Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Venezualan’s voting more crazy in. 

Cambridge professor outed as FBI informant in Trump campaign. 

New York Slimes: the informer was “investigating”, not spying. 

A progressive profane Pastor resigns. 

“Pastor” Al: Royal Wedding proves white supremacy on “It’s last breath”.

Flashback: Booker T on the race baiters.

Sen. Chris Murphy on Gun Jihad again.

Obama Secretary of Education is unfazed by horrific academic performance of kids under his watch, wants dumbed down kids disarmed. 

Man who didn’t get a job until 40 is an actual American senator using brainwashed mindless drones to accumulate a fortune while shrieking about the “1%”. 

Dershowitz: Mueller should recuse himself from illegitimate Trump collusion investigation

China escalating South China See military buildup, escalating for war.

Murder shoots through the roof in Londonistan.  Up 44%.

In wake of latest school shooting, Bernie dogmatically attacks NRA, even though NRA members are never responsible for mass shootings. 

Licensed gun owners open fire on man running over woman repeatedly. 

Delingpole: professor fired after telling truth about Great Barrier reef myth. 

USA Today: Univ. of Michigan speech policies are like those of communist Russia.

Trump to take action in response to reports that FBI spied on his campaign. 

School shooter targeted girl for death because she rebuffed his advances.  A near certain proof positive indication he was into porn, which is one of the three factors present in every mass shooting since Columbine. 

Walter Williams: Kanye and the Democrats.

Democrats lying to hide their corrupt Trump investigation. 

Trump’s first step toward’s defunding Planned Murderhood. 

How Churchill was inspired by the Duke of Marlborough. 

Conservatism is not about preserving “privilege”. 

Democrat bold faced lies about Trump about to cave in. 

The future of Iran’s leadership is bleak. 

Manners or morals: which is  more important?

Where did Muhammad get Islam’s daily prayers from?

Democrat indifference to Clinton’s scandals makes voters indifferent to their wild cries against Trump.

Halper’s history. 

What the left’s war on guns is really about.

Governor Moonbeam: Attempts to lower taxes are “unCalifornian”.  Evidently communism is what California has always been about. 

Hunter: The massive Deep State.

Jacob: How the left tries to silence differing opinions. 

New movie solves School shootings. 

Fox news infected by leftism. 

Flashback: Four Reasons for the elimination of the television. 

Parents go to court to get 30 year old son out of home. 

A virtuous woman. 



Local news:


Benicia Library is indoctrinating kids into homosexuality.  Your taxpayer dollars at work. 

Flashback: brainwashing kids into homosexuality. 

Flashback: After the Ball, how America was brainwashed into accepting homosexuality. 

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