Tuesday, July 10th, 2018.

Massie: Blacks don’t need a 57 point plan to succeed!

Dunaway: What the left fears about the SCOTUS pick.

Buchanan: Goodbye Warren court, Hello Trump court.

Geraghty: Don’t worry conservatives, everyone  you like loves this guy.

Davis: Kavanaugh Nomination is about the Constitution, not about politics.

Fox: SCOTUS protests are as salty and ridiculous as we’d hoped

Democrats don’t fear Brett Kavanaugh, they fear the Constitution.

Trinko: Democrats endorse Judicial Tyranny.

Top six unhinged reactions to Kavanaugh nomination announcement.

Outrage Overload: This is how liberals went berserk over Trump’s SCOTUS nominee.

Victor Davis Hanson: The strange career of White Privilege.

The Second Mile.

Here is a list of Trump Administration officials who have been mobbed by leftists.

Prager: Explaining American Leftists: Part 1

Demint: Jim Jordan is a man of integrity being railroaded with factless allegations.

Lifson: Faced with failure, the left is going repulsively insane.

Lindsey: The Facts on employment.

NBC’s Capital Hill reporter demonstrates why so many dislike the press.

Lowry: Don’t cry for Angela Merkel.

Simon: Why the left is obsessed with Alan Dershowitz.

Nights of violent Muslim protests in French suburbs after police shootings.

Fox News anchor, felt threatened by Kavanaugh protesters, retreated to safety.

LaChance: Socialism isn’t the future of the Democrat party, it’s their present.

Goodman: Invaders are not immigrants.

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