News, Tuesday, August 13th, 2019.

Keith: Leaving the Democrats

Exclusive–Watch: Leftists Threaten Contractor in Fla; Day Before ICE Facility Shot at in Texas

Siebert: the left and it’s dishonest truths.

Cuomo goes crazy.

Trump calls CNN’s Chris Cuomo an ‘out of control animal’ after ‘Fredo’ video flap

Nolte: Fredo meltdown proves Cuomo approves of violence against the right.

Knight: Some scary lessons from history.

Greenfield: Marianne Williamson reveals the Democrats are a cult.

Prager on 2020 Democrats: O’Rourke ‘Slime,’ Booker ‘Fraud,’ Warren ‘Fool,’ Buttigieg ‘Arrogant SOB’

WALSH: A Prominent Harvard Professor Claims That White Supremacists Oppose Abortion. The Exact Opposite Is The Case.

Kearns: Don’t legalize prostitution.

Prager: Meanwhile, This Is What LGBTQ Organizations Are Doing to Society

Lively: The truth about deviance and deviants.

Buchanan: China, not Russia, the greater threat.

Massie: Resist gun-grabbing neo-leninists.

Man sues CNN’s Don Lemon for alleged assault. 

Cadwaladr: What is racism?

Americans dislike of China surges as Trade War rages.

Network face now wants white people destroyed.

FTC Chief Says Willing to Break Up Companies Amid Big Tech Probe

Zito: The Death of a Local Newspaper Rocks America to Its Core

Why Are College-educated Whites More Likely to Say Trump is Racist Than Non-college Educated Ones?

Top Google Search Results on Dayton, El Paso Shootings Reveal Left Political Bias in Favored Media Sources

WATCH: Sen. Tim Scott Criticizes Democrats For Speaking To ‘The Lowest Common Denominator’ By Accusing Trump Of Racism

Socialist Senate Dems threaten U.S. Supreme Court.

Riot police storm Hong Kong airport.

Photo of 3 students praying before first day of school goes viral.

China’s infiltration of universities around the globe

Prager U video: the Gender Wage Gap that isn’t.

New Freedom Center booklet reveals left’s strategy of crashing the border.

Pathetic Julian Castro blames Trump for El Paso shooting.

Where have all the cowboys gone?  2020 Democrats come up short in masculinity.

We need Christian nationalism because religious neutrality has failed.  

Does The Statue Of Liberty Poem Invalidate U.S. Borders Or Require Giving Welfare To Non-Citizens?

8 Back-to-School Books To Protect Students Against Leftist Brainwashing

8 Ways Students’ Tech Addiction Is Ruining College

Hawley’s SMART Act Is The Beginning Of The Revolt Against Big Tech

Ken Cuccinelli: Judges Attack Donald Trump with ‘Open Lawfare’

Doctor handed out nearly 10,000 prescriptions.

‘Significantly brave’ bystanders use chairs and a milk crate to trap man on stabbing rampage in Sydney

Sydney stabbing – Knifeman screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ is taken down by Brit and Aussie heroes armed with CHAIR and MILK CRATE

Blink: U.S. delays China Tariffs

Chick-Fil-A CEO Made Covenant With Dad To Uphold Company’s Christian Values

KLAVAN: Media Demonizes Trump’s Conspiracy Theory After Peddling One For Two Years

Black: Today’s Campaign Rhetoric Is Not Exactly Cicero

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