Friday, June 21st, 2019

Trump reveals why he called off military strikes against Iran.  I am in no hurry. 

Trump lifts curtain on decision to forego Iran strikes ‘Didn’t seem proportionate’.

Trump: We were cocked and ready to retaliate last night.

World ready to rumble?  Inside Iran’s fighting weaponry.

Watch: Scalise: Iranian aggression is proof that sanctions are working.

5.8 million people are no longer on food stamps under Trump.

Marxist NBC ( a near Pravda news site) readies hit piece on brilliant Epoch Times.

Curry: AOC, Tlaib, and Omar May be the triumvirate of idiocy, but are every conservatives best friend.

Feds: 97% of illegal immigrants ordered out in February are in hiding. 

A scary look at millions of young voters in 2020.

Watch: Condoleeza Rice schools ABC reporter on race relations. 

Dangerous derangement.

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