News, July 13, 2019

Trump Administration Wins Sanctuary Cities Case in Appeals Court (Ninth Circuit!)

Colorado ICE Protesters Tear Down American Flag, Replace it with Mexican Flag

President Trump slams former FBI deputy director as a ‘major sleazebag’

GOP Sen. Hawley: Tech Giants Must Quit Censoring Conservatives If They Want To Keep “Special Deal” With Government

Ferullo: Could I have some news with my emotions please?

Showalter: Leftists rip and deface American flag at migrant detention center, raise Mexican flag

Devin Nunes: Without jail time for Russia probe ‘dirty cops’, no Republican will trust DOJ for ‘generations’

Deputy sheriff enters IRS office to ask a question & guard pulls gun on him

Gloves Come Off: Far Left Democrat Insinuates Black And Hispanic Lawmakers Who Side With Pelosi Are Race Traitors

MALKIN: Epstein, Bean & Buck: The Democratic Donors’ Sex-Creep Club

Marcus: Pushing Back Against Anti-Americanism

Kaster: Nineteen Eighty-Four at 70: What Orwell Got Right

Curtis: What Are Human Rights?

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