Friday, July 20th, 2018

Dixon, CA Vice-Mayor Faces LGBT Hate for Supporting “Straight Pride America Month”

What Gay Marriage did to Massachusetts.

Open Letter from California MassResistance to Dixon City Council Re: “Straight Pride Month” Letter

100 Muslims run for office this election.

The Story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree

MAGA baby born in Chick Fil A bathroom, gets nuggets for life.

Sodomite mafia in Boston sabotages St. Patrick’s day parade.

Logis: the Constitutional Crisis of rejecting election losses.

Krumholz: At Helsinki, Trump undermined our power-abusing intelligence agencies, not America.

Mansur: For Democrats, history is bunk.

Moran: Will impeachment be the next Democrat litmus test?

Vivian: Hell hath no fury like a progressive scorned.

Chalk: 5 tips for starting a romance that will last you longer than summer.

Hosko: The Unpredictable Chicago Madness: In data collected by The Washington Post for 2016, of 963 people killed by police that year, only 51 were unarmed; only 19 were unarmed blacks.  If you consider that police have an estimated 40,000,000 face-to-face encounters with citizens each year, your chances of being killed by police while simply “going about your business” is miniscule.

NY Slimes: Michael Cohen taped talks with Trump.

More Americans are drinking themselves to death: Study finds.

Blue State Blues: Why America hates CNN.

Disney Director Gunn exposed: Disgusting and vile fantasies and ‘jokes’.

Watch: Antifa tries to attack activist Lauren Southern, gets clobbered by security instead.

Here’s how Trump’s 2020 Democrat challengers stack up.

McConnell pulls Trump’s 9th Circuit nominee after Tim Scott gets a bad attack of identity politics.

Whoopi gets into ugly screaming match with Judge Jeannine on The View, after being presented with evidence of her Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Whoopi confirms her Trump Derangement Syndrome diagnosis by throwing guest Jeannine Pirro off her show.

Shirley: Amy Chua dissects what happens when tribalism comes to America.

Root: ‘Russian Collusion’ by Saul Alinsky.

Federer: Bet you never heard what happened on First Trip to the Moon?

Hang Trump T-Shirts peddled on FB.

Limbaugh: You heard him, President Obama is responsible.

Snap! Dems get ‘pee-proof’ underwear to oppose Trump pick. 

Harsanyi: Get a grip, Democrats.

Buchanan: What explains elites ‘Helsinki Hysteria’?

Nunes: FBI ‘Stonewalling’ to help Dems win White House.

Dems weaponize FB against Trump.

Americans believe intel community has own agenda.

DiGenova: It’s Brennan who is the traitor.

Farah: The New Democrats-Book Burners!

Mercer: Doubting the intelligence of the ‘Intelligence Community’.

Hollis: What are Dems running on besides fake hysteria?

Keyes: How the House should be draining the Swamp.

Lame Duck Flake flakes on GOP, joins Dem lynch mob demanding interpreter’s notes.

Barone: Time to junk racial quotas in education.

Showalter: In SF, any reasonable brakes on sanctuary for illegals are voted down.

Watch: Maxine Waters supporters chant ‘Black Power’, burn American Flag.

Trump posts video of Hillary advocating for strong and prosperous Russia.

Obama surprised by his riches.

Hawkins: The five worst things about being a genius.

Aston Martin reveals flying car that can fly 200 MPH.

Marcus: Trump outfoxed them again.

Joondeph: Democrat ladies of the lie.

Marcus: Peter Srzok, Lisa Page and the Prisoner’s Dilemma.

Dreyfus: Voter Fraud? Don’t worry your pretty little head.

Straker: Lib Racists salivate over ‘brown skinned’ UC Merced, ignore 37% graduation rate.


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