Monday, August 26th, 2019

Jesse Lee Peterson: Straight Pride Vs. Leftist Haters.

Osburn: Journalists are having a meltdown over journalism being done to them.

Violent leftist smashes elderly man in back with camera at Straight Pride event.

In 2018 Election, Google’s bias may have shifted 78.2 million votes to one political party

Big Tech plans Social Scores

Fast Company: Silicon Valley Is Building a Communist-style ‘Social Credit’ System

Google Censors Employees to Keep Itself Out of the Headlines

Human Era ending?

Exactly what is happening in Hong Kong?

Mag: How Musk fooled investors, bilked taxpayers, gambled Tesla.

Curry: It’s the media, Stupid.

Uncovered: Mandatory, tax-funded, ‘Islamic propaganda’ for teachers

Marcus: Did The Sexual Revolution Give Birth To Identity Politics?

Judicial Watch: Deep State FBI stonewalling on release of Strzok/Page text messages even now… (Wray needs to be fired ASAP)

Billingsley: Predator vs. Pederast.

Day: Trump’s Greenland New Deal.

Spencer: What exactly does the West owe to Muslim Migrants?

Buttigieg Distorts Scripture To Support His Candidacy – Hires “Faith-Based” Coordinator To Reach “Churches”

Noble: Exposing Fake News? Trump May Be The “Chosen One.”

Cromwell: The Washington Post Is Worse For The Planet Than Dogs Are

Donald Trump: China Taking a ‘Very Hard Hit’ in Trade Fight

Report: Hong Kong Police Arrest Two American Visitors for Photographing Protests

Marcus: An honest discussion about race in America.

Joondeph: Legitimate concerns about Joe Biden’s state of mind.

Clarke: Omar, Tlaib Kick Black Constituent Issues to the Curb

Schlichter: Get ready for apocalypse Ruth.

Texas Governor rolls out new law against unwanted sexting.

Macron, Celebrities Get Hysterical: Burning Amazon Rainforest The ‘Lungs Of The World.’ Rainforest Expert: That’s ‘Bulls***.’

WATCH: Former GOP Senator Slams Congress: They’re Probably ‘The Biggest Instigators Of Hate And Racism’

Man Allegedly Opens Fire on Kneeling Worshipers, Flees as Gun Jams

Trump allies target vicious journalists over propaganda against White House.

Tribal: Angry mob beats MAGA supporter at bar.

Video shows NYPD struggle to arrest suspect as onlookers taunt them.

Putin build hypersonic arsenal, while Pentagon slept.

Why CIA doesn’t spy on UAE

FEC commissioner who fought regulating Drudge, resigns.

Washington Post’s Rubin: We Have to ‘Burn Down the Republican Party’

Hillary Clinton Mocks President Trump over ‘Fake News’: ‘We Should Not Nuke Hurricanes’

HuffPost Sued For Defamation Over Kavanaugh Report

Morefield: Lying Media, Trump Haters Twist President’s Words To Try And Make Antisemitic Label Stick

Paulson: Deprogramming Deplorables Can Be Frustrating For The Left (Part 1)

Ponte: The electoral college and it’s enemies.

Zumwalt: Ivory elites ‘desperately seeking ebony’.

Robbins: Gender Clinic Doctor: Plenty Of Kids I’m Giving Trans Drugs Have Already Been Prostitutes

Meyrat: Children Don’t Need More Free Time, They Need More Attention From Their Parents

Ibrahim: The many faces of Jihad.

Hartman: The real Chick Fil A

Rosenthal: Broward’s schools: Doubling down on Deception.

Lifson: Study finds America’s poorest 20% consume more than national averages of most European and OECD nations

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