the cowardly Democrats, who constantly hold CAREFULLY REGULATED (read Censored) TownHalls, where the Democrat always gets the last word, and open debate is not allowed.  The Democrats will pick topics, like ‘Police Brutality’, ‘Climate Change’, ‘Immigrant Rights’, ‘Healthcare for all’, all based on gross lies, and will summon ‘experts’, who are well paid to lie.  Then, when a common citizen dares to ask a question the ‘experts’ don’t approve of, the citizen is booed, shouted down, and dismissed as irrelevant, and no consideration of his/her opinions is given at all.  In this way, dissenting opinions are suppressed.  The fair thing to do, which no Democrat in America will do, because not one of them can win a fair debate in front of an audience who understands history, the Constitution, and values virtue, is to have 3 experts from both sides get together, with a moderator, do a 4  hour debate, and if certain people have the attention span of hummingbirds and can’t focus that long, they shouldn’t be voting,  with 3 hours of sparring- with FIERCE CRITICISM, absent profanity or personal attacks among the experts- followed by fielding questions from the audience for an  hour. In that way, the superior ideas would be allowed to prevail, and we’d be rid of the fake Democrat ideas, which are only supported due to their ruthless intimidation of opponents and refusal to consider their ideas seriously.  My fearless fellow conservatives and I fear no Democrat, and will easily destroy any Democrat in a fair debate, one on one.  However, we see, Democrats run from debates like cockroaches scatter when a light is shone upon them.  If one can’t defend one’s beliefs, one has no self respect, and deserves the respect of no one else.


Ingeniously, Democrats have ruined the schools, and now lecture us that teaching kids writing, reading, and math, the fundamentals of education is ‘racist’, and they produce children who are largely functionally illiterate. These children are forced into government dependency after high school, or stifling student debt, and then are taught to hate America, by ruthless Democrats.  Unbelievably wicked.


Today’s version will do commentary on every article the Times Herald produced.  For those reading from locations outside of Vallejo, this applies, many times to your local television, newspapers, and news media as well. These are patterns that Democrats have replicated nationwide.  With rare exceptions, it’s nearly all disinformation, along with virtually everything on television, and much of what one searches for on Google.

Keep in mind, EVERY SINGLE IDEA ON THE DEMOCRAT PLATFORM IS A LIE.  Once you’ve got that figured out, and it will often take at least a day of serious study to uncover how much of a lie every idea is, and with more than 100 lies on their platform, few people have over 3 months of research to be able to do to get to the bottom of the Democrat nonsense.  We are all on the hamster wheel, trying to keep ahead and keep our homes and our livelihoods.  Few have the courage to speak out, for fear of the ruthless reprisal of the ruthless Democrat overlords and their Communist Antifa minions.

TH stands for Vallejo Times Herald.  Each article will be followed up with the contradictory truth they left out and/or the truths they omitted.

TH: Congressman Thompson awards kids for reading.

A very honorable endeavor.  However, 70% of the kids in the Vallejo school district just graduated in June incapable of doing math or english at the 12th grade level.  Yet, if you witnessed the graduations, you would have thought tremendous accomplishments had taken place.  Sane people understand that the schools have failed if you have not taught them math, reading, and writing at the 12th grade level.  It does not take money to teach kids and to have them develop spectacular academic results.   Social justice teaching is destroying California’s kids.   Walter Williams, a black conservative economist, who most have not heard of because the media and schools hate conservative blacks and lynch them every chance they get, wrote a great column on the problems in education, which the Times Herald and other Democrat media ignores.

TH: What to know as California’s peak fire months loom.

The Times Herald, and most Democrat media, hide the fact that Democrats disastrous and stupid policies have led to the fires, and they blame the fairy tale of man made climate change.  So, this article is more disinformation.

TH: Hurricane Dorian gains fury but might skirt coast.

Of course, the article had to note, with barely suppressed glee, that the Hurricane could hit Trump’s home.  The malice of the Times Herald for Trump is truly amazing to witness.  Jack Bungart has a severe case of TARDS (Trump Acceptance Reluctance Disorder Syndrome), and has been afflicted with it for at least 3 years, with no remission in sight.  Luckily, the article included no lies about Man made climate change being responsible for this hurricane, though we certainly are likely to be exposed to plenty of those in the coming weeks from the leftist media, anxious to turn tragedy into profit.   Here are just some of the evidence that man made climate change is a flat out hoax.

TH: TV’s to shoes: consumers face pain of Trump tariff’s.

Couldn’t find the online TH version, so got an identical version from another source.  It wouldn’t be a daily newspaper without an attack on Trump.  This entire argument is an appeal to popular logical fallacy, stating something is true simply because of people’s experiences. The leftist media is really good at this, portraying people’s suffering publicly, as reason why they should be given more power and more money, though they never use the power and money they have effectively.  A bunch of scam artists, which can be understood if you read ‘Huckleberry Finn’, and study the ‘Duke’ and the ‘Dauphin‘.  Huck finds out these men have sob stories, just like Democrats, but, in reality, are deceitful and dangerous, just like Democrats.   Let’s ask ourselves why Trump is fighting a battle against America’s number one foe, China, which has 1.4 billion people,  and has the world’s second most powerful military, and our Times Herald is standing up for China?  Is this not treason?  It really is. The owners of the Times Herald may as well be in China’s pocket.  China enslaves it’s people, but that’s ok with the Times Herald.  Chinese Communist Slave labor to make things cheap for Americans, while ripping off and cheating American companies is just fine with the Times Herald.  Just yesterday we posted an article that Trump’s tariffs have not noticeably hurt the American Consumer by Jack Hellner.  The Times Herald, blinded by TDS, has not got the memo.

TH: Work begins on Mare Island Way next week.

No doubt, this work will cost more than it would if we were in a non union town, will take longer to perform, and will not be done as well, if Democrat union performance holds true.  The place of unions in our nation has long outlived it’s usefulness.  Unfortunately, many unions were infiltrated by Communists, and the exorbitant wages charged by unions bankrupt many municipalities, including Vallejo.  These unions give nearly all campaign contributions to Democrats, and then Democrats give contracts and higher wages to unions in a corrupt deal making scheme started by the corrupt FDR.

TH: PG & E forecasts California blackouts meant to help prevent California wildfires.

Mercury news article is the same as the TH one.  This is more disinformation.  The Democrats failed to do preventative maintenance to stop wildfires, and are now trying to take state control of utilities, which is what Communists always try to do, try to control industry and business.  The erudite and gifted Chriss Street did a brilliant article at American Thinker on how insolvent California wants to nationalize bankrupt P G & E.

TH: Court reverses sole conviction in pier killing.

Article is not from TH but is exactly identical to it.   Times Herald never comes out against illegal immigration, which costs American taxpayers over $100 billion a year.   If illegal immigrants voted Republican, the Democrats would have machine gun nests on the borders yesterday. They don’t care about people, that’s obvious when  you watch them slaughtering infants in abortion clinics every year, and taking $500 million from taxpayers to do it, they only care about power and money.  We have 60,000 illegal aliens in federal custody costing taxpayers $500 million a year, but the Times Herald is quiet about this.  Democrats get a lot of money and votes from illegal immigration, so the Democrat Times Herald wants to keep the money flowing, American lives be damned.   Illegal Immigrants are definitely voting.

That is a thorough debunking of the first four pages of the Times Herald, and there are 12 more articles, every one fake news, in one way or another, that we didn’t get to.  There were 19 articles in the ‘news’, written at the 4th grade level, and every one full of disinformation, and distortions.  About the only reliable part of the Times Herald, and 95% of most American newspapers, is the obituaries, because the Democrat staff doesn’t have editorial oversight. The sports section has 15 articles, full of worthless nonsense, which benefit the average citizen not at all. Athletes are some of the most uninformed, deluded, and hedonistic people who exist in America, along with celebrities.  Celebrities and athletes are nothing but the modern day equivalent of Court Jesters. They are paid by their wealthy Democrat plutocrat overlords, they perform, and they dare not attack anything on the Democrat platform, or they will be viciously attacked in the Democrat media.   Much like the ancient Roman Gladiators, except today’s celebrities have Stockholm syndrome and love their tyrannical oppressors, who pay them lots of money.

Apologies for the massively wrong editorializing for those who don’t like to read.  However, getting the truth is no easy matter when the average person is being massively lied to on a daily basis.  Now, on to the real news.  Frustrating that most of the news is full of lies, and the real news is lied about and obscured.

Clashes Between Hong Kong Police and Protesters Grow Violent as Officers Storm Subway, Fire Weapons

US and EU Officials Speak Out Against Arrests of Hong Kong Activists

US Commission on China Warns Hong Kong Government Against Declaring Emergency to Resolve Crisis

5 dead 21 Shot in Texas massacre, Gunman fires from mail truck.

Ryan: The Deep state will face justice soon… Right?

Thomas: Rejection of moral absolutes plagues the left.

Byrne: Secularization and demonization of Donald Trump.

Imani: Why do elected officials embrace the same Islam that wants to kill me?

McMillan: The long road from news reporting to managed outrage.

Brady: Valley of the Shadow.

Rosenthal: The kindness of Socialism.

Lott Jr.: Twitter’s political bias.

Cadwaladr: Don’t tell me your pronouns, I can guess.

Fletcher: Planned Murderhood hires musicians to propagandize the youth.

Showalter: Boris Johnson shows the steel and U.K. Tories soar in polls.

Showalter: What was Madeleine Westerhout doing at White House at all?

Daniels: Comey’s leaks were political penance

Timperlake: Follow the money if PLA kills the Hong Kong protesters.

Rail: Ocasio-Cortez: A dimwit gives herself airs.

Hellner: It becomes clearer every day that most journalists would prefer to have a Democrat in power than a good economy.

Garbacz: Slaying the imperial dragon.

Busler: President Trump – Not Democrats – is helping low income Americans.

Brown: Do the ends justify the means?

Thomas: Unequal Justice.

Rothschild: U.S. government facing insolvency if nothing changes.

Ellis: The media’s imaginary Trump hating farmer.

Film: Why don’t we murder more white people?

Satanic Temple: More than half our membership is LGBTQ.






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