Should we revoke the 19th Amendment and cease to allow women to vote?

In 1925, America witnessed the Scopes Trial, which saw evolution enter the public schools.  It started slowly, but now this fairytale is taught in every public school in America, and since you teach one fairy tale, the reasoning goes, why not teach more?  So, we also teach the fairy tale that racism is alive and well in America, the fairy tale that climate change is real, the fairy tale that drugs are healthy, and the fairy tale that a woman getting an education and getting a job is good, and a woman marrying, having children, and staying home is bad.  The last point is the one we shall focus upon.  Of course, when you teach children that they are animals, they eventually begin to act like them, and that describes every liberal in the world.  This my friends, is why we have today’s Democrat party.  They don’t understand virtue and wisdom, because after all, animals don’t have virtue and wisdom, and they think and act like animals.


When the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote was being considered for ratification in 1920, there were millions of men and women who advocated against it, saying that if a woman got the right to vote it would destroy the family and the nation.  They were right.  Our national debt is far higher, our crime is way higher, porn is legal, prostitution is more of a problem than it once was, and STD’s are present in a 1/3rd of America’s population.  We did not have these problems AT THESE HIGH rates, prior to women having the vote, and they are all directly linked to it.


As a result, the Western World and America are dying off.  It’s time to revoke the 19th Amendment.  The woman was the last creation of God, and the most perfect of all His Creations, and her sphere is in the home and teaching other women and children.  She was never designed to teach or lead men, and when the woman is out of her place, the entire nation falls apart, as has happened.  While our homes, and children are a disaster today, with fewer and fewer children being born each year, we see women reveling in going to college, traveling, and going into politics.  The price is the destruction of our nation.


By, 2100, it is projected that Africa will have 4.3 billion people!!! And all of North America will have 500 million.  Demography is destiny.  You cannot destroy the future population of a nation and expect for it to survive.  It’s time to stop being selfish, since if our Founders had our attitudes the nation would have been toast in 50 years, and to start being selfless and confining sex to marriage again, as we once knew to do, largely before the disastrous Kinsey Report sabotaged our nation.

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4 Replies to “Should we revoke the 19th Amendment and cease to allow women to vote?”

  1. The problem of national debt has had a long history in the west and emerged a long time before the franchise was extended to women. Study the history of debt and usury and you will know.

    National debt cannot be directly linked to the extension of franchise to women.

    1. Not hardly. Our welfare programs started with FDR, a little over a decade after women got the right to vote in 1920. National debt is largely tied into a woman’s nesting tendency. Women are the primary voters for the Democrat party, and this party is the one that favors higher taxes, higher regulations, and spending on entitlement programs, though plenty of fake Republicans have joined in.

  2. This is toxic and blatantly false. You’re using facts that do not connect to the 19th. If you want to revoke the 19th what makes you believe women will conform after the fact? And if they do revoke it then say goodbye to women paying taxes, or doing any form of work home or not. Also there’s no way everyone will be on board. I’m sorry, but you’re not going to get what you want. You’ve just been hurt by a powerful woman. That’s the only way to make sense of your sexist values. You’re better off marrying a woman with similar family values. Just because you want to live one way does not mean everyone does too. As a woman studying constitutional law and accepted into law school, I’m telling you I won’t, and millions of others, won’t give up our basic American rights.

    1. Your feelings aside, ma’am, the fact is, women in America today are in the worst shape in American history, with a quarter of women on psychotropic drugs, and the rape rate having officially risen from 9/100,000 in 1960, to 40/100,000 today, though it’s closer to 100/100,000, since men who use porn, which is the highest percentage in American history today, seldom believe women reporting rape, and because police are deliberately cooking the books.

      Also, women voting has lead to the welfare state.

      Here’s a great article, written today.

      Best wishes and thank you for your opinions.



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