News, Monday April 15th, 2019

Trump maintains ‘no collusion, no obstruction,’ says it’s time to ‘investigate the investigators’ in Russia probe

More than 10,000 illegals in America, are from terrorist countries.

Federer: The history of American taxation.

McCullough: Yes, Representative Ilhan-Omar, somebody DID do something.  An open letter.

Solway: The plague of radical feminism descends upon the nation.

Cher: Los Angeles ‘Can’t Take Care of Its Own, How Can It Take Care of’ More Immigrants

Homosexual degenerate Pete Buttigieg running for the Presidency.

The Vigilante From South Bend Liar, character assassin, bigot – Pete Buttigieg is a natural leader for the Democrats

Muehlenberg: Outspoken Christians will not be tolerated.

AP: Unions worry 2020 Democrats ignoring ‘kitchen table economics’ for divisive, far left issues.

Trump: NY Times will be gone in 6 years.

Deranged WaPo’s Jen Rubin: Fox News ‘endangering people of color’, ‘destroying political thought’.

Democrat Party ‘Minority’ members are Party’s “WILLING” Props & Tokens

Piereson & Riley: Go to a cheap college or none at all

Ex-Communist nations still suffer from Central-Planning woes.

Schlichter: The real leaders of the Democrats want to shut you up.

Morefield: Trump just drove a Mack Truck through liberal Sanctuary City hypocrisy.

Ponte: How low might the Democrats go?

Conservative journalist ejected from Bernie Sanders townhall in Ohio.

Cashill: The left officially loses it’s mind.

O’Neil: What the left doesn’t want you do know about Trump’s tax cuts.

Fernandez: The real takeaway from the failed Mueller investigation: Washington is crawling with foreign influencers.

Showalter: Five reasons why campaign cash is rolling in for Trump, and even Goldman Sach’s is predicting victory.

Moran: Dallas will no longer prosecute petty crimes.

McCarthy: Man’s inhumanity to man, the Democrats have mastered it.


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