Anonymous Communist agitators still attacking my business Yelp account, five years after I sold my business.

No one kicks a dead dog, and only dead fish go with the flow. If you speak the truth in public, the Communist Democrats have networks of thugs online and in public, trained to viciously attack your reputation, and threaten you with violence.

These people are anonymous, as they are too cowardly to be identified lying and libeling, which could lead to serious lawsuits. So, when we conservatives are banned online, these anonymous agitators find our sites, and will spread their malevolent, malicious, and libelous lies.

I’m sharing this so all conservatives will know what to expect. Please do not be afraid. There is nothing to fear. There are more with us than with them. They seek to terrify us into submission. The solution is to refuse to be intimidated.

There have been dozens of these defaming, and libelous attacks that Yelp has deleted over the years, as the people, likely don’t even have jobs (being paid by Soros doesn’t count), and have never had any interactions with me or my business.

Here is the verbatim comment from Ashley G, from Torrance, CA. Following, is my response. If anyone thinks it’s harsh, or severe, remember, this has been a seven year attack from the left. Likely this is a fake account, and this isn’t the name or location for the person commenting. Liars are afraid of publicity.

Conservatives need to have a backbone, courage, bravery, and dedication, to a cause which is greater than us. Rebellion against tyranny is obedience to God.

The link to the yelp page is below.

Ashley D.Ashley D.0601 star rating11/29/2020 This man is absolutely unprofessional and a complete bigot…not to mention pathetically single…but mainly he is an uninformed wannabe just barley treading above water. Anyone thinking of doing business would definitely look into this crook further. Good day

Response from Ryan: Your Cultural Marxist response, like the dozens of others posted over the last seven years, from your fellow Communists, will likely be deleted in a few days, as I have no idea who you are, and you’ve never worked with my business.

As for your assertion that I’m a “bigot and completely unprofessional”, you’d have no way of knowing, as you don’t live in my county, and have never worked with me or my business. You’re part of a network of hired agitators, paid to terrorize Americans who speak out against your overlords murder, lying, and theft.

You’re not that different from a terrorist, which is why people like you stay anonymous, to assassinate people’s characters in the shadows. I wonder what your drug and arrest history look like.

As for being “pathetically single”, Jesus, the Apostle Paul, Isaac Newton, and many other men were single, and it didn’t hinder them in the least. Unlike Communists, brainwashed to believe that, like beasts, they must do whatever they feel like, many of us realize self control is the royal road to peace and joy.

That I’m a “uninformed wannabe just barley (sic) treading above water”, has no meaning to me, as you’re badly uninformed, no wise person wants to be like you, and I guess you might be talking about the usual Communist talking points of flaunting your wealth, as if might makes right. It doesn’t, and your lies will catch up to you. It never fails, anonymous commenters come and comment, they could be the same people, then leave and don’t respond, as none of you can win a debate.

Then you call me a “crook”, which is grounds for a libel lawsuit.

I will be contacting yelp to see about getting your personal information to file a libel lawsuit against you. When you’re bankrupt and penniless, maybe then you’ll learn not to publicly lie.

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