The Marxist attack on the Family

This past week, as I was reading the Fake News Vallejo Times Herald, to determine what lies and deceptions they were up to recently, I came across an article where politicians were lauding and celebrating young women who were graduating.  They were encouraging them to go to college and get careers, and they thought of this as a wonderful and marvelous idea.  Some of you may be saying, ‘Now Ryan, what is wrong with that’?  Nothing, if you are thinking short term and don’t care about the future devastation of America.  We will return to this momentarily.

I then attended a graduation of my brother from High School, where about 500 graduated, and there were 12 Valedictorians.  How many do you suppose were girls and how many were boys?  10 Girls and 2 Boys.  And how many of the boys do you suppose got to give speeches.  Zero, that’s how many.  Also, sadly, there was an audience of 10,000 filled with many beautiful, single women, 99% of whom have never been taught their beauty and power to attract men was not for selfish purposes, for them to sell themselves to the highest bidder, as whores do, but rather to find a kind, honest, Godly, and gentle man, to marry and have children.  With women controlling 60% of the wealth in America, single women voting 70% Democrat, and the majority of married women voting Democrat too, manipulated by the lying and. deceitful Democrat controlled schools and media, our nation is increasingly becoming weaker and weaker.  As the man is emasculated and supplanted by domineering women, the Rights and Strength we once had are deteriorating.

You see, Dear Reader, a century ago, young women were encouraged to marry, have children, and take care of their homes and husbands.  Not anymore.  80% of divorces are initiated by women.  We used to understand that a woman is at the height of her beauty at 20 and that was to attract a man, to marry, and to have his children as he worked hard and raised the family to prosperity, driven by a love for his wife and children.  Not anymore.  Now, 80% of the marriageable women are desiring about 20% of the marriageable men, and these men are often selfish and narcissistic.  This results in massive wealth disparities in our society, for when the other 80% of men do not get married or stay married, they often turn to disastrous behaviors, harmful to themselves and society.  We were told this would happen in 1919, when the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote was proposed.  And it has come to pass.

So, our nation has turned it’s back on the traditional morality that led to health, wealth, and prosperity for so many, and we are growing sick, poor, and destitute.

By older women and our society encouraging women to go to school and get jobs, they are encouraging them to forsake their cherished role as mothers and wives, and this leads to unstable men, destroying the once stable family structure we once had.  A woman simply cannot work and raise children, and care for her husband at the same time.  Any honest career woman will tell you that.  They will try and limit their children, but the children will pay for these choices in the end.  These children will reflect the selfish attitude of their parents on society.  The growing selfishness of society is what is to blame for the rise of communist crackpots like Bernie Sanders, who appeals to the selfish and lazy, promising them other people’s property and money.  When we were virtuous and wise, we recognized corrupt snake oil salesmen like Bernie quite easily.

So, hopefully we have what it takes to return to the Bible, to God’s design.  Hopefully we realize it is not the woman’s place to vote.  Women voting has destroyed the powerful and strong America we once had, and it has reduced hundreds of thousands of women, at rates higher than ever before in American history, to prostitution and pornography, the worst jobs any woman can ever hope to have.  This, in turn, ensnares men and weakens them, in a vicious cycle that continually rips and shreds the family to pieces.  Hopefully, we soon recognize that women were designed to teach other women and children, and not to instruct men.  Hopefully the older women can begin to instruct the younger women.

Another anecdote is instructive on this.  Recently, Vallejo had a huge upheaval, resulting in the complete disruption of the last two city Council meetings.  It was quite interesting to see women leading the charge.  They were emotional, irrational, passionate, and even viciously threatened City Council Members.  You would expect this from the men, but it was the women who were to blame.    The issue at hand was the shooting deaths of black men.  Now, anyone who has honestly studied the topic knows that blacks being persecuted by police is a total myth in today’s day and age, as the police kill double the number of whites as they do blacks, and a black man is 18.5 times more likely to kill a police officer as a police officer is to kill an unarmed black man.  But, the women and other demonstrators who came, insisted that if you name 5-10 people who perished in controversial confrontations with police, that that means the police are all racist, along with America, and we need ‘justice’.  This dangerous thinking has created a mob atmosphere in Vallejo, which thankfully saw violence narrowly averted.  But, the woman’s nature is fiercely territorial, which works out marvelously when she is at home taking care of her home, children, and husband, but is a huge disaster when she tries to supplant the man and make decisions for society when she lacks the mans reason and logic to determine the true causes and effects, based on dispassionate statistics and history.  Let us not forget that we have conservative women who do a fantastic job, but even they have often been guilty of neglecting their children and not having children.

Women were one of the victim groups that Marxists use, along with homosexuals, and African Americans to try and weaponize them against America.  By dividing our nation up, we become easy to manipulate, which the Democrats have been ruthlessly engaged in for decades.  With weak families, we’ve been steamrolled by the Democrat media, and entertainment complex, combined with education which is constantly engaged in brainwashing young and gullible children.  So a tiny band of mostly Marxist, and nearly Marxist elites control the minds of voters, shaping the destiny of our nation.  It is time to break the bands of slavery, and to regain our liberty.  We were born free, and freedom is so precious, that life is not worth living without it.

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