Why I’m convinced Trump colluded with Russia.

Originally, as the greatest scandal in American political history began, Trump was in a heated GOP primary race with Marco Rubio.  Paul Singer, a GOP financier, had a son who was a homosexual, and became favorable to homosexual causes.  He was a big Marco Rubio supporter, and he was the owner of a media company, the Washington Free Beacon.  He was the person who first purchased the Fusion GPS Dossier.  This Dossier has been proven to be bogus by Republicans and Democrats alike.


Yet, who purchased this Dossier?  Well, none other than the honest and honorable Hillary Clinton for the cheap price of $12 million.  Of course, she has unimpeachable (no pun intended for Billy Jeff) integrity, and the best motives.  Now, as American citizens, we cannot be spied upon by our intelligence agencies, unless a FISA court consents to it, and the evidence for the spying has to be pretty serious.  Well, Democrat insiders in the intelligence agencies, presented this bogus GPS Dossier, which was fed by the DNC to the media and FBI, to the FISA court, thereby weaponizing our nation’s intelligence agencies against the opposing parties presidential candidate.  When Tricky Dick Nixon was in Watergate, he merely was the President when operatives burgled the DNC, though no evidence he had direct knowledge existed.  That got him impeached.  Here, Hillary and Obama and others were fully aware of bogus information being fed to OUR INTELLIGENCE agencies to weaponize them against Trump, a crime far worse than Watergate.


Based on the credible information fed to the intelligence agencies:), they tried to ‘protect’ Americans by ensuring that Robert Mueller was appointed to ‘investigate’ Trump, for Russian Collusion.  The investigation has gone on for 2 years, and the media, Democrats, tech titans, and foreign nations, probably China, are betting the American people are too stupid to figure it out.  Not a shred of Trump colluding with Russia has been found, although crimes of his associates that happened long before he ran for President, have been found, apparently as revenge against Trump for winning.  If these were so interesting to law enforcement, why weren’t they found before Trump ran for president?   But we see, the Democrat game is they will use law enforcement and the courts to strike out against anyone who threatens their power.  They will hide their media and law enforcement when their own people commit crimes, like Bill Clinton raping Juanita Broaddrick, or Obama getting into crack smoking, homosexual relationships according to 3 witnesses.


So, while Mueller sees nothing wrong, along with his good bud James Comey, with Hillary destroying 30,000 subpoenaed e-mails, he is terribly alarmed at possible Russian collusion, though no one has found the slightest scrap of evidence supporting it.   The whiny Democrats would prefer to destroy America with fake investigations and weaponize our intelligence agencies against Republicans rather than cede power to the people, per an election. And this has caused all kinds of chaos in America, and will cause more.  We still have half the nation that honestly believes that Trump colluded with the Russians.


And so, my friends, this is why I am convinced and persuaded beyond a shadow of a doubt that the NY Times, Washington Post, and CNN are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.  Donald Trump clearly colluded with the Russians!  Make sure you share this bombshell information with your friends and family, about how dishonest and crooked, and Racissss, Donald Trump is.

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